How Does Walmart Pay Work? (Payments Made Simple!)

Shopping online or in person has never been easier and more enjoyable, and this is true in practically any place you go shopping. Aside from rewards credit cards that you can use to purchase without putting your card into a potentially tainted payment terminal, digital wallets are convenient.

With digital wallets like Walmart Pay, you can make purchases with just a click of a button and no need to touch anything. They are so convenient that you can leave your credit and debit cards at home and go cashless.

You’re probably wondering – how does Walmart Pay work? Is it secure and worthy of using? Read along to understand digital wallets, particularly Walmart Pay, better.

How Does Walmart Pay Work in 2023?

Like most digital payment platforms, Walmart Pay allows you to pay for things purchased at Walmart using your phone by pressing a button or scanning a QR code at a physical Walmart store. Unlike other payment systems, Walmart Pay can only be used at Walmart and not at any other retailer.

Individuals can use Walmart Pay to pay for any items purchased at an actual store checkout point without bringing their wallets or touching anything.

The Walmart Pay app is available for Android and iOS devices to download. It is also set in on the Walmart app.

What Is Walmart Pay?

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Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet that comes in handy when shopping at Walmart. That distinguishes it from other mobile wallets such as Google Pay and Apple Pay, which may be used at various retailers and locations. In short, if you shop at Walmart, you’ll want to download Walmart Pay.

You will be able to store your credit card, debit card, and even gift card information when you download Walmart Pay to your mobile device. This means you won’t have to bring your wallet when shopping at Walmart.

At the Walmart store, you will be able to use it as a touch-free payment method. Simply scan your purchases at a check-out register, open Walmart Pay, and scan the QR code to get started.

You won’t have to pick up a paper receipt at the register because your receipt will be saved for you on Walmart Pay.

Features Of Walmart Pay

There are not many notable features to explore because Walmart Pay is just a mobile wallet that keeps your credit and debit card information. If you use Walmart Pay for your transactions, you can still use paper coupons.

All you have to do, according to Walmart, is bring your paper coupons to the store and deliver them to the cashier as usual.

It is also worth noting that Walmart Pay is a component of the Walmart mobile app, accessible for Android and iOS. Walmart Pay is also free, with no in-app purchases required. It can be used for Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover credit cards.

While you can link your Walmart gift cards, eGift Cards, and prepaid cards, you won’t be able to do the same with your checking account.

How Do You Set Up Walmart Pay?

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Walmart Pay and Walmart app are meant to make your shopping life at Walmart easier by providing you with all the tools you need to manage your shopping list from your phone. It is straightforward to get started with Walmart Pay.

Simply sign in to your Walmart account after downloading the Walmart app. Within the app, you can also rapidly create an account. You can then link your Capital One Walmart Rewards Card – or any other credit or debit card – to Walmart Pay. It works with Walmart gift cards, too.

Each time you use Walmart Pay, you will have to enter a four-digit passcode that is unique to you. Even if your phone is lost or stolen, your account and card information remain safe. You can also utilize the touch ID feature on your phone to speed up the sign-in process while maintaining security.

How Do You Use Walmart Pay To Pay At Walmart?

It is easy to use Walmart Pay. Begin by shopping as you would at any Walmart location. Take your pick of the open checkout lanes once you’ve gathered everything you need. Walmart Pay is accepted at self-checkout and cashier-assisted registers. You are only a few touches away after your things have been scanned.

  • On your phone, open the Walmart app
  • Walmart Pay can be found in the bottom menu bar under the services tab
  • Enter your 4-digit security PIN or biometric ID
  • Scan the QR code that appears by holding your phone over the PIN pad on the kiosk
  • You’ll know your payment has pushed through when you hear a chime

Walmart Pay is as simple as opening the app and scanning. There’s no need to look for credit cards nor fumble with cash or coins. There is also no need to keep paper receipts because the Walmart app retains a digital version.

Is Walmart Pay Secure?

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Walmart Pay is safe, according to Walmart, which claims to have numerous layers of protection and is constantly updating and testing its systems.

Card information is saved on a secure network known as SSL (Secure Socket Layer), which means the card information is not sent to the retailer unencrypted. Walmart also only keeps track of verified payment methods.

You can add a credit card with 0% fraud liability to Walmart Pay instead of a debit card if you want to utilize Walmart Pay with an extra degree of security. Fortunately, most credit cards don’t make you liable for any fraudulent purchases, and according to the Fair Credit Billing Act, federal liability for credit cards is only $50.

Walmart Pay allows customers to shop and pay for things in Walmart stores without bringing their wallets. It also allows customers to pay for things without touching the payment terminal, which is extremely useful in this day and age when people are more concerned about infectious diseases.

What Is The Difference Between Walmart Pay and Walmart App?

It is easy to mix up Walmart Pay and the Walmart mobile app, especially since Walmart Pay is integrated within the Walmart app. The primary distinction is that Walmart Pay is a mobile wallet that keeps your payment methods, while the Walmart app may be used to shop online.

If you wish to shop for millions of things online at Walmart, you can do it with the Walmart app on your mobile device. You may also use the Walmart app to order groceries for pick-up or delivery and household items and necessities. The app will then be used to pay for your virtual purchases.

Meanwhile, Walmart Pay is beneficial if you wish to pay for Walmart products in physical stores using a mobile wallet.

Why Should I Use Walmart Pay?

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Walmart Pay makes everyday purchasing more accessible and more convenient. You can also earn 5% back on in-store purchases for the first 12 months following approval if you link it to the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card and 2% after the deal expires.

The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card gives you even more chances to earn points. On purchases made on, you can get 5% back. You can also earn 2% when you travel, eat in restaurants, and fill up at Walmart and Murphy USA gas stations.

In addition, you can earn 1% wherever MasterCard is accepted. All of this comes with no annual cost.

Shopping is a breeze with Walmart Pay, easily featured within the Walmart App. To save time, earn rewards, and redeem them your way, pair it with the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card.

Can Walmart Associates Use Walmart Pay?

Walmart associates and workers can use Walmart Pay to continue receiving their discounts by linking their associate discount card to the mobile wallet.

Walmart colleagues can scan the unique associate discount QR code (available at, enter their Walmart identification number, and start shopping using the barcode scanner within the Walmart app.

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Is There A Designated Checkout Lane For Walmart Pay

No, there isn’t a specific checkout lane for Walmart Pay users. Instead, all customers must check out at self-service checkout kiosks or sales associate registers regardless of payment method.

Can You Use Walmart To Pay Online?

Since you must scan Walmart Pay’s mobile wallet QR code to complete your purchases, you cannot use it to shop online, even at Instead of using Walmart Pay, you can directly use the linked credit, debit, or gift card.

In addition, since Walmart Pay isn’t compatible with gas station purchases, you won’t be able to use it to buy gas. You also can’t use Walmart Pay to pay for Sam’s Club memberships or EBT/SNAP/WIC items.


If you shop at Walmart frequently and like to make touchless payments, Walmart Pay is a no-brainer. You can keep any credit card, debit card, or Walmart gift card information in this section of the Walmart app for free.

This means you won’t have to carry your wallet around when you go shopping, and you’ll always have a digital record of your Walmart transactions.

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