Can Walmart Cash Checks? (Important Things To Remember)

People are constantly looking for quick and simple ways to get money. Although there are many locations close by to cash a personal check, big-box retailers with money centers are among the most convenient.

Walmart is a well-liked destination for people needing specific financial services in addition to being a major retail shopping center in the US. Check-cashing is one of those essential financial services, and Walmart Money Center offers it.

Now, the biggest question – can Walmart cash checks? Read along to find out everything you need to know regarding your local Walmart check cashing policy.

Can Walmart Cash Checks in 2023?

Yes, various types of checks up to the Walmart check cashing limits can be cashed at Walmart Money Center. From May to December, Walmart will not accept personal checks for more than $5,000. From January to April, Walmart will take up to $7,500.

Depending on the amount of the check, fees can range from $4 to $8. You don’t need a bank account to cash a check at Walmart.

To cash a check at Walmart, you will need a valid ID and a preprinted check for less than the maximum amount Walmart will cash. There will be costs. You can cash checks during the hours that the Walmart Money Center is open.

What Types Of Checks Can Be Cashed?

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Walmart is very picky about the kinds of checks it will cash because check fraud is a problem. Therefore they only have a list of checks they allow for cashing. This list includes:

  • SSI payments
  • Unemployment payments
  • Payroll checks
  • Government checks
  • Retirement distribution checks
  • Insurance settlement checks
  • Cashiers’ checks
  • Certified checks
  • Business checks
  • 401(k) retirement checks
  • Workers compensation payments
  • Tax refunds
  • MoneyGram Money Orders issued at a local Walmart
  • Two-party personal checks (up to check cashing limit)

Personal checks are not on the list, as you can see. Checks preprinted, meaning they are not handwritten, can be cashed at Walmart. The types of checks that Walmart considers ineligible or won’t cash include:

  • Government checks made out to third parties
  • Third-party checks
  • Non-endorsed checks
  • Post-dated checks
  • Personal checks made out to “Cash”
  • Stale-dated checks over 180 days old
  • Starter checks
  • Two-party personal checks over $200
  • Personal, blank, preprinted, and temporary checks

How Do You Cash A Check At Walmart?

At your local Walmart, cashing a check takes less than 10 minutes. You only need:

  • Your government-issued ID (required)
  • The check you want to be cashed (required)
  • The amount of the check (required)

You can receive cash or through another method (recommended). At Walmart, it is simple to cash a personal check. Just follow the steps below, and you’ll have your funds ready.

Walmart Check Cashing Verification Requirements

To cash a check, you will need a valid form of identification. Checks that have already been printed, tax checks, cashier’s checks, and other checks must meet the following conditions:

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  • At Walmart, you need two ways to prove who you are to cash a check. The first form of ID doesn’t need a picture, but the second one does.
  • Walmart will accept preprinted checks, tax refund checks, cashier’s checks, and other types of checks from a valid driver’s license or state-issued non-ID. driver’s
  • Walmart will accept a government photo ID for payroll, Social Security, retirement, and other types of checks.
  • At Walmart, you’ll need two forms of ID to cash a preprinted check. The first one doesn’t need a picture, but the second one does.
  • Walmart will accept personal government checks and other types of checks from valid sources, such as a valid driver’s license or state-issued ID that isn’t a driver’s license.

For cashing checks at Walmart, the money center will also verify:

  • The check being endorsed
  • Sufficient bank funds
  • Validity of bank
  • The bank account number’s validity
  • The checking account’s validity
  • Routing number’s accuracy

What Are The Fees To Cash Checks At Walmart?

The type of check and the amount will determine the fees that Walmart will charge you to cash a check for you. The price is $4 for preprinted checks up to and including $1,000 and $8 for preprinted checks beyond $1,000 and up to and including $5,000.

Walmart raises the $5,000 maximum limit to $7,500 from January through April, which is tax season.

For $6 or less, Walmart will also cash two-party checks up to and including $200. A check written out to you or someone else, or you and someone else, is referred to as a two-party check.

You can cash a check without the other party’s approval if it is written with the word “and,” both of you will need to show your identification to cash it.

How Will You Receive Your Funds?

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There are two ways you can get the money from cashing your check. You can receive cash or have the funds loaded onto a Walmart MoneyCard.

You can acquire this prepaid, reloadable debit card in a Walmart checkout line or from the Customer Service counter for $1. On, a free card can also be requested. The Walmart MoneyCard can be used to buy or pay bills everywhere that Visa or MasterCard debit cards are accepted.

If you load money from a check that Walmart cashes for you, the standard $3 fee to load or reload money into a Walmart prepaid card is waived. The fee for check cashing will still be due, but not the fee for adding money to the card.

Can I Cash A Check At Walmart Without A Bank Account?

Yes. You do not require a bank account in your name to cash a check at Walmart. If you have the necessary items for check cashing, the money center will settle checks on your behalf whether or not you have an account.

Because the check to cash at Walmart is simple, you don’t need a separate account. The money center staff will validate the check’s legitimacy and take care of the rest.

What Are Walmart’s Check Cashing Hours?

Only during store hours may you cash personal checks at Walmart. Checks cannot be cashed at Walmart after 8 p.m. Monday through Saturday and 6 p.m. on Sunday.

Simply follow the instructions on voiding a check if you no longer need to cash it, then you can relax.

You are strongly advised to confirm that your local shop or the Walmart website accepts checks before visiting. Always check to ensure the location you visit will be open when needed.

What Is Walmart’s MoneyCenter?

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The Walmart MoneyCenter is like a bank, but you can use it both in-store and online. There are credit cards, prepaid debit cards, money transfer services, and cash services. All Walmart stores offer these money services, even if there isn’t a designated MoneyCenter.

You might want to get a bank account if you use Walmart MoneyCenter if you don’t already have one. Many bank accounts offer the same services as Walmart without any monthly fees, including some money transfers and transferring money to friends and relatives.

Are Walmart MoneyCard Checks Cashed?

Yes, Walmart will accept money orders printed by Green Dot. To be cashed, money orders must be worth less than $1,000, and the cardholder must have valid identification. Money order fraud and scams are avoided by only cashing Green Dot-issued money orders.

Is Cashing Check At Walmart Better Than Cashing Check At The Bank?

You don’t have to deposit checks into your own account when you receive them; you can simply go to the bank that issued them to cash them. The receiving bank will instantly verify the check and disburse the monies to the check receiver.

This usually has a price, though. A non-customer check-cashing fee that banks may impose may be a fixed amount or a percentage of the amount cashed.

Banks will also demand identification prior to making a payment, just like Walmart. Banks typically want two (2) different types of ID from the government.

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More Expensive, But More Accessible

Banks typically charge more to cash a check than Walmart. But, you could discover that visiting a bank branch is more practical because there are more bank branches in your neighborhood than Walmart stores.

Personal Checks Cashed

Another significant distinction is that banks will accept personal checks (again, if issued by that bank). Walmart won’t cash these handwritten checks because they pose too much danger.

You might be forced to go to the issuing bank to cash the check if you have a personal check but no bank account of your own. The non-customer check-cashing cost is therefore probably unavoidable.

No Limits

Banks, unlike Walmart, don’t explicitly say what size of check they’ll accept. The bank shouldn’t restrict the payment if the check funds are confirmed to be available.

Therefore, even if you have a preprinted check, the amount may be more significant than what Walmart will accept. Henceforth, you must utilize the issuing bank (or a bank account).


For a maximum cost, Walmart’s check-cashing service allows you to cash checks.

However, you must be sure that Walmart will cash checks and what kinds of checks they will cash before you cash your check there. If transferring your cash to a Visa debit card for usage in stores is a better alternative for you, you can also do it.

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