How To Quit Walmart (Read This When You’re Ready To Leave)

A former Walmart employee has gone viral for resigning his job over the loudspeaker. According to his declaration, he accuses the supervisors of insulting disabled staff and hiding in the back room during busy hours.

Working in a retail store is not for everyone, and some people may be unable to cope with the everyday stress of dealing with nasty clients and unruly colleagues. It’s preferable to give up and be at peace with yourself.


Walmart employee doesn’t hold back while quitting on the stores loudspeaker

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Warning: The clip contains profanity and sensitive topics.

But, should you follow Beth’s act? It is highly advisable not. Rather than doing it over the intercom, calling, or sending an email, a person must inform their resignation in person. Here’s everything you need to know about how to quit Walmart.

How To Quit Walmart In 2023

There is a suitable approach to quitting any employment, and it is vital to follow the protocol. To quit your job at Walmart, set up a meeting with your manager and tell them you’re leaving. This will make sure the transition goes smoothly.

Make sure you let the company know two weeks ahead to avoid problems and keep a good track record with the company.

Be Sure About Quitting

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Make sure you’ve made up your mind before going ahead and telling your boss. It doesn’t matter if you’ve been working for a month or more than five years. Be adamant about your choice. For example, if you’ve only recently started working and want to quit, here is your time.

You could be in the midst of a 90-day probationary period. That is the time when you will be able to determine whether or not you enjoy it. Also, departing before probation would send the employer the wrong message.

Once the trial time is over and you have decided that this employment is not for you, you are free to provide notice and leave the position.

Make An Appointment To Speak With The Person In Charge

Every company has a chain of command, with different persons in charge of various departments. There is a manager who recruited you for the position and to whom you must give your notice.

Usually, it’s your direct manager’s job to discover that you’re leaving Walmart. However, managers aren’t always available to meet these days, so asking a store manager assistant or even the HR staff for help when giving your notice of resignation is often necessary.

Before you tell your boss you’re leaving, tell them you appreciate their decision to hire you and the experience you’ve gained in the job. Thank them for letting you show what you can do.

It is important to show that level of gratitude; it will come across more than ever now. If you can, try to talk to the people you worked with one last time before you hand in your notice.

Always Give Two Weeks’ Notice

It is necessary to give a notice for any job. The positions at Walmart require the same notice period – a person must provide two weeks’ notice before resigning. Giving notice demonstrates your professionalism and commitment to the firm.

This would also give them more time to fill your position, reducing their stress. Giving them notice demonstrates professionalism and keeps them from negatively referencing your next potential job.

Put In Writing

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When information is delivered in written form, it is considered professional. Instead of resigning orally, submit a resignation letter to demonstrate your professionalism and provide confirmation of your leaving.

It is always simple to write something in writing that you are unable to express verbally. Again, including a two-week notice with your resignation letter is a must.

Always Inform In Person

Although technology plays an essential role in our daily lives, it is preferable to inform people in person when quitting a job. It is preferable to go to the store and speak with someone face to face rather than sending an email or making a phone call.

This action will make things more transparent, and the employer will be able to comprehend your reasoning better.

How Can I Quit Walmart Through Online Communications?

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Many people are afraid of meeting with and telling their bosses directly that they are leaving their job. They are trying to do it roundabout by sending in an online resignation letter. So, how to quit Walmart online, you ask? Read on.

You could also consider sending a formal letter of resignation to your direct manager through email. Make sure you don’t make it too long. In just a few phrases, you should be able to state you are quitting and the exact day you want your employment to end.

It is faster and easier to let people know about things online. However, it is still best that you should tell your boss in person that you are leaving. Even though you already sent an email, your boss may still need to ask you directly about your decision.

Is It Really Necessary To Quit Walmart With A Notice?

Yes, definitely! When you quit your job at Walmart, it is a good idea to give the company two weeks’ notice. This two-week time frame gives your manager more time to change schedules and find a replacement for you while ensuring the work is still done.

If you haven’t been working there for a long time, you might not need to tell them until after two weeks. Your managers can contact the people who applied before you to fill the spot you’ve left. If you leave in a good way, you will be less likely to get bad references when applying for other jobs.

Even if everything has been going well and you have a good reputation, it might still be a good idea to write a letter of resignation with two weeks’ notice so you can leave on good terms.

What Is Walmart’s Policy On Termination?

Walmart hires people on an “at-will” basis, which means either Walmart or the employee can end the job at any time and for any or no reason, as long as it doesn’t break the law.

What Happens To Your PTO When You Leave Walmart?

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When you leave Walmart, you’ll need to finish up all the loose ends from your stay there. One of the tasks you’ll have to complete is sorting through your unused paid time off (PTO).

If you’ve worked as an hourly associate at Walmart for more than a year, you’ll be eligible for a five-day reimbursement of your accrued but unused PTO.

Hourly employees who have worked at Walmart for less than a year will not be paid accrued and unused PTO, except in some regions where the law demands it.

How To Get Your Walmart W2 Form?

W2 forms must be available by January 31st of the following year after leaving the company. Walmart normally sends them out on February 1st.

You may call the Walmart store where you previously worked and confirm that they have your correct address on file to ensure that you receive your W2 form.

Contact them if you haven’t gotten your W2 form within a few weeks of February 1st. Some companies keep copies on hand for employees to pick up at the customer service counter.

If Walmart doesn’t have your correct address and your W2 has already been mailed, use the steps below to locate your W2 form online:

  • Go to to get started.
  • 10108 is the Walmart employee code.
  • To validate your identity, follow the instructions.
  • After that, you’ll be able to see your W2.

If you need to see your W2 forms from previous years, you will have to pay extra.

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How To Get Your Last Pay Stub?

In most cases, Walmart will send your final pay stub via postal mail. If they don’t, the customer care counter in the store should be able to provide you with a copy of it.

If your pay stub is unavailable at the customer service desk, you can call the store and ask to speak with the human resources department. They will be able to make the necessary arrangements for your pay stub to be sent to you.

Will My Walmart Discount Card Work If I Quit?

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You don’t have to get a new card or do anything. When you reach your length of service milestone, Walmart’s system will know, and your current discount card will automatically become a Long-Term Service Discount Card.

Even after you leave Walmart, the card will continue to work.

Can You Get Re-Hired After Quitting?

Yes, a worker can be hired back after quitting or being fired. There is a policy that the person needs to follow if they want to get hired back. The hiring policy says that a person must wait three months before being hired.

If you are fired for something else, like not showing up to work, you will have to wait six months before you can try again. Also, it might take you a year to get your job back for other reasons.


It is possible to quit Walmart, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with leaving your job at the store. If you want to quit your day job at Walmart, there are steps you need to take. First, give notice and put your resignation in writing.

There are my reasons why people quit their jobs – rude customers, walking around all day, stressful co-workers. Quitting isn’t always a bad thing. It is better to run away from things that stress you. But, always remember to do it accordingly.

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