Is Sam’s Club Cheaper Than Walmart? (Detailed Price Guide)

Sam’s Club and Walmart have a long-standing rivalry, but who offers the best deals? The wholesale reductions at Sam’s Club are well-known. Customers who intend to buy with them only need to obtain a membership card, after which they will have access to tens of thousands of products, all of which are less expensive.

Conversely, Walmart is just as appealing; it’s well known for attracting customers and luring them into buying more than they need. To be fair, if you’re looking to spend some money, shopping at Walmart might be enjoyable.

Putting aside all the impulsive purchases, the most important question has to be answered – Is Sam’s Club cheaper than Walmart? Let’s find out in this article.

Is Sam’s Club Cheaper Than Walmart in 2023?

The quick answer is – it is complicated in many different ways. Sam’s Club sells products at a lower per-unit price than a normal hypermarket or supermarket store like Walmart. However, this depends on what you’re buying and how much you’ll need to buy.

Whether Sam’s Club or Walmart provides you more bang for your buck depends on a few criteria. It is also difficult to compare the pricing of items on a dollar-for-dollar basis because prices and the market are constantly changing.

Are The Prices At Sam’s Club and Walmart The Same?

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Sam’s Club is a wholesaler, and hearing that might make you think of the popular savings strategy of buying in bulk and saving money. However, in order to use Sam’s Club’s savings possibilities, you must pay an annual fee for a membership card.

There are several different sorts of memberships available. The most prevalent one requires a $100 annual payment. The cost may appear excessive at first, but the benefits are well worth it.

Walmart is as straightforward as it gets. It’s just like any other grocery store. The food is on display, and the store has a large selection of items. You can purchase anything from toys to groceries. They do not, however, play with lowered prices.

Customers may see what they’re selling, and regular customers can see their prices as a whole. They have a credit card with benefits, but it has its own set of rules for use and advantage.

As a result, the answer to the question of Sam’s Club vs. Walmart price isn’t as simple as it appears.

Is it worth it for both of them? A pricing comparison was conducted between the two, comparing the same items to see if they were saving money or if Sam’s Club was, in fact, a better option.

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: Groceries Price Comparison

Both Sam’s Club and Walmart have grocery departments, albeit Walmart’s food quality might be questionable at times. Because Sam’s Club appears to outperform Walmart in terms of quality, you may anticipate it to be a little more expensive – so these findings may come as a surprise.

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Product Sam’s Club Walmart Savings
1 Gallon Vitamin D Whole Milk (Swiss Dairy vs. Great Value) $3.18 $2.73 $0.45 (14.15%)
5 Dozen Eggs (Hickman’s Family Farms vs. Great Value) $7.76 $7.50 $0.26 (3.35%)
1 Gal Tropicana Orange Juice $6.28 $6.98 $0.70 (10.03%)
1 lb Broccoli $2.48 $1.48 $1.00 (40.32%)
10 lb Frozen Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast (Member’s Mark vs. Freshness Guaranteed) $16.98 $17.80 $0.82 (4.61%)

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: Health and Beauty Price Comparison

The next item on the list is health and beauty. Hygiene goods are necessary for any home, and these are what you should be getting:

Product Sam’s Club Walmart Savings
13 oz Sensodyne Pronamel Gentle Whitening Advanced Toothpaste $11.99 $33.28 $21.29 (63.97%)
4.2 oz Secret Invisible Solid Deodorant in Powder Fresh Scent $3.79 $4.79 $1.00 (20.88%)
22 4 oz Bars of Dial Soap $8.98 $10.95 $1.97 (17.99%)
72 oz Dove Nourishing Body Wash for Sensitive Skin $14.46 $35.64 $21.18 (59.43%)
96 ct Tampax Pearl Regular Tampons $12.98 $17.76 $4.78 (26.91%)

Sam’s Club outdid itself in the health and beauty department. It outperformed Walmart on every product. Sam’s Club offers pricing that are more than 40% lower than Walmart’s.

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: OTC Pharmacy Price Comparison

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Both Walmart and Sam’s Club have large pharmacy areas where you can buy over-the-counter drugs. Furthermore, as we all know, brand-name pharmaceuticals are costly. So, which is the more cost-effective option?

Product Sam’s Club Walmart Savings
65 count of Zyrtec Liquid Gels Allergy Medication $32.98 $43.78 $10.8 (24.67%)
108 count of TUMS Chewy Bites Antacid Tablets for Heartburn Relief, Assorted Berries Flavor $10.98 $13.40 $2.42 (18.06%)
100 count of Tylenol Extra Strength 500mg Caplets $11.98 $9.47 $2.51 (20.95%)
100 count of Benadryl Allergy Ultratabs Tablets $10.05 $11.94 $1.89 (15.83%)
100 count of Advil Pain Reliever and Fever Reducer, Individually Sealed, 200mg Coated Tablets of Ibuprofen $9.98 $12.56 $2.58 (20.54%)

On fundamental pharmaceuticals that most of us keep in our medical cabinets, the chart demonstrates that buying at Sam’s Club instead of Walmart saves you roughly $15. Sam’s Club helped us save over $10 on allergy medicine in particular.

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: Home Essentials Price Comparison

Then there are the necessities for the home. Most of these goods will only need to be purchased a few times a year if you’re careful with your usage. The best part is that they aren’t going to expire.

Product Sam’s Club Walmart Savings
36 Mega Rolls of Angel Soft Toilet Paper $29.88 $27.96 $1.92 (6.43%)
10 boxes of Puffs Plus Lotion Facial Tissues (132 tissues each) $15.48 $15.75 $0.27 (1.71%)
320 Bounce Dryer Sheets $9.98 $11.94 $1.96 (16.42%)
92 count of Cascade Platinum ActionPacs Dishwasher Detergent $19.98 $25.18 $5.20 (20.65%)

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: Pet Care Price Comparison

Pets are one of the most expensive aspects of owning a home (together with children). And, let’s face it, we already treat our pets like children. However, this does not imply that we must spend more to obtain more. Here’s how you can save money on pet supplies at home.

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Product Sam’s Club Walmart Savings
40 lb Purina Tidy Cats Clumping Litter $13.98 $16.73 $2.75 (16.44%)
40 3.5 oz trays of Cesar Canine Cuisine Wet Dog Food $30.98 $34.90 $3.92 (11.23%)
3 pack of Lumabone Durable Bacon Flavored Chew Toys $14.98 $29.91 $14.93 (49.92%)
57 lb Purina Chicken Complete Adult Dry Dog Food $20.98 $26.18 $5.20 (19.86%)
4-Level Cat Tower with Scratching Post $76.98 $72.00 $4.98 (6.47%)

Keep in mind that Walmart prefers to sell things at a lower cost, and these items are often made at a lower price as well. So, for things that don’t require excellent quality, such as cat toys and pet accessories, it might be best to shop there.

Sam’s Club vs. Walmart: Baby Items Price Comparison

When a baby becomes part of the budget, discovering ways to economize on diapers and formula can be really beneficial. So, when it comes to the kids, here’s where you should buy what.

Product Sam’s Club Walmart Savings
222 count of Size 5 Luvs Pro Level Leak Protection Diapers $39.98 $47.91 $7.93 (16.55%)
6-Pack Cotton Infant Bodysuit (Member’s Mark vs. Gerber Baby) $11.98 $11.91 $0.07 (0.58%)
24 ct 8 oz PediaSure Vanilla Shake  $36.98 $41.97 $4.99 (11.89%)
40 oz. Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease Infant Formula $42.98 $52.53 $9.55 (18.18%)
Convertible Car Seat (Safety 1st vs. Cosco) $99.98 $49.98 $50.00 (50.01%)

What Are The Advantages of Shopping With A Sam’s Club Membership?

  • There are more and better bulk solutions available (including individually packaged snacks)
  • Foods of higher grade (like gourmet cheeses and wines)
  • Non-grocery items have more alternatives (like electronics, homewares, and furniture)
  • Gas is inexpensive.
  • With a Sam’s Club Mastercard, you can earn 5% cashback.
  • Discounts at the pharmacy (for Plus members only)
  • Exams for the eyes at a reasonable price (and discounts on glasses for Plus members)
  • Automobile services (like free tire repair, wiper blade installation, and battery tests)
  • Prices are slightly lower than at Walmart

What Are The Advantages of Shopping at Walmart?

  • There are no membership costs.
  • Extra savings can be achieved by using coupons from the retailer, a competitor, or a manufacturer.
  • More possibilities for purchasing in smaller quantities (saving money isn’t possible if your food degrades before you can consume it)
  • In general, more brand alternatives
  • Prices are comparable to Sam’s Club

What If Savings Didn’t Matter?

If we’re not considering saving money and you just want to go grocery shopping for pleasure and don’t mind spending money, you might as well, go to Walmart. You don’t need a card to enter and shop, and you can have a good time while doing your grocery shopping.


Both Sam’s Club and Walmart are excellent choices for the average shopper. They’re convenient to find and have nearly all of the brands that the ordinary supermarket buyer requires. They also have their own set of benefits that distinguish them from the rest of the supermarket crowd.

As a result, when it comes to pricing, Sam’s Club is superior for bulk purchases; nevertheless, Walmart is a better alternative for unit purchases.

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