How To Check Ralphs Gift Card Balance? (Find Out With These Easy Steps)

A Ralphs free or paid gift card can save you money when shopping for groceries, toiletries, or other household essentials. If you’ve already used it but are unsure how much money you have left, this guide can help you figure it out.

Learn how to check Ralphs Gift Card balance with a few easy steps and reclaim the remaining credit when you need them.

How To Check Ralphs Gift Card Balance in 2023?

There are four ways to check Ralphs Gift Card balance:

  • Online
  • Via phone
  • In-store
  • Via the sales receipt

To Check the Ralphs Gift Card Amount Online

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The steps to check the available gift card balance online are as follows:

  1. On Ralphs’ website, go to the Check Gift Card Balance page.
  2. Enter your gift card number as well as the PIN code.
  3. To check your balance, click the blue Check Balance Now button.

To Check the Ralphs Gift Card Amount via Phone

Call Ralphs customer service department at (866) 822-6525 to enquire about your gift card balance over the phone. After you’ve explained your concern and given the operator the appropriate information, they’ll use the company’s database software to look up the information you need.

To Check the Ralphs Gift Card Amount in Person

If your area has a Ralphs retail outlet, you can ask a shop employee to check your gift card balance on the spot. They can scan it with a price checker or enter the information from your gift card into their system to see your current balance.

You may find the nearest local Ralphs store by entering your ZIP code into the official website’s store locator.

To Check the Ralphs Gift Card Amount by Checking the Receipt

Did you use your Ralphs Gift Card during your previous purchase at Ralphs? You can check your receipt for your gift card balance if that’s the case. The remaining balance should be printed at the bottom.

Can You Check Your Ralphs Gift Card Balance With DoNotPay?

DoNotPay is a great way to find out how much your gift card is without typing in your card number or calling Ralphs customer service. To do that, you need to:

  • Visit DoNotPay
  • Open the Check Gift Card Balance product
  • Upload the photos of your gift card from both sides
  • Disclose your email address

DoNotPay will scan your gift card information and call the company and ask about the available funds for you. The update will be sent to your email address right away.

Where Can You Use Your Ralphs Gift Card?

Ralphs Gift Cards can pay for groceries and gas at Ralphs and the Kroger Family of Companies. This umbrella includes the following stores:

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  • Kroger
  • Barclay Jewelers
  • Baker’s
  • City Market
  • Copps
  • Dillons
  • Food 4 Less
  • Foods Co.
  • Fred Meyer
  • Fred Meyer Jewelers
  • Fry’s Food and Drugs
  • Gerbes
  • JayC
  • King Soopers
  • Littman Jewelers
  • Mariano’s
  • Metro Market
  • Owen’s
  • Pay Less Supermarkets
  • Pick ‘n Save
  • QFC
  • Smith’s Food and Drugs

Acceptance of the terms and conditions of this gift card is implied by using Ralphs Gift Card.

How Do Ralphs Gift Cards Work?

Kroger is the firm that issues both physical and digital Ralphs gift cards, and they must be used according to their terms and restrictions. Here are some essential details to keep in mind:

  • You can choose a gift card with a custom denomination ranging from $10.00 to $250 or pre-load it with one of the following amounts:
    • $25
    • $50
    • $75
    • $100
  • This method of payment cannot be used to purchase:
    • Other gift cards
    • Lottery tickets
    • Money orders
  • Because the company cannot replace a lost, stolen, or damaged gift card, the remaining balance on your card will be forfeited
  • There is no expiration date on these cards
  • Ralphs does charge you any additional costs for inactivity or card maintenance
  • Unless the local gift card law allows it, you can’t return or exchange the card for cash. Only 11 states in the United States and Puerto Rico have this option

Can You Use Ralphs Gift Card For Prescriptions?

The Gift Card Mall enables you to use your gift card to pay for everything except services in a Kroger store, including fuel, prescriptions, and third-party gift cards. Ralph Gift Cards and money cards cannot be purchased with gift cards at Gift Cards Mall.

What Should I Do With Lost or Stolen Ralphs Gift Card?

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Gift cards are similar to cash. They’re gone if you lose them. If you have a receipt or a card number, you may be able to acquire a replacement in certain limited conditions. However, there is no certainty.

Ralphs consistently advises customers to keep their Ralphs Gift Cards safe and treat them like cash. The value of the Ralphs Gift Card will not be replaced if it is lost, stolen, damaged, or destroyed. The funds do not run out. There are no charges except as required by law.

Moreover, Ralphs Gift Card cannot be exchanged for cash.

What Can You Do With Your Ralphs Gift Card Without PIN?

You cannot use a gift card without a PIN online, but you can use it at a store. You won’t be able to check the balance of your gift card without a PIN, but you will be able to exchange it for a new card with a PIN at any Ralphs location.


When you need to make a purchase or want to send a gift to someone else, gift cards can be a quick and helpful alternative to cash. Digital gift cards can be used online or over the phone, while physical gift cards can be used in stores or online.

Because the value of these gift cards cannot be changed to cash, it is critical to know how much money is left on them. Hopefully, this post has shown you how to go about doing it.

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