Is Trader Joe’s Meat Halal? (Here’s What We Unraveled)

Trader Joe’s has established itself as a unique alternative to traditional grocery stores for decades. Customers can choose from food, beverages, plants, flowers, and much more at this Pasadena-founded store, which features unusual; brands and product options.

There has been some controversy about whether Trader Joe’s sells high-quality meat. Hopefully, this article will set the record straight.

Is Trader Joe’s Meat Halal 2023?

Trader Joe’s sells a variety of meats, including Halal and Kosher options.

In English, the word “halal” means “permissible.” Before an animal can be certified halal, it must be alive and healthy before being slaughtered, and all of its blood must be drained from its body.

Traditional halal meat is slaughtered by hand and requires the slaughterman’s blessing. The proper technique of slaughtering an animal is strictly regulated in Islam.

Is Trader Joe’s Kosher?

For many Kosher shoppers, Trader Joe’s is a well-kept secret. This grocery store is being quietly praised for going above and beyond with its extensive kosher product line, kosher-certified private label products, and meeting the needs of even a tiny number of kosher customers.

How Can You Tell If Meat Is Halal?

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Currently, halal meat can come from pre-stunned or non-stunned slaughter, which is difficult to tell. That is why activists are pushing to establish more apparent labeling requirements.

In addition, the industry organization is presently consulting on implementing an assurance program to provide a level of transparency that has been argued is currently lacking.

What Companies Uses Halal Meat?

In 2020, the worldwide halal food business was worth $1.9 trillion. According to IMARC Group’s research, the top companies are increasingly focusing on diversifying their product range by producing various value-added food items such as hot dogs, soups, candies, burgers, sandwiches, cookies, and pizzas.

The halal food industry also grew its distribution network, with products available at supermarkets like Trader Joe’s, Costco, Walmart, and others.

Dominos, GBK, Nando’s, KFC, Ask, and Slug & Lettuce are just a few of the many establishments that use halal meat in some of their meals and specific locations.

How Is Halal Meat Prepared?

Before each slaughter, God’s name must be invoked in a one-line blessing known as the Tasmiyah. The most popular variation, “Bismillahi-Allahu Akbar,” is used by British Halal Food Authority slaughtermen (in the name of Allah, the greatest.)

Orthodox Jews also recite similar blessings daily, including a prayer said before kosher slaughter.

Zabiha is the Islamic way of slaughtering an animal for meat. After pronouncing the blessing, the slaughterman cuts the animal’s throat, windpipe, and blood arteries around its neck with a surgically sharp instrument. After then, the blood is allowed to drain from the body.

Only one animal can be ritually slain at a time, and the other animals must not be present when the animal is killed.

The religious rule specifies how the animal must be handled during its life – with the animal being prohibited from being abused. It must also be given adequate room to roam and clean water, food, and fresh air.

In the UK, some animals killed for halal meat are stunned electrically before having their throats sliced – a process known as “pre-stunned slaughter.” Low-voltage electrified water baths for poultry, and electric tong stunning for sheep and goats have been approved by the British Halal Food Authority.

However, techniques of stunning that can really kill the animal, such as bolt guns, are prohibited. Carrion flesh is considered haram since it is not slain by ceremonial slaughter.

How Does Halal Differ From Kosher Practice?

Unlike halal, the Jewish Schechita style of slaughter does not allow for any pre-slaughter stunning.

The use of chalaf, a medically sharp device twice the diameter of the animal’s neck, by practitioners who have trained for at least seven years, “meets the European Union’s standard for stunning in that it brings insensitivity to pain and discomfort,” according to its proponents.

What Are Trader Joe’s Meat Selections?

Some people believe that meat cannot be purchased at Trader Joe’s, but this is far from reality. Trader Joe’s has a wide variety of meat to pick from – including gluten-free, organic, antibiotic-free, vegan, kosher, halal, and grass-fed selections.

You can also choose from various meats, including pig, chicken, turkey, beef, shellfish, and meatless meats.

White and Lean Meats (Chicken and Turkey)

Empire Kosher Ground White Turkey

At Trader Joe’s, there is a lot of diversity in the many meat categories. Lean meat sausages, pre-marinated, pre-seasoned, raw skinless, boneless, and roasted deli meat are just a few examples.

While there aren’t many possibilities for these types of meat, there is a good amount of variation. Some of these include:

  • Smoked andouille chicken sausage
  • Organic oven-roasted turkey breast sliced deli meat
  • Spatchcocked lemon rosemary chicken

Red Meats and Pork (Beef, Pork, and Lamb)

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There is also a good assortment of red meats and pork at Trader Joe’s. There are even some lamb choices available.

Some of these items are cured meats, such as salami, while others are organic ground beef. On the official Trader Joe’s website, we found the following meat products:

  • Spicy uncured charcuterie meats
  • USDA flank steaks
  • Uncured beef hot dogs
  • Carne asada meat
  • Uncured and sugar-free dry-rubbed bacon

Seafood and Other Fish Items

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While seafood isn’t always considered meat by everyone (pescatarians are vegetarians who eat just fish), it deserves to be included in this list.

Trader Joe’s sells seafood as well, but it’s not an extensive range. In fact, you might have a hard time finding fresh slices at a Trader Joe’s near you.

Your seafood options will most likely be limited to many frozen options at a time. On their official website, there are three alternatives to choose from:

  • Wild Raw Argentinian Red Shrimp
  • Peruvian Bay Scallops
  • Branzino Fillets European Sea Bass

Plant-Based Options (Meatless Meat)

Since veganism and vegetarianism are rising, many individuals want to know their plant-based protein options. Also, keep in mind that Trader Joe’s has a minimal assortment in this category.

Plant-based protein patties (meatless burger patties), soy chorizo, and turkey-free protein patties are also available (meatless turkey burger patties).


Some consumers may be surprised to learn that Trader Joe’s sells meat and fish. Furthermore, some people may be uninformed of what this department offers, how much it costs, and how large the variety is.

To summarize, Trader Joe’s has a good meat section, including red and lean meat, pork, seafood, and vegan proteins. There is a little bit of everything in these lines, even though there isn’t a vast diversity of individual products.

Compared to other stores, the alternatives cater to various dietary constraints, including halal and kosher, and the costs are also relatively reasonable.

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