Can Trader Joe’s Employees Have Tattoos? (Are They Accepted?)

Tattoos have grown very acceptable and mainstream in today’s society, although they are still regarded as inappropriate in some areas and circumstances. People with tattoos are welcome in some vocations and careers. Tattoos are even encouraged as a form of self-expression in some workplaces.

If you are thinking about applying at Trader Joe’s but don’t want to hide your great ink, or are already working at Trader Joe’s but is thinking about getting a tattoo soon, you’ve come to the correct place. Can Trader Joe’s employees have tattoos? Read along to find out.

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Have Tattoos in 2023?

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Yes. Trader Joe’s employees can have tattoos. Hairstyles, hair colors, tattoos, and piercings are not prohibited at Trader Joe’s. However, the store manager must not find the tattoos offensive. Political, sexual, or racist tattoos should also be hidden at all times.

In addition, face and neck tattoos will most likely be addressed on a case-by-case basis by the store manager.

Trader Joe’s dress code is casual, with simply a Trader Joe’s shirt and a name badge required. You can wear whatever pants or shorts you want as long as they aren’t ripped, and whatever shoes you want as long as they aren’t open-toed.

Is Ink A Problem At Work?

Having tattoos meant you were either a threat to society or a member of a motorcycle gang back in the day. Those days are now gone, and tattoos are now considered an accepted part of our culture.

Your parent may have used it against you because being covered in ink would make it difficult to get work. There are a lot of tattoo-friendly businesses these days. Some of the firms that approve of tattoos may surprise you.

But first, let’s dispel some prevalent misconceptions about tattoos in the workplace and hear from hiring managers regarding inked candidates and employees.

What do Hiring Managers Say?

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Do you think your tattoo will prevent you from being hired? Not true. According to a common study, hiring managers have ranked visible tattoos as the third physical trait that would hinder a career.

Looking at the big picture, only 37% of the HR professionals polled admitted it was that high on the priority list, if at all. That’s not 100% what your folks promised.

Agriculture/ranching (22 percent), Hospitality, Tourism & Recreation (20 percent), and Arts, Media & Entertainment (16 percent) are the industry with the most tattooed personnel.

But what is the industry with the most tattooed workers? That comes as a bit of a shock. The military employs a staggering 36 percent of tattooed personnel.

Are Tattoos Allowed At Work?

Some businesses are more tattoo-friendly than others. Skinfo published some startling data on tattoos in the workplace in 2016. They named the following companies as the most tattoo-friendly in the United States:

Whole Foods IKEA Petco
Sally’s Beauty Supply Forever 21 Google
Hot Topic/Torrid Journeys FedEx (Delivery)
Trader Joe’s Spencer’s Gifts UPS
Borders Books* Staples Mac Cosmetics
Target Ticketmaster LUSH Cosmetics
Claire’s Boutique Hard Rock Cafe/Hotel Tokyo Joe’s
Piercing Pagoda Best Buy Dunkin Donuts
Burlington Coat Factory Kohl’s Half Price Books
Albertson’s Anthropologie AppleBee’s
Big Lots Home Depot
Barnes & Nobles Lowe’s

While most of these companies are open to some degree of body modification, some do have tattoo policies about what constitutes an acceptable aesthetic.

According to Justin Drake, a spokesman for Dunkin Brands, which owns Dunkin’ Donuts and Baskin-Robbins, any “depictions of violence, harsh language, nudity, or symbolism” that may be considered offensive must be covered during working hours.

“As long as it’s safe and not blatantly objectionable,” Lisa Stark, a spokesman for Petco, said, “we allow partners in both our shops and support center to show proper body art while at work.”

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Have Bright Colored Hair?

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While Trader Joe’s employee policy is ambiguous on the subject of vivid hair colors, it’s a good bet that your hot pinks, purples, greens, blues, and other vibrant hues are severely prohibited. This isn’t to say that playing with color will get you fired.

Again, Trader Joe’s corporate leaves a lot to the discretion of local store managers, so in a larger city where brightly colored hair is more popular, it might be less upsetting to customers and deemed acceptable.

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Have Their Nails Done?

Yes, they are an open-minded company that accepts neck tattoos, piercings, and nearly any other kind of expression.

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Have Visible Piercings?

Although ear piercings are pretty common these days, it’s worth mentioning that Trader Joe’s employees have been found to wear their face piercings at work on a case-by-case basis, though some have complained about a lack of consistency in policy.

Jo-Lynne Shane, a famous blogger, wrote about Trader Joe’s, tattoos, and piercings and how common to see them when you shop at Trader Joe’s.

“She was very cute and friendly, and although I noticed immediately the funky hair and makeup and an uncomfortable-looking lip ring, I didn’t give it a second thought.”

Jo-Lynne Shane

The most prevalent piercings are the nostril and septum. However, much of the decision-making in these cases is left to the store manager or even the district manager.

If you’re considering having a facial piercing while working at Trader Joe’s, it’s a good idea to contact your store manager beforehand for their opinion. Also, if you have to remove the piercing entirely during working hours, you risk it sealing up.

Jewelry manufacturers produce clear plugs to keep fresh piercings open, so those might be worth checking out.

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Wear Jeans?

Employees at Trader Joe’s are allowed to wear jeans to work. Jeans are OK as long as they are a solid color, have no rips or tears, and sit around the waist (no low-riders or baggy fits). There is no definitive answer on leggings, but maybe if they look decent enough, they’re fine.

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Wear Shorts?

Although there is no solid evidence about shorts on store personnel, a few message board posters claim that shorts are authorized at Trader Joe’s during the hot summer months.

trader joe's dress code

Knowing Trader Joe’s dress code that conforms to a Hawaiian image, you may guess that it wouldn’t prohibit shorts as long as they are not anything too short or revealing, with no rips or tears.

What Is The Story Behind Trader Joe’s Dress Code?

Employees at Trader Joe’s are dressed up as intrepid traders on the culinary high seas. Their “uniform” consists of brilliant and colorful Hawaiian shirts.

Trader Joe’s thinks that grocery shopping should be pleasant rather than a chore, so employees wear casual Hawaiian attire. However, it serves a function. When Joe Coulombe founded Trader Joe’s in 1967, he carefully considered the nautical theme.

“I’d been reading a book called ‘White Shadows in the South Seas,’ and I’d been to the Disneyland jungle trip, and it all coalesced,” Coulombe said in a Trader Joe’s podcast where CEOs discuss company secrets.

How Do You Know Trader Joe’s Employees Rank?

The various shirts represent the many levels of the Trader Joe’s organization. The store managers are dressed in Hawaiian print button-down shirts. Unless you have a customer care issue, there’s no reason to contact these people personally.

Store employees, or “crew members” as they’re formally known, wear solid-colored t-shirts with huge hibiscus flowers on the back (refer to cruise ship metaphor). If you have any basic food questions, you should go to these folks.


Even though many individuals consider tattoos to be unprofessional, a growing number of people are changing their minds and adopting body art. Don’t worry if you have a noticeable tattoo. In one way or another, you’ll be able to keep your work at Trader Joe’s or find one that fits you and your skills.

Of course, it will be a lot easier if you choose careers that are tattoo-friendly in the first place. But, don’t let someone’s dislike of your tattoos deter you from doing what you love. Do your thing, strive to be the greatest, and your ink will soon be noticed for the right reasons rather than the negative ones.

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