Does Trader Joe’s Have Apple Pay? (Steps & Facts To See)

Payment methods in numerous grocery chains and supermarkets consistently change. Of course, as customers, who would not want to have a quick and hassle-free way of checking out your goods at the counter?

Contactless payments are the new payment methods available to most groceries. If you just got yourself into using Apple Pay and want to try purchasing with it at Trader Joe’s, check out this article for more information.

Does Trader Joe’s Have Apple Pay in 2023?

Trader Joe’s can now accept Apple Pay as your payment option. As early as 2015, Trader Joe’s has already equipped some of its stores with this contactless payment method.

How Can You Use Apple Pay When Purchasing At Trader Joe’s?

After setting up your Apple Pay, you can make your first purchase with it. There are several steps that you can follow when using it at Trader Joe’s.

You check out your shopping goods at Trader Joe’s with Apple Pay by using either your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Using iPhone To Pay With Apple Pay

  1. Inform the cashier first that you would like to use your Apple Pay to pay for your items.
  2. Double-click on the right-side button on your iPhone.
  3. You can either use your Face ID or put in your passcode. You can also use your Touch ID.
  4. Hold your iPhone over the contactless reader until you hear a “ping” or see a green check on the reader. It will also show on “Done” on your iPhone’s screen.

Using Apple Watch To Pay With Apple Pay

  1. Again, inform the cashier first that you will be using Apple Pay.
  2. Double-tap on the side button of your Apple Watch.
  3. Enter your passcode.
  4. Hold your Apple Watch over the contactless reader. You will also be alerted that it is complete by a ping sound and a green check on the reader.

Buying your groceries in Trader Joe’s can be a lot more efficient with contactless payment like Apple Pay. If you want to know what items Trader Joe’s sells, you can read our article about it.

What Are Other Payment Methods Accepted At Trader Joe’s?

Does Trader Joe’s Have Apple Pay

Trader Joe’s makes sure to give their shoppers a wide range of payment methods for their overall convenience. You can choose any of the following payment methods at Trader Joe’s:

  • Mobile payment methods such as Samsung Pay or Google Pay
  • Cash
  • Credit or debit cards
  • EBT cards
  • Physical Trader Joe’s gift cards
  • Personal checks

All these payment methods can be used in all Trader Joe’s stores all over the US. Since this grocery does not have an online shop yet, there is no means to purchase online. All transactions are made in their physical stores.

If you are curious about using an EBT card at Trader Joe’s, we can answer your questions in this article.

How Can You Double-Check If A Trader Joe’s Location Accepts Apple Pay?

Before going to Trader Joe’s and shopping for a quick grocery run, you might want to double-check if they will accept Apple Pay as your payment method.

Fortunately, you can confirm if the Trader Joe’s location that you will go to will accept Apple Pay. You can follow these steps to check first online:

  1. Using any Apple mobile device, open “Apple Maps.” You can use your iPhone, MacBook, or iPad to do this.
  2. Click on the location that you want to check. Swipe up so that you can see the location’s full menu.
  3. Scroll down and look for the “Useful to Know” section.
  4. If that Trader Joe’s store you searched for accepts Apple Pay, you will see it listed as “Contactless Payment.”

These steps are not limited to checking Trader Joe’s stores. You can check other grocery stores or local supermarkets if they would let you use your Apple Pay.

How Do You Set Up Your Apple Pay?

Does Trader Joe’s Have Apple Pay

Before going into Trader Joe’s, or any shops, you need to be ready by setting up your Apple Pay. You can choose to do this with your iPhone or Apple Watch.

Setting Up Apple Pay Using Your iPhone

  1. To begin setting up Apple Pay on your iPhone, go to “Settings” and look for “Wallet & Apple Pay.”
  2. Add your credit or debit card details. You can either scan your credit card numbers by holding your phone over your physical card or input the details manually by typing them.
  3. Agree to Apple’s terms and proceed to complete verification of your card details.
  4. Now, you will see confirmation that your Apple Wallet App is activated. You are now ready to make your first purchase with Apple Pay!

Setting Up Apple Pay Using Your Apple Watch

  1. You need to have previously linked your iPhone to your Apple Watch before doing the next steps.
  2. With your linked iPhone, open the “Apple Watch” app.
  3. Tap on “Wallet & Apple Pay.”
  4. Tap “Add Card” and complete the following instructions on adding a card to your Apple Pay.
  5. After confirming, you are done setting up your Apple Pay on your Apple Watch.

Can You Get A Discount At Trader Joe’s If You Use Apple Pay?

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not offer benefits or discounts for shoppers who use Apple Pay in their stores.

Trader Joe’s generally does not offer coupons, discounts, or special gift cards because they offer the best deals on the best quality products every day already! This grocery chain offers deals like Two Buck Chuck on their Charles Shaw Wines or their 19-cent bananas.

If you are interested, you can read more about our article on how to save more when shopping at Trader Joe’s.

Can You Get Cashback By Using Apple Pay?

By using Apple Pay at stores that accept this payment method, you can have cashback from Apple. As long as you purchase with Apple Pay, you can get up to 3% cashback with no transactional limits.

For regular shoppers, it would be best to use an Apple Pay Card to make sure that you get the cashback on each of your transactions. With this method, you can eventually accumulate huge savings.

What Are Some Benefits Of Using Apple Pay In Your Trader Joe’s Purchases?

Apple Pay as a payment method in Trader Joe’s, and other authorized stores, offer the following benefits for shoppers:

  • Apple Pay can be linked to your debit card to help you take advantage of other discounts and help you save more.
  • Apple Pay is a secure payment method, and it helps lessen the hassle of carrying too many cards or cash with you while shopping.
  • With the one-click payment with Apple Pay, you can significantly speed up your time spent on check-out counters.


If you have your Apple Pay with you and would like to use them in your purchases, any Trader Joe’s store will let you check out your items with this!

You must first make sure that your Apply Pay is all set up before checking out your items with it. Moreover, you can even check if a store accepts Apple Pay by checking it on any iOS device with you.

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