Does Trader Joe’s Sell Dog Food (Yes, And Dog Treats, Too!)

Providing your dog with proper care, a comfortable place to sleep, and decent nutrition, whether you adopt a rescue dog or bring home an American Kennel Club–certified puppy, is a major job, as the saying goes.

In an ideal world, our responsibilities with our pets should coincide with our duties to the people around us – like shopping for food. That is why most shoppers check out a retail shop first to see if they sell dog food.

If you are a Trader Joe’s regular and you just took home a fur-baby, you are in the right place. Like most new fur parents who shop at Trader Joe’s, perhaps your biggest question is – does Trader Joe’s sell dog food?

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Dog Food in 2023?

Yes. Like many other large grocery store chains, Trader Joe’s has its own line of pet food products, including dog and cat food. Trader Joe’s has a limited product line that includes a combination of dry and wet/canned dog food.

does trader joe's sell dog food

Unlike many other manufacturers, Trader Joe’s does not produce a lot of grain-free dog food, although it does have a few grain-inclusive formulas.

Finally, according to a study, Trader Joe’s does not make any age-specific dog food, such as a puppy or senior dog food. On the other hand, their recipes are appropriate for dogs of all ages, so they can be served to a large number of pups or older dogs.

Who Makes Trader Joe’s Dog Food?

“Distributed and sold exclusively by Trader Joe’s,” states the label on this Trader Joe’s dog food. It implies that Trader Joe’s does not produce its own dog food. A third-party company makes the dog food, and Trader Joe’s merely sells it.

tj distribution

While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it does indicate that Trader Joe’s isn’t as involved as other dog food firms that create their own food and operate their own factories.

What Is Trader Joe’s Canned Dog Food Made Of?

Trader Joe’s canned dog food comes in three different flavors:

The first bonus in the Trader Joe’s dog food formulation is that no animal by-products are listed as components, which is a huge plus. It’s also fantastic that vital vitamins and minerals are included. Your puppy’s health will be well taken care of by the vitamins and minerals.

What Is Trader Joe’s Dry Dog Food Made Of?

Trader Joe’s dog food dry selection is limited as well, with only two primary options: Organic Chicken and Brown Rice and Lamb Meal and Rice. When we look at the ingredients in the dog food, we see that vitamins and minerals are included, but animal by-products are not, and there is no soy product.

It’s also worth noting that one additional component influences the food’s quality – the bowl. Some low-cost plastic dishes contain harmful elements for dogs. Furthermore, plastic dog dishes are prone to scratches. Food particles get caught in the crevices, allowing hazardous germs to flourish.

Does Trader Joe’s Sell Dog Treats?

tj dog treats

Trader Joe’s offers all-natural and without preservatives dog treats. Regular use of this biscuit, like others of its kind, will help to eliminate tartar on our dog’s teeth. According to the box, it’s suitable for all sizes of dogs as a snack, reward, or treat, and it may be broken up for puppies.

Trader Joe’s multiple treat alternatives appear to be popular among many dog owners. This product appeals to many pet owners because of its organic and high-quality ingredients. Of course, not all of the puppies enjoy Trader Joe’s treat, but in most situations, the puppies go crazy over it.

There are many more flavors than there are in dog food, which is an excellent plus because you’ll be able to discover something your dog will enjoy. All of Trader Joe’s dog treats earned positive feedback and ratings on the internet.

Has There Been Any Recall for Trader Joe’s Dog Food?

Unfortunately, there have been numerous instances of firms recalling items in the dog food sector. Because of the low quality of most foods, retailers remove the bad options from the shelves and return them to the manufacturer.

Several third-party resources track all commercial recalls, and Trader Joe’s track record appears to be spotless, at least for dog foods.

The company has also established an area to list its own product recalls, boosting its brand image and consumer contact. However, no dog food is listed. Of course, the part on the website is relatively new, comprising just incidents from 2018, but it still creates a lot of trust in the business.

How Much Does Trader Joe’s Dog Food Cost?

The brand’s dog food products are all strangely low in price. Trader Joe’s options are an outstanding deal if you are short on cash. While other alternatives on the market that are by no means premium are literally double the price, Trader Joe’s dog food options are by no means premium.

A typical 12 oz. can of wet food, for example, costs roughly $2 right now. Trader Joe’s option is the same price, but you get a full 22 oz. of food, which is great for high-quality dog food.

Yes, the ingredients may not fit all dogs, but if you’re tight on cash and your pup’s digestive tract isn’t too sensitive, this could be a good option for you!


Trader Joe’s dog food selections aren’t all organic, but you can’t expect the food to be so cheap if it doesn’t use plant-based foods as one of the primary protein sources. Let’s not forget about vitamins and minerals, commonly found in higher-quality dog diets only.

Trader Joe’s dog food appears to be an excellent value for the money, especially considering the company’s track record with recalls and how tasty the treats are (but only if your doggy doesn’t have any stomach issues).

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