Top 35 Best Funny Gifts for Old People

If you’re on the quest for a gift that will bring joy and amusement to the seasoned souls in your life, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, I’ll share an assortment of my favorite funny gifts tailored to tickle the funny bones and warm the hearts of our old loved ones. Without further ado, let’s delve into a selection of 35 handpicked, side-splitting gifts for older folks.

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#1. Giant Headphones

Older people usually have problems with their hearing or eyesight. This is why they wear glasses or use phones with a large dial pad. There are many gift ideas for older people that seem natural, but there are those that are weird, but funny at the same time. One such example is a giant headphone.

We often see older people getting bigger things to see them better, so a big headphone doesn’t make sense, which is what makes it a funny gift. In reality, this is a Bluetooth speaker with a battery that’s big enough for around 5 hours of playtime. Getting this for an older person will raise some eyebrows until everyone in the room realizes what it is.

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#2. Prank Golf Ball

Some of the younger generation don’t think of older people as ones that would have some kinds of activities. They don’t sit in front of the TV all day and they go out and do things, like play golf. It’s not the most physically demanding sport, so it’s a great activity. This gives me an idea for a funny gift.

A set of prank golf balls is an excellent choice for that elderly golf lover in your life. The package comes with 3 balls and all you’ll need to do is replace them with the “regular” ones. How do these differ? Unlike normal golf balls, these are explosive and disintegrate on impact. They’re filled with powder, so once they break, the balls create a cloud of smoke and lots of laughs.

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#3. Voice and Motion Activated Signs

Thanks to the wonders of modern technology, we can rely on plenty of things that make our lives easier. Gesture and voice commands are one of those and some people cannot live without them. Older people aren’t as handy with this, which gives me an idea for a funny gift, which is more of a prank. 

The package has 50 stickers, which is a lot more than you’d need, but there’s no harm in having them. They measure a little over 2 inches in length and height, so unless the person in question has poor eyesight, there shouldn’t be a problem. Just put the sticker at a machine that wouldn’t be voice or motion-activated and watch the show. Once the person realizes this, I’m sure he or she will have a laugh over it.

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#4. Prank Gift Box

Regardless if it’s a birthday or without any occasion, getting a gift for someone is sweet. There isn’t a simple person on this planet that wouldn’t want a gift and the same goes for older people. This is a great option to get them something, but pack it in a way that they’ll be confused. 

This gift idea is a box, that features a design that seems to be a plant urinal. Turning urine into flowers is weird and for some people gross. The funny part about this option is that the box is empty, so you can put a good gift in it. Before the person reaches it, you’ll see some weird faces because they’ll think that it’s actually a plant urinal.

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#5. Pop Grip

As much as we like to admit it or not, we spend a lot of time on our smartphones. This is especially true for some older people. A retired person has all the time in the world, so a day spent on the internet is a day well spent. With that in mind, some items can make the phone holding experience better, and that’s PopGrip.

These handy items are attached to the back of the phone, making it much easier to hold. It glues to the back of the phone and remains there until the person needs to reposition it. So, we’ve seen the practical aspect, what about the funny? The PopTop features a message that reads “Eau De Elderly” which is hilarious – the perfume of the elderly.

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#6. Beer Glass

We have beer lovers all around us, so I’m positive they like beer-related gifts. For a beer lover, one of the many things you can get him is a glass, and for today’s application, we have a beer glass for older people. The bonus is that it’s a funny one.

The thing that makes this glass funny is what’s printed on it. “Old lives matter” is a funny twist to a popular saying we all know, so it deserves to be on this list. The glass has a capacity of 16 oz, making it the perfect size for beer. Since it’s a gift, it comes nicely packed in a wooden box, making it even more visually appealing.

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#7. Pillow

You’ll hear many people talk about how the older generation is behind on some of the terminology we use today. This is a great choice if you have an older person you want to buy a gift for. The pillow features a funny design, which should help a bit.

The pillow in question is a senior citizen texting code. It mentions some of the more popular abbreviations of popular texting codes like LOL, BFF, and many more. The funny thing is that they are “translated” into old folk talk while resembling the original ones. The pillow is made from 100% polyester, and you have two size options to choose from 16 by 16 inches and 18 by 18 inches.

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#8. Sash

If you’ve followed Miss Universe or similar contests, you may notice that all contestants wear a sash with the country’s name. This is an excellent gift for an older person, combined with a funny aspect. It’s a perfect option for a birthday or a retirement gift.

The sash is made from 100% high-quality satin, measuring 32 inches in length. It’s a one-size-fits-all and with that length, it would be a fit for almost anyone and thanks to the pin, there is some adjustability in it. Now for the funny part. The sash comes printed with the message “old as s*it” with the poo emoji on both sides of it. If you have a keen eye, you’ll also notice that the emoji is “aged”, which adheres to the theme.

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#9. Hat

There is a theme among older people revolving around hats. They like to wear them, meaning that this makes for a great gift idea. The thing about this one, in particular, is that it’s not just any hat, it’s a funny hat. Don’t worry, it’s a regular hat with a funny message on the front.

The hat is made from 100% cotton meaning that it’s comfortable and soft. The best part is that it’s adjustable with a circumference range from 21.65 to 23.22 inches, so most people won’t have an issue with that. Now let’s talk about the funny aspect of it. The message on the front reads “I’m not old, I’m vintage” which adds a touch of humor to this “ordinary” gift.

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#10. Magnet

Most people talk about how older people often avoid doing certain things, like driving. As true as that is, I know a lot of older people who still drive, so this magnet makes for a great gift idea. I know you’re confused about how a magnet and a car go together, so let me explain.

This gift is similar to a bumper sticker, but it’s in the form of a magnet. The package includes two magnets, so the older person who receives them can choose where to put them. Due to the strong magnet, it will stick to any metal on a car or truck and since there are two, one can go on the fridge, just as a reminder. As for the design, the magnets are bright yellow and the message on them is “Caution, senior driver” which will make many people laugh.

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#11. Notebook

As we get older, we begin to forget some things. There isn’t a specific age and with some people that comes sooner, while with others it’s later in life. One thing’s for sure: most old people tend to forget, so I have the perfect gift idea for that.

This is an organizer, log book, and notebook for people who have difficulties remembering things. It can be used for passwords, reminders, or just as a regular notebook. There are 100 pages measuring 6 by 9 inches, so it’s compact enough to be portable. The thing that sets this apart from most other notebooks is the message. Seeing “S*it, I can’t remember” on the front is humorous for whoever receives it and everyone else who sees it.

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#12. Walker and Cane

Let’s face it, as people get old, they reach a point where they need some kind of walking aid. This is not a laughing matter and is a result of the natural adding process. With that said, I have an idea for a funny gift and it’s not the kind of walker and cane you have in mind.

Unlike the regular ones, these ones are inflatable, so they don’t serve a purpose other than laughter. The package includes both of them and they’re relatively true to life size. The walker is 18.5 by 16 by 32.75 inches and the cane is 34 inches long, so they’re not too far off the expected size. 

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#13. Toilet Paper

Regardless if we’re talking about a small child or an elderly person, one of the many things that are necessary for both is toilet paper. Having this in mind, older people are often associated with forgetting things which Is where this toilet paper gift idea comes from. 

This is a single roll of toilet paper, packed in a cardboard box prepared for gifting. The box features an old man sitting on a toilet looking confused about how he got there. The toilet paper itself is a three-ply roll with 300 sheets and a funny design. It has the 10 steps every person needs to go through when going to the toilet.

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#14. Barricade

When it comes to funny gifts for old people, some are funny and serve a purpose. On the other hand, there are many gift ideas for an item that’s only good for making people laugh. My next gift idea for old people falls in the second category and it’s similar to the one I already mentioned.

Like before, we have a two-piece gift with inflatable items. This one has a construction theme and consists of a barricade and a cone. The message on the cone reads “danger, sagging body parts”, while the barricade reads “old zone”. I can guarantee that this gift will result in laughter for everyone who sees it.

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#15. Metal Sign

As kids, we usually put signs on our doors because it was cool. As much as that sounds childish I know a lot of older people that are still fans of signs. You may think that I’m talking about a stop sign or something similar, but this list covers funny gifts just like this one. 

The sign measures 8 by 12 inches and it’s made from high-quality aluminum, meaning that the risk of rust is eliminated. The message on the sign says “It’s weird being the same age as ole people” which I think is hilarious. Whoever gets this gift has the option to hang it on the wall or a fence thanks to the 4 pre-drilled holes.

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#16. Mug

Some people are coffee lovers, others like tea and some use mugs to drink water. If you have a close older person that you think falls in either of these categories, then I have the perfect gift idea for you. Don’t worry, this isn’t one of those useless funny gifts because it is an actual mug. 

“I’m not old I’m classic” is printed on the mug which I’m sure every person of age will find funny. The mug is made from ceramic and features a classic design with a single handle. There are 2 color options, black and white meaning that the print Is inverted from the base color. As for the capacity you’re looking at 11 oz. mug which is the industry standard.

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#17. Candle

When it comes to gifts, there are a couple of options that we consider a favorite especially when it comes to home décor. One of those favorites is a candle which I think would make for an excellent gift idea for older people. The best part about this one is that it’s a birthday candle.

This candle is one of those safe choices especially when it comes to the fragrance. The lavender aroma is something that most people like so you can’t get it wrong there. I said that this would be a funny gift idea and I’m here to deliver. The message on the front reads “Your chariot awaits”, with a walker below it. 

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#18. Birthday Banner

As people age the will to celebrate birthdays decreases. Fortunately, there are still many people, especially older ones, that like their birthday and celebrate it. To be fair, most of these parties are toned down, but you can change that with this next gift idea. 

You’ve already seen this message on this list but this time it’s in the form of a banner. You get “Old lives matter” on a banner measuring 118 by 20 inches meaning that it’s a lot larger than any of the gifts so far. It’s made from polyester thanks to which it’s light and foldable, and a good option to hang it in a yard. 

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#19. Christmas Ornament

Even though Christmas isn’t exactly around the corner, with only a few months till the big date you may want to start thinking about Christmas gifts. One such option is this ornament which is designed to be gifted to older couples. 

The ornament measures a little under 3 inches in diameter meaning that is suited for the Christmas tree. It’s designed to show an older couple supporting each other, presented in a funny way. You can choose to be printed on one or both sides and there’s an option to personalize it by adding the names of the couple.

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#20. Toilet Paper

If you’ve been following this list closely you may notice that this isn’t the first toilet paper on it. Don’t worry, I’m not old enough to start forgetting things. This toilet paper is different in terms of design but that doesn’t make it less funny. 

This is embroidered toilet paper packed in a transparent cellophane bag, tight with curling ribbons. It comes in multiple color options, which apply to the letters and the ribbons. The funny thing is the message on the first sheet that says “At my age, you can’t trust a fart”.

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#21. Old Age Pills

It’s no secret that older people need to take medications for certain conditions. For this gift idea, I won’t be referring to traditional medication. Instead, I have a different idea, which is fun and sweet at the same time. The bonus part here is that it’s another option for a birthday present.

I present to you the old age pills which have nothing to do with actual pills. This is a printable label measuring 8 by 4 inches meaning that it’s the perfect size for a 62 oz. M&M jar. The reason why it’s M&M is because there is a short description for each color of candy you find in the jar.

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#22. Pool Sign

Having a relative or a close friend that falls in the “old people” with a poo, means that you can have a pool party more often than you’d think. On top of that, if you’re looking for a gift idea for the pool owner, I have the perfect one for you and you guessed it, it’s pool-related.

The gift idea I have in mind is a pool sign. Sure, most people who have pools have a sign, but they don’t have a sign like this one. This is a sign that informs people around that old people swim in the area and that there’s nothing they can do about it. The quote combined with the graphic is funny and I’m sure whoever gets it will have a laugh. You have 4 size options to choose from, which I’m guessing you’ll choose based on the size of the pool.

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#23. Cake Topper

When it comes to old people’s gift ideas, many of those revolve around birthdays. That special day requires a special gift, which is where this next idea comes into play. A cake wouldn’t be complete without a topper, and if the topper in question is funny, then you have a winning combination.

The cake topper I’ve chosen for this is a silhouette of an older person with a cane. It doesn’t seem funny until you look at it carefully. The person looks like it’s farting and below it, there’s a message that reads “old fart”. This topper measures 5.75 by 6.5 inches, making it a decent size for most cakes. Since this isn’t a unisex gift, you should choose the gender, based on which you’ll get an old man or woman on the topper.

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#24. Playing Cards

As people age, their vision often goes bad, which requires glasses. Even though this doesn’t happen will everyone, most people suffer from it. Bad vision requires glasses, but in the case of old people, the glasses don’t do a good enough job and they need bigger items. Sure, there are phones with big numbers and all that kind of thing, but there is also a set of playing cards.

You’ve played cards at least once in your life, so you’re wondering what’s the deal with this gift. Unlike a normal set that most of us have lying around the house, this is a jumbo set. Each car measures 4.9 by 6.9 inches which is a little smaller than an A5 piece of paper. The size means that everything is enlarged for that special old person who doesn’t see all that well. Regardless if you think that this is practical or not, this gift idea is funny.

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#25. Hearing Amplifier

Vision isn’t the only thing that goes bad with age; hearing does too. In modern times, there are hearing aids that make the lives of older people a lot easier. Things were different a few decades ago and people had to rely on ear trumpets. You read the title and the gift idea and you probably know where this is going.

My next gift idea is an ear trumpet, somewhat similar to what was used in the olden days before hearing aids. It’s labeled as a mega hearing booster but can also be used as a megaphone. Allegedly, the amplifier is so good, that a person can hear a mouse fart. I’m not sure I’d be willing to test that out, but I know that I’d gladly get it for an older person, just for the laughs.

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#26. Adult Bib

Bibs are a common sight in any household with kids, meaning that there’s no place for them on a list of gift ideas for old people. That’s true, but this list covers funny gifts, so I think that this one is right at home. Regardless if the gift recipient needs this or not, it still makes for a gunny gift, especially if we’re talking about an elderly person.

The principle behind this bib is no different than the one for kids. It’s made to be tied around the neck and with the adjustable length, it will be fine for most people. The bottom part measures 25.59 inches, which is quite enough for adults. There’s also a crumb catcher measuring 4 inches in depth. To be fair, I doubt many people will use it for its intended purpose and will look at it as a gunny gift they got.

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#27. Wet Wipes

Wet wipes have a wide range of use cases. You’d use them for anything from wiping your hands to cleaning off some stains. One application you haven’t thought of so far is to use them as a gift. An ordinary pack of wet wipes isn’t exactly the best gift, but this isn’t an ordinary pack.

Let’s start with the practical part. This is a pack of wet wipes and like most of the pocket-sized ones, there are 15 wipes in it, and they are labeled as sensitive. The funny thing about it is that label on the front. “Oops .. did I just s*it my pants?” with a lady having a worried look. This can be especially funny for older people, mainly because they cannot trust a fart and things can get out of hand quite quickly.

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#28. Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are not a laughing matter, because some people rely on them. As true as that is, most people don’t need them, which makes for a great funny gift idea. To be fair, even though this isn’t “tagged” as a funny gift idea, it would be funny if you gift them to an older person who doesn’t actually need them.

Since we’re talking about a gift option, I would advise you to go for one of the smaller packages that don’t have a lot of diapers. There are multiple size options, so at least try to get that one right. The packaging isn’t gift-themed, so you’ll need to get a bit creative. My recommendation is to have them wrapped and some decoration so that they look like an actual present.

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#29. Memory Mints

A lot of things happen in a human’s brain and as it ages, it doesn’t work as it used to. Older people tend to have problems with memory, and in some cases, doctors prescribe medication for that. What if I tell you that my next gift idea can help with that?

The gift I have in mind is a pack of memory mints for senior moments. They’re extra strong, meaning they’ll help anyone improve their memory. Let’s be real, this is a tin can with candy inside, so nothing miraculous about them. This is intended to be a gift idea for an older person, and I’m sure you’ll get the desired reaction. 

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#30. Memory Games

While I’m talking about memory, I should mention another gift idea that has two purposes. The main one is that it’s kind of funny if you give it to a person of age. There’s another purpose and that’s in terms of cognitive abilities. The games help exercise the brain, meaning that the person shouldn’t have too many problems remembering things.

Let’s start with the obvious. Unlike most similar books, this one is for elders, so it’s large. This makes it a good option because older people often have problems with their eyesight. As for the book, it offers a mix of 501 puzzles and games. The difficulty levels vary, so whoever gets this can choose which puzzles to try and solve. Sure, there is a practical use for this book, but I’m sure you’ll get a laugh from it.

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#31. Men’s Socks

Socks are a common gift idea among close friends or family. It’s not the flashiest gift idea in the world, but it’s thoughtful. While that’s true, there is another reason why you’d want to gift someone a pair. I know what you’re thinking, what’s funny about a pair of socks?

Unlike most pairs of socks that are dull, these are a bit different. They feature a checker-style design with a funny print on the side that reads “Grumpy old man”, so probably won’t be gifting these to your grandma. They’re made from 50 cotton, 47% nylon, and 3% spandex. The combination ensures that they are soft, durable, and thanks to the message, they’re funny.

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#32. Birthday Candles

As kids, we could barely wait for our birthday so that we could blow out the candles on the cake. At a certain age, we overgrow that and continue celebrating them with a cake, but without candles. If you have an older person who has a birthday, why not remind him or her about the lovely times they blew out candles by getting them a set for the cake?

It sounds sweet but wait until you see what the candles are. There are 3 candles and they’re not numbers, but they are letters, and they spell out “old” in capital letters. Naturally, they are still candles, so your favorite elderly person can blow them out. It’s funny seeing old instead of an actual number and thanks to the long burn time, that person can also use them next year.

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#33. Party Decorations

Even though it’s true that with age we tend to have more sensible birthday parties. With that said, many older people are still young in spirit and want to throw an unforgettable party, making my next idea perfect for that occasion. Every party needs party decorations, so why not help out a bit with this gift? 

I’m sure you’ve seen plenty of party supplies, but not like these ones. They are old people-themed decorations made to make any party fun by bringing out some laughter. The package comes with 6 honeycombs and 3 standing cards all of which are in different sizes. They are designed to outline old people in a funny way, which I’m sure will brighten any birthday party.

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#34. Party Balloons

While I’m on the topic of declaration, here’s another gift idea that is aimed at being funny. Party balloons are a necessity at any birthday party, so if an elderly person has one, then it’s only natural to want to bring a few and brighten up the party. Keep in mind that these aren’t ordinary balloons.

Unlike the regular ones, these have funny phrases on them, which I’m sure will make anyone laugh. The package contains 8 balloons and there are multiple types to choose from. Also, they come in black or white and there’s also the option to get a pack of 16 balloons. The best part is that they’re not small. You can inflate to up to 12 inches without the letters becoming warped, so anyone can see them, even an older person with poor eyesight.

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#35. Emergency Underpants

I’m ending this list with a bang, and giving you a funny gift idea similar to one I mentioned previously. We talk about older people and the occasional accidents they may have, so why not help them out in a tight spot with something that may come in handy. In a worst-case scenario, the person who gets this may not put it to use, but there will be a laugh.

The emergency underpants are exactly what you think they are. A pair of white underwear which isn’t just a gift for laughs. There’s a pair in the tin container which is unisex and comes in a size that would fit most adults. If I’m being honest, I doubt anyone would use these, but that doesn’t make this a poor gift idea based on that.

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