Does Trader Joe’s Hire People With Misdemeanors? (Are They Felon Friendly?)

Trader Joe’s retail brand has been known for its unique approach to delivering products to customers for a long time. They present an exciting prospect for job searchers on the market, with unique Trader Joe’s brands and individuals who have a unique way of doing things.

Some people, however, are curious about the hiring and application procedure at Trader Joe’s. Is it necessary for their applicants to undergo a background check? Most importantly, does Trader Joe’s hire people with misdemeanors? We conducted some digging and came up with the answers for you.

Does Trader Joe’s Hire People With Misdemeanors in 2023?

Does Trader Joes Hire People With Misdemeanors 1

Yes, Trader Joe’s employs people with misdemeanors. They do, however, conduct a background check on some applicants depending on state laws. While you can get a job at Trader Joe’s with a felony on your record, there may be some felonies on your record that may preclude you from getting employed.

In a statement by Bobby Kendall, Trader Joe’s Regional Vice President, he confirmed that they practice equal opportunity for every applicant – whether you have felony or misdemeanors.

“Trader Joe’s is an equal opportunity employer that does not automatically disqualify anyone from working at the company based on a prior criminal conviction. If you have qualified candidates, please have them apply online at or at the store they would like to work.”

Bobby Kendall, Trader Joe’s Regional Vice President

Does Trader Joe’s Run Background Checks?

Although Trader Joe’s does not conduct routine background checks on its employees, your state of employment may do so. Each recruiting manager is unique. Regardless of where you live, you should expect to be subjected to a background check, as some employment and wage ranges may demand one.

What Are State Background Checks?

If you are subjected to a routine background check while applying to Trader Joe’s, you should be prepared for any eventuality. Because each state has its own set of regulations governing employment background checks, your record will be scrutinized differently in each jurisdiction.

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State-Based Background Check Rules

Employers who conduct background checks in some states do not look at non-guilty offenses on your record. New York, Massachusetts, Hawaii, California, Michigan, Kentucky, Indiana, and Alaska are among these states.

Employers in other states, such as Nevada, New Hampshire, Texas, and others, will only look back seven years when completing a background check.

On the other hand, other states have more stringent background check regulations. For example, in most jurisdictions, when conducting a background check, employers will look at both your guilty and non-guilty offenses. If you have a felony and want to work at Trader Joe’s, these factors should be taken into account. Even while it appears that they will recruit people with criminal backgrounds, you never know what can happen throughout the application process.

What Are The Felonies That May Be Treated Differently?

While the chances of getting hired at Trader Joe’s with a felony are still good, keep in mind that some felony charges are seen differently by potential employers. There are numerous features of working at a food shop like Trader Joe’s that make working away from the public practically impossible.

Employees at Trader Joe’s spend a lot of time with senior residents, children, and other people. As a result, having prior felony charges linked to sexual or violent offenses on your record may disqualify you from being hired at this organization.

While Trader Joe’s is an equal opportunity employer, some felonies may be given different considerations. The same is true for any criminal charges involving narcotics or theft. Consider this: you’ll be handling items daily, and the corporation doesn’t want to put its assets at risk.

Because you will be in close proximity to the public, children, and other people, a drug-related felony charge could impair your chances. When applying for a job at Trader Joe’s, each of these parts of your records should be taken into account.

What Is The Application Process At Trader Joe’s?

The Trader Joe’s careers page details the company’s open positions, the application procedure, and commonly asked questions about working with them. Although you can submit your application online, specific locations will take it in person.


Because promotions are based on performance, there are several advancement opportunities.

Prepare to explain any red flags on your CVs, such as job change or an employment gap due to jail, and be able to justify your skills.

Check your resume for spelling and punctuation errors, and make sure it’s easy to read before applying for a position. Print numerous copies of your application and dress professionally if you’re applying in person.

A successful Trader Joe’s employee will be customer service oriented, willing to take on new tasks and opportunities, and ready to be evaluated on their performance.

What Are The Jobs People With Misdemeanors Can Apply For?

Trader Joe’s is rapidly expanding across the United States and promotes internal promotion, so applicants, even with misdemeanors, will be able to find a career path that suits them. These careers include:

Crew Members

Crew Members may operate at the cash registers, receive and unload deliveries, stock shelves, create displays, clean the store, or answer consumer questions.


Merchants are promoted solely from the ranks of Crew Members. They are expected to perform the same duties as a Crew Member while also serving as a role model for how the work should be done.


Mates are store leaders who provide leadership and instruction to the Crew Members. Their goal is to work with the Crew Member to ensure that everyone is working efficiently.


The captain is the store’s commander, who probably got promoted from within. They lead strategy, assist in developing the Crew, and optimize day-to-day operations while promoting a positive shopping experience.

Regardless of position, the new hire and staff are required to emphasize the customer shopping experience, making it enjoyable, friendly, and educational.


Trader Joe’s goal is to make grocery shopping a pleasurable experience that prioritizes customer service. Many people find that the opportunity to apply is one they can’t pass up because of the benefits of working there.

It’s also good to know that people with misdemeanors aren’t automatically ruled out of the hiring process. Trader Joe’s is an equal opportunity employer that does not discriminate against anyone with a criminal past.

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