How Much Does Trader Joe’s Pay Cashiers?

If you are an avid shopper at Trader Joe’s, the salary of the people greeting you at those registers might interest you. More importantly, if you are looking for a job at Trader joe’s we will show you just how much this store pays their cashiers at an hourly and annual rate. 

How Much Do the Cashiers at Trader Joe’s Make in 2023? 

Trader Joe’s pays its cashiers an average of $14.35 per hour, at least 27% above the US national average. In a year, Trader Joe’s employees make approximately $52,473 as a crew member, while Captains make around $141,500 per year. 

For an 8-hour shift, cashiers can make around $114.8, discounting any additional incentives and employee benefits. Trader Joe’s pays its employees every other week

Does Trader Joe’s Pay Above Minimum Wage? 

One of the biggest employment factors at Trader Joe’s is its focus on employee satisfaction. The average pay of an entry-level cashier is still significantly higher than the minimum wage in the United States. Business Insider reported that entry-level cashiers make at least $11 an hour. 

Other Employment Benefits Cashiers Enjoy at Trader Joe’s 

Aside from acceptable wages for entry-level and management employees, Trader Joe’s offers good employment benefits to add to its employees’ salaries. Aside from the regular hourly rate for the employees, here are some benefits cashiers experience at Trader Joe’s. 

  • Incentivizing exceptional performance. Trader Joe’s conducts performance reviews twice a year and rewards performing employees with a 7% annual increase. 
  • Retirement Plan. Trader Joe’s offers its full-time employees a 401 (k) retirement plan that they can contribute to. 
  • Employee Discount. All employees receive a 20% employee discount on all products in the store. 
  • Health Plan. Trader Joe’s covers most of the cost through contributions as low as $25 per month. 
  • Paid Time Off. Trader Joe’s offers their employees paid time off that increases with tenure in the company. 
  • Scholarship. Trader Joe’s allocated a $1,000,000 annual scholarship fun, enough for 637 scholarships. 

Combining these monetary incentives with other non-monetary ones would significantly increase the cash employees bring home every month. Thus, although employees receive a fixed rate, employees can do different things to increase their salary. You can visit the Trader Joe’s website to find a detailed description of all employee benefits for more information. 

Do Part-Time Cashiers Receive Other Benefits? 

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Trader Joe’s also offers almost the same employee benefits to part-time employees. Part-time workers can also receive medical, dental, and vision coverage by contributing a certain amount from their take-home salary. 

These employees are also eligible for life and health insurance on top of other employee benefits. 

How Cashiers Make More Money at Trader Joe’s 

Because of the numerous employee benefits Trader Joe’s offers its crew, employees take advantage of these benefits by maximizing their performance. The employee’s performance would significantly increase the cash they would receive at the end of the day. 

Employees can also contribute to their retirement plan by contributing a certain percentage of their salary to earn interest in the long run. Combining these benefits with Trader Joe’s health plan would prevent them from spending absurd amounts of money in case of unforeseen circumstances. 

Does Trader Joe’s Pay for On-The-Job Training? 

Trader Joe’s does not include on-the-job trainees in their workforce. Trader Joe’s says that they only hire employees that match the culture in the company. By doing so, the company saves on training employees during their employment. 

However, one of the benefits of working at Trader Joe’s is the additional training, seminars, and workshops offered to all employees. Although there are no paid training days in the company, the company offers growth and progress in respective careers. 

Does Trader Joe’s Pay Cashiers on Holiday Vacations? 

Trader Joe’s does not give its employees holiday pay. The hourly rate would remain the same throughout the year. 

The company does not also approve any overtime, especially on weekends. Trader Joe’s only approves work time of not more than 38 hours per week. Nevertheless, Trader Joe’s does not force their employees to work beyond the required hours per week. 

How Much is a Raise at Trader Joe’s? 

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A raise usually happens as the employee climbs the corporate ladder within Trader Joe’s. In other words, employees would receive an increased salary as they reach managerial positions at Trader Joe’s. 

Aside from climbing the corporate ladder, Trader Joe’s also increases its employees’ salaries between 65 cents and 75 cents every two years. This increase might not look appealing since the raise does not account for inflation prices increasing every year. 

How Often Do Trader Joe’s Employees Receive a Raise? 

Trader Joe’s grants its employees a raise every six months if the employees meet their weekly and monthly objectives. These objectives are relatively straightforward and achievable, making it more likely for cashiers to receive a raise by the end of the six months. Furthermore, at the time of employment, employees negotiate their salaries if they feel Trader Joe’s should value their skills higher than their original offer. 


Trader Joe’s pays its cashiers at least $14.35 per hour, significantly higher than the average minimum wage for the same job. Accompanied with numerous employee benefits, cashiers can take home more cash than the usual hourly wages.

Trader Joe’s provides the most promising salary and employment benefits for their crew members compared to other retail stores and competitors.  

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