Top 40 Best Funny Gifts for 60th Birthday

When you think of a birthday party for someone who is turning 60, what comes to mind? No loud music, nostalgic memories of the “old times”, and probably not much fun? Let me tell you: there’s a golden opportunity to add a sprinkle of humor to this occasion because the older someone becomes, the more hilarious things they can actually remember.

Your task is to nudge them in the right direction with the right gift. So, instead of the expected monogrammed handkerchief or elegant pen, why not gift something that evokes fun and laughter?

Our curated list of 60th birthday gifts is an amusing collection of items that are equal parts playful jest and heartfelt nostalgia. Without further ado, let’s get started!

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#1. Vintage 1963 Wine Glass

While some things deteriorate with time, others simply become more sophisticated and complex. Same with spirits… or people. Remind your friends or family members approaching this significant milestone with this special yet amusing gift! 

This elegant wine glass, etched with “Vintage 1963 Aged to Perfection,” perfectly blends humor with elegance. It can serve both as a decorative item or for an actual wine indulgence. Either way, it’s a wonderful reminder for someone of a distinguished age that sometimes, older can indeed be better. Naturally, it’s even better when paired with their favorite wine!

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#2. Senior Survival Kit

This fantastic Senior Survival Kit gift offers your parent, grandparent, or friend a delightful mix of laughter and utility. While age inevitably brings about certain changes, like wrinkles and occasional back pains, it also signifies wisdom and character. This playful present is an apt reminder of that!

Packed with playful essentials, this quirky survival kit contains amusing yet handy items. Like this no 60-year-old Birthday Boy or Girl will ever forget his or her internet passwords (which, lets face it, we all forget sometimes).

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#3. Senior’s Texting Code Guidebook

Let’s face it: adapting to the digital age has its quirks, especially for those hitting 60. Figuring out what all the LOLs, gr8s, OMWs and other coded words used by children and grandchildren can be confusing as hell. So, help them come up with their own special words!

This faux guidebook lists hilarious “texting codes” suited for the senior. Now, when you grandfather will hear someone from Generation Alpha saying BRB, he can respond with ATD (At The Doctor’s) or scream BFF (Best Friend Fell).

Crafted to look genuine, it’s a comical nod to the age gap in technology. So, bring some more cool slang for those hitting 60 to the party and let them HF (Have Fun)!

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#4. “Suddenly 60” Book

Lots of people at their 60s start thinking that there’s more fun days left behind that awaits them ahead. It’s your mission at their 60th birthday to remind them that it is simply not true!

Every age has its quirks, and this book highlights the funniest parts of turning 60. Filled with witty observations and humorous anecdotes, it’s a light-hearted look at the joys and jests of this milestone age. Bring it to the party and read it out loud – I guarantee that it is bound to elicit a lot of chuckles. Suddenly turning 60 is another reason to laugh!

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#5. Jumbo Vintage Back in 1963 Birthday Gifts Card 

Step aside, time machines: we’ve got the next best thing! If you want to surprise your parent or grandparent with something fun yet nostalgic, then help them diving into 1963 without the pesky side effect of time travel wrinkles. 

This jumbo card, with its vintage newspaper charm, might just make them believe bell-bottoms and flower crowns are back in style. And if they can’t remember actual events from ’63, it will be a great reminder of the times when things actually were better! It’s perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, or whenever you want to bring a bit of a retro to the party.

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#6. “Retired. Ask Someone Else” Faux Business Cards 

I’ve seen lots of retirement gifts, but faux business cards for the recently liberated from the 9-to-5 grind? Oh, it’s nothing short of genius! Let me paint you a picture: there’s Bob, freshly retired, sunhat on, enjoying his piña colada. An old colleague approaches and starts talking shop. Bob casually slides over one of these brilliant cards that reads “Retired. Ask Someone Else.” I mean, talk about setting boundaries with style!

It’s the perfect way to say, “I’ve earned my relaxation, and no, I won’t fix your computer or review those files!” If you’re hunting for a great fun gift for someone’s 60th birthday and who is about to retire, you’ve just found it. 

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#7. Chill Pills in a bottle

I’m a firm believer in the power of laughter, and these chill pill bottles exemplify that spirit. When I first encountered these, I really dug the concept. While fitting for any age, when you give it to someone’s 60th Birthday, it sends a subtle message to just relax and enjoy life. It’s a playful way to embrace the number while emphasizing that age is, after all, just a state of mind. This one is a great find for anyone with a sense of humor, and I’m sure it’ll become the talk of the party.

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#8. Retirement Sign “Retired Person On Premises Knows Everything”

Here’s a great gift find for you: a shiny metal sign that shouts “Retired Person On Premises Knows Everything.” Perfect for that know-it-all 60 years old retiree we all adore. Just imagine this standing proudly in their yard or on their door, serving laughts from neighbors. It’s not just a sign; it’s a bold declaration of years of wisdom. 

So, if you’re scouting for a gift that balances humor with a dash of well-deserved bragging, this one’s a clear winner. Give them that moment of well-deserved retired glory!

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#9. “Technically, I’m Not 60” T-shirt 

I’m a huge fan of naughty wordplay, and this T-shirt absolutely nails it. With “Technically, I’m only 21 with 39 years of experience” emblazoned across it, it’s a humorous reminder that age is just a perspective. When I envision gifting this, I can’t help but picture the birthday star wearing it with pride, drawing smiles and laughs from everyone they meet. It’s soft, it’s comfy, and most importantly, it’s a statement piece that says “I’m 60 and fabulous.”

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#10. Retro Mixtape US

Talk about merging the past and the present! When I first laid my hands on this USB, designed exactly like those old cassette tapes, a wave of nostalgia hit me. But here’s the twist: it’s a modern USB! Imagine gifting your beloved one with this, filled with classic hits from their era.

As they plug it in and let the melodies play, I can already hear the stories pouring out. This, for me, is the perfect fusion of yesterday’s charm and today’s tech.

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#11. Retro Slide Viewer with Personalized Reels 

The beauty of memories is that they’re timeless. When I discovered this retro slide viewer, it felt like unearthing a treasure. But it’s not just any slide viewer: you can customize the reels with photos from their past 60 years. Imagine the joy on their face as they click through each slide, reliving moments from different phases of life.

I genuinely believe this gift is a journey, a story, a celebration of six decades captured in a few slides. An it’s up to you if you want to make this journey nostalgic, romantic or fun…or, maybe a mix of it all!

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#12. “I am 59+” Quirky Mug 

Mornings and mugs – they’re inseparable. And this mug, with “I am 59+” stylishly scripted across, is bound to become their favorite.

I always like to think of gifts that merge utility with personality, and this one checks both boxes. As they sip their morning brew, I see them doing so with a sassy flair, perhaps even a playful wink to the world. It’s ceramic, it’s chic, and it’s dripping with attitude.

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#13. Boom again! Retro Board Game 

Board games and chill evenings are a match made in heaven. This compilation of retro board games from the ’60s is a delightful trip back in time.

I believe that opening this box will trigger hours of laughter, playful banter, and a tad bit of competition. It’s more than just a game; it’s an invitation to relive the past, bond in the present, and create memories for the future.

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#14. Personalized “Chronicle of Your Life” Newspaper 

History is fascinating, especially when it’s your own. This personalized newspaper, chronicling major events from the year they were born, is a gem.

I’m always on the lookout for gifts that tell a story, and this one narrates an epic. As they unfold each page, I see them exploding with surprise, nostalgia and laughter recalling events and perhaps even sharing tales they’ve lived. This is history, personalized.

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#15. “Been There, Done That” Hoodie 

This hoodie is both a mood and a statement. When you see someone wearing it, you think “That’s a whole mood for someone who’s seen six decades and isn’t afraid to flaunt it.” It’s not just about announcing an age; it’s about wearing one’s vast experience with pride. 

Soft and snug, this hoodie is not only a testament to the many tales of the past, but also a promise of the adventures yet to come. I can just picture your friend or family member rocking this at casual get-togethers, receiving bursts of laughter. If you’re looking to gift something that serves attitude on a platter and warmth in a bundle, you’ve found your match!

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#16. “Retired! Not over the hill” License Plate Frame 

 I’ve always believed that age adds character, and this license plate frame celebrates just that. With ” Retired! Not over the hill ” stylishly inscribed, it’s an optimistic nod to the fun side of turning 60. Every time they hit the road, they do so with a flair that’s bound to turn heads. It’s sturdy, it’s chic, and it’s the kind of gift that adds a dash of humor to their everyday drives.

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#17. 60th Birthday Wine Gift Tote

Let’s face it, the 60s can be quite fine vintage, much like a good bottle of wine. But wen your favourite wine comes in a stylish and fun wine bag it turns into a 60th birthday gift with flair. When you hand over a bottle of wine in this tote, you’re not just saying “Happy 60th!”

You’re saying, “You’re aging like fine wine, getting better, richer, and more fabulous!” It’s sturdy, it’s chic, and honestly, it’s a conversation starter. Think of it as a two-for-one: a gift and party entertainment. Cheers to sixty and to many more years of sipping in style!

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#18. “Old Enough to Know Better, Too Young to Care” Book

Here’s the thing: by 60, most folks have accumulated a treasury of wisdom, but that doesn’t mean the inner rebel has faded. This book? It’s an ode to that spirit. Each page is a delightful blend of humor and wisdom, a testament to the beautiful paradox of being seasoned yet hungry for life.

Hand this over and watch as they read aloud hilarious snippets. In a world filled with self-help guides, this one stands out, celebrating the joy of occasionally throwing caution out of the window. Perfect for someone who’s seen a lot, learned a lot, but is still young at heart and ready for the next adventure.

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#19. “Six Decades of Awesomeness” Vintage Tees

Clothes speak louder than words, especially when they come with an eye-catching statement. This tee, with its retro design and bold message, is a wearable tribute to their 60 incredible years. I’ve always felt that gifts we can wear have a special charm. Every time they put on this tee, they’re making a fun declaration to the world. 

Crafted with soft fabric and a love for details, it’s comfort meeting humor. And honestly, every time I see someone sporting such a tee, I can’t help but admire their humor and confidence. It’s a gift that proves that age is just a number, but style is eternal.

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#20. The “Remember When…” Puzzle

Puzzles, by their nature, piece together memories. But his one is special! Featuring headlines, events, and iconic moments from their birth year, it’s an interactive dive into the past. I’ve always believed that the best gifts offer both fun and sentiment, and this does just that.

As they piece together each fragment, they’ll be piecing together moments from history, chuckling at memories and admiring at how far they’ve come. It’s not just a game, but an emotional journey in the most positive sense.

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#21. I’m 60 Bitches” Socks

Oh, where do I even begin with these socks? These aren’t just any socks, my friend. They’re a proclamation worn on the feet. Celebrating 60 should be anything but mundane, and these socks? They just get it. Slipping into them is like saying, “Yeah, I’ve hit six decades, and what of it?”

They’re comfy, quirky, and let’s be real, it’s the kind of audacious gift that’s bound to get more than a few laughs at the birthday party. Perfect for that 60-year-old who’s ready to wear their stuff and announce their age with style and attitude!

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#22. Personalized retirement dice Set

I stumbled upon this dice set while searching for that ideal blend of humor and sentiment for a retirement gift. Trust me, it’s an amusing twist on decision-making post-retirement. Gone are the days when choices revolved around work commitments and endless emails.

Now, with statements like “annoy spouse” and “take a nap” etched on the dice’s sides, every roll promises a light-hearted suggestion for the day. I can already envision friends and family laughing as they toss the dice, letting fate decide their 60 year old parent or grandparent day’s agenda. If you’re hunting for a gift that injects some fun into somebody’s 60th Birthday, these dice surely hit the jackpot!

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#23. Doing Stupid Shit 60th Birthday Flask

I must admit, some birthday gifts really know how to capture the essence of a lifetime, and this flask? It’s speaking volumes. “Doing Stupid Shit Since 1963” sounds like a statement, a badge of honor, a salute to six decades of stories, misadventures, and yes, some questionable decisions.

Imagine the laughter as the birthday celebrant pulls this out, prompting everyone to share those delightful tales from “back in the day.” With each sip, I see them celebrating not just the years gone by, but the adventures that made them legendary. Want a memorable 60th gift? You’re looking right at it!

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#24. Walk Around the Block Exercise Block

Fitness takes on a whole new meaning with age. I remember the days when “walking around the block” meant a considerable stroll. Now, with this brilliant Exercise Block, things just got a whole lot simpler.

Place it on the floor, take a walk around, and there you have it – exercise done for the day! I’d say, for someone stepping into their 60s, this is a gift that’s equal parts practical and hilarious. A perfect attitude towards the changing pace of life!

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#25. “It took me 60 years to look this good” Apron

I’ve always believed that cooking is as much about flair as it is about flavor. When I first saw this apron, I thought “That’s a recipe for confidence!” Celebrating six decades isn’t just about age; it’s about seasoning oneself to perfection, much like a well-cooked dish.

If someone’s been simmering in life’s experiences for 60 years and still looking fabulous, they deserve this apron. Every time they wear it, I imagine them serving dishes with some extra wit and flirting on the side. A sprinkle of humor, a dash of confidence, and heaps of style – all wrapped up in one apron. Perfect for the 60-year-old chef who’s seasoned to perfection! 

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#26. What You Don’t Know About Turning 60: A Funny Birthday Quiz

Let me tell you, turning 60 has its fair share of uncertainties. I stumbled upon this “What You Don’t Know About Turning 60” book, and it was as if I’d found the holy grail of 60th birthday hilarity. Presented as a whimsical pop quiz, it takes the sting out of hitting the big 6-0 and replaces it with laughs.

Honestly, while it’s the ultimate ice-breaker for any Birthday party, I think the best is  curling up with it after the party dies down. When the sounds of the celebration fades and you’re left contemplating this new decade, this book serves as a great reminder that age is, after all, just a number… with a few extra laughs thrown in!

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#27. Funny Birthday Throw Pillow Covers Gift

Now, when I think about nestling down for a movie marathon, these pillow covers are the epitome of birthday luxury. The back is like a trip down memory lane, showcasing 1963’s pop culture, movies, and all those fabulous personalities born the same year.

And the front? With pockets for your phone and remote, it’s like they read the 60-year-old’s mind! Lounge in style, have every essential at arm’s reach, and bask in the golden era of 1963. Perfect homey luxury for the fabulous 60s!

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#28. 9999 Day Retirement Countdown Clock with Large Display Digital Timer

So, you think you’ve seen all the quirky gadgets out there? Hold that thought! This Retirement Countdown Clock is the delightful dash of humor and originality that might be just right if you are on the lookout for a birthday present for someone special’s 60 Birthday! 

Everything that needs to be done is setting up the countdown and let the anticipation build. But here’s the twist: this isn’t just a timer. Doubling up as a clock and a digital picture frame, it allows to relish moments from the past while counting down to the future. What is the better way to remind someone of the memories they’ve made and the new adventures that await post-retirement? For everyone inching closer to their retirement, this is a must-have on the desk. 

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#29. Magnetic Tool Pickup/Telescoping Magnet 

If there’s one thing I’ve learned with age, it’s that sometimes, bending down is just… not an option. That’s why this magnetic tool pickup with a telescopic magnet can become a really great gift with a light hint.

Whether it’s that elusive screw that rolled under the table or your keys that managed to find their way behind the couch, this little wizard ensures no more bending or backaches. Because frankly, by 60, the only thing you should be bending is perhaps, the truth to grandkids about your younger wild days.

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#30. Whiskey set with glass ball

Okay, let’s talk sophistication, shall we? I chanced upon this whiskey set, and it instantly made me go “Now, that’s the mark of a true 60-year-old connoisseur!”

With an elegant glass ball that you cool down and drop into your drink (bye-bye, diluted whiskey!), it’s an elegant dance between functionality and sheer class. And let’s be real, at 60 you’ve earned your spirits served in style.

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#31. Freudian slippers

You’ve heard of Freudian slip, but have you ever seen Freudian slippers? Comfy, cozy, and featuring the legendary Sigmund Freud, these slippers are perfect for those introspective evenings where you ponder life’s mysteries… or just want warm feet.

I find this idea really sweet and hilarious! It will also make for a great gift for someone hitting 60, like you parent, grandparent of a friend! So, next time they misplace their coffee or forget where they keep their glasses, they can always blame it on “Freudian slip(pers)”!

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#32. Cutting board with fun facts

Memory lane, I believe, is best visited in the kitchen. When I came across this cutting board peppered with fun facts from 1963, it stirred a whirlwind of nostalgia. And I am sure it will do the same to this special 60 year old person you will give it to.

Every chop, dice, or slice is like a trip back to that golden year. While some use music or photos to reminisce, I think this cutting board offers a deliciously unique way to remember. It’s not just a kitchen accessory, but a historical artifact that adds flavor to every meal!

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#33. “Smells like it’s not your problem Anymore” Retirement Candle

Some age comes with bonuses…like retirement! All this free time, longer naps, a glass of wine during the day…it all has a certain liberating feeling. Maybe it even has a scent? The sweet scent of retirement! I never quite realized how liberating it can feel until I came across this candle.

Lighting this up, I couldn’t help but be enveloped by its sweet message: “Smells like it’s not your problem anymore.” I couldn’t help but imagine gifting this to a friend, watching their face light up brighter than the candle itself, as they delve in the joy of freedom and the aroma of no longer caring!

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#34. 60th Birthday Party Posters

When I saw these 60th Birthday Party Posters, the fun statements about age immediately caught my eye. You know, I always believed that age is a matter of feeling, not of years. And these posters?

They simply nail that sentiment! With playful jabs and witty punchlines, they’re sure to be the life of any party. I can just picture these decorating the walls, serving as hilarious conversation starters, making everyone laugh. If you ask me, these posters are a shout-out to growing old disgracefully, and I’m all here for it!

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#35. The Golf Mug

If there’s one thing I’ve noticed about getting older, it’s the dreams. Some friends dream of golf courses and the thrill of the game, while others, like me, cherish that morning coffee ritual.

That’s why when I stumbled upon this unique Golf Mug, it was quite a revelation. It’s like having a golf course right at your breakfast table or like giving them a mini-golf session every morning. Every sip feels like a hole-in-one. I’d say, with this mug, you’re giving them the best of both worlds – a shot at golfing glory and the warm embrace of their favorite brew.

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#36. Made in 1963: All Original Parts” baseball cap

When I was racking my brain, thinking of the coolest way to celebrate someone’s 60th year, it hit me: why not honor their vintage with a stylish cap? That’s when I found the “Made in 1963: All Original Parts” baseball cap. It’s straightforward, it’s fun, and let’s be honest, it’s pretty darn accurate!

It screams “Hey, I’ve been around the block, and I’ve still got all my original bits!” Imagine them sporting this hat at a BBQ or a Sunday morning walk – that will draw some attention. If you’re looking to gift a blend of humor, style, and a touch of nostalgic pride, this cap’s got it in spades!

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#37. “Holy Sh*t! You’re 60!” 3-Ply Funny Toilet Paper Roll

Growing older reminds me of unraveling a roll of toilet paper – it seems to speed up the closer you get to the end. But hey, why should that stop the fun? When I saw this hilarious 3-ply roll screaming “Holy Sh*t! You’re 60!” I thought “That’s the perfect blend of comfort and comedy!” Ideal for you parent or a friend that starts every day looking for a laugh in the little things. I mean, age is just a number, right? But a good joke? That’s timeless.

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#38. Flick back 1963 Trivia Playing Cards with questions about 1963

Ah, the swinging sixties! Times when rock ‘n’ roll was still a rebellious teen, and neon lights were all the rage. Gifting these Flickback 1963 Trivia Playing Cards isn’t just about a game; I believe it’s an invitation to a walk down memory lane. I’ve always felt that mixing a history lesson with game night can turn into a fantastic evening.

And what’s more exciting than challenging the birthday person to a duel of wits over their own era? I promise, with these cards in hand, you’re set for an evening full of nostalgia, chuckles, and maybe even a history lesson or two!

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#39. Retro Candy Box from 1963 

There’s something magical about a blast from the past. I’m a sucker for nostalgia, and this candy box instantly transported me back in time. Filled with sweet delights from 1963, it’s an edible trip down memory lane.

Whenever I think of gifting this, I imagine the recipient, eyes twinkling with memories as they unwrap candies from their youth. It’s not just about the taste but the stories and memories each candy piece evokes. This box, for me, is a time machine wrapped in sweetness.

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#40. “60 & Still Rocking” Vintage Record Coasters 

Being a music fan myself, I fell head over heels with these coasters. Made from genuine vintage records, these coasters scream, “I’ve still got the groove!”

Every time your loved one sets their drink down, I picture them being transported to their youthful days of dance and romance. It’s not just about protecting the table; it’s about celebrating six decades of rhythm and life. Trust me, this is a gift that’ll have everyone talking and maybe even dancing!

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