Can Walmart Look Up Receipts? (Fix Walmart Receipt Lookup Problems)

At the checkout counter, grocery shop cashiers are accustomed to providing receipts. Because they serve as a record of purchases, receipts are crucial. When trying to return damaged goods, you’ll require these small documents.

But, what ensues if you misplace your receipt? Is there a method to get it back? Can Walmart look up receipts that don’t involve the shopper returning to the store?

Fortunately, there is. You may search for a Walmart receipt online for free if you recently made a purchase from their store. This article will tell you all about it and how it’s done.

Can Walmart Look Up Receipts in 2023?

In 2010, you could only get a copy of your receipt by calling Walmart’s hotline or visiting a physical location. However, with the current technological advancements, Walmart now allows you to view and download a copy of your receipt for in-store transactions made with a card.

Receipt lookup can be a lifesaver when you need to return something or keep track of how much money you’ve spent. Make sure to use this method to keep yourself organized and on budget.

How Do I Check My Receipt Online Using Walmart Receipt Lookup?

Your Walmart receipts are easy to find and only take a few minutes to do so.

Step 1. Check Your Email

You will get an email with a digital receipt when you buy something at Walmart’s physical store. If you paid with a credit or debit card, the email would be sent to the email address you used for the card.

Simply open your email app and look in the primary inbox. If you can’t find the email there, try looking for it in your Spam folder. Important mail sometimes ends up in the Spam folder.

Step 2. Check The Walmart Website

You can check online if you don’t receive a receipt by email. Set up a Walmart account if you haven’t already. Then go to the Walmart receipt lookup page and choose the store where you did your shopping.

walmart receipt 1

Fill in the required information in the boxes that are there. Lastly, tap the Captcha box to prove you are not a robot. Click the “Lookup Receipt” after that. Soon, you will be able to see the lost receipt.

walmart receipt 2

Step 3. Check The Walmart App

Open your Walmart app. Then tap the menu icon at the top of the screen. Click on “Purchases Made.” In the menu, you should be able to see what you just bought.

walmart receipt 3

How Do I Print My Walmart Receipt Online?

You might want to print out a copy of your Walmart receipt after looking it up online. This is an intelligent choice since a slight problem with a website could wipe out this kind of sensitive data. Here’s how to print out your Walmart receipt from the website, just to be safe.

Print It Direct From The Website

Follow the steps we gave above to find an online Walmart receipt. Start by going to the page where you can look up a Walmart receipt. When you’re done looking at your receipt online, press CTRL + P on your computer’s keyboard. If you are using a Mac, press the Command and P keys.

Tap the menu icon on your Chrome browser if you’re using an Android phone or tablet. Choose “Share” and then tap “Print.” This will allow you to save the receipt page as a PDF and send it to a printer to be printed.

walmart receipt 4
It’s worth noting that when you print your receipt from the Walmart receipt lookup page, it won’t look like a normal receipt. But, if you need proof of purchase right away, you can use it as a proof.

Can You Lookup Receipt By Serial Number?

Unless you buy a service plan from Walmart, they don’t keep track of serial numbers. If you have a Walmart service plan, you can look up a receipt by its serial number. This is because, when the item is sold, both the serial number and the barcode must be scanned.

Please ensure the item’s serial number is scanned at Walmart before returning it. This will make sure that you are giving back the correct item.

This is also done to stop people from sending back old products and getting a refund without sending back the original product.

Can Walmart Look Up Receipt With Debit Card?

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There are several ways to look up a Walmart receipt. Walmart will do everything they can to give you what you want. Walmart has an Electronics Payment Hotline for people who have used a debit or credit card to pay for something in a store.

You can call the customer service number, ask about your receipt, and get a copy. But, if you bought something online, it’s much easier to find your receipt because you can download it directly from the Walmart website.

Why Is Walmart Receipt Lookup Not Working?

There are a few reasons why Walmart’s Receipt Lookup tool doesn’t always work as it’s supposed to.

The Website Is Down

Every day, millions of people buy things from Walmart. Also, Walmart’s server sometimes goes down when there are more orders than it can handle.

Unfortunately, the only way to fix this problem is to wait for Walmart to fix it. You won’t be able to use the Receipt Lookup Tool if the Walmart website or app crashes.

walmart receipt 5

Walmart App Is Overwhelmed

The Walmart mobile app sometimes crashes because too many people are trying to buy things, look up receipts, etc., simultaneously. When this happens, the mobile app downloads more slowly and takes longer to process.

So, close the app and try to rerun it to see if that fixes the problem. If not, just wait a few minutes before you try to find your receipt.

Invalid Payment Form

Remember that you can only look up your Walmart receipt if you paid with a digital payment method (credit card, gift card, debit card, Apple Pay, Walmart Pay, PayPal, etc.,) So, if you bought something with cash, you can’t look up the receipt, even if you have a Walmart account.

Incorrect Information

Customers often can’t find their Walmart receipt because they put the wrong information into the system. Remember that you must enter a lot of information if you use to look up your receipt.

So, checking again to ensure you put the correct information in the required fields would be wise.

What If You Paid Cash And Lost Your Walmart Receipt?

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If you paid for your Walmart purchase with cash, you would have to call customer service to find out what you bought. Use the “Contact Us” button on the left side of the help center page to talk to a representative.

When you click “Contact Us,” a live chat window will appear on your screen. There will be a few common questions to choose from, like returns or billing problems. If you click on a standard category, you’ll get automatic responses, which might not help in this case.

If your problem does not fit into any of the categories, you can choose “Something Else,” and you will be connected to a representative. They will be able to tell you what you can do if you want to return a cash purchase sans a receipt.

There are many ways besides live chat to get in touch with Walmart customer service. You can call 1-800-WALMART (1-800-925-6278) any day of the week between 8 a.m. and 11 p.m. CST. Walmart customer service also responds to requests via social media.

What Does F Mean On Walmart Receipt?

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An F on a Walmart receipt means food, usually food that can be bought with food stamps. Walmart also uses an I instead of an F to show what kind of food item is instead of the F they usually use.

What Does O And N Mean On Walmart Receipt?

walmart receipt 7

There are a lot of different letters at Walmart that stand for different things. On a receipt, the letter N means that the item is not taxed. On the other hand, the X means a product that is taxed. Also, if you see an “O” on a Walmart receipt, you should know what that means; the item was sold without tax.

Moreover, on a Walmart receipt, the T means that the item was sold for tax.

Can You Find Out What Was Purchased On A Credit Card?

Checking your credit card statement is another way to get proof of payment if you’ve lost your Walmart receipt. This method, however, won’t show you the exact items you bought.

You could see who you sent the money to, though. If there’s a problem with the system and Walmart can’t find proof that your account has been charged, you can show what you did to pay.

Any document, like a credit card statement slip showing what you bought, how much you paid, and when you bought it, can be used as proof of purchase at Walmart or any other grocery store.


The Walmart Receipt Lookup Tool is a helpful way to keep track of what you’ve spent and return things you don’t like. Most importantly, it allows you to get a glimpse and a copy of your receipt in case you lost it.

However, the tool can be hard to use if you don’t have all the information you need or if a lot of people are using the app simultaneously. If you can’t get the information you need from the Receipt Lookup, try one of the methods above.

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