Ralphs Fresh Fare vs. Ralphs (Key Differences You Must Know)

Ralphs Grocery Co. debuted Ralphs Fresh Fare as an upscale, perishables-focused shop in 1998. It was an attempt to maximize the possibilities of smaller stores in upmarket districts and take advantage of smaller real-estate opportunities that larger Ralphs units would not be able to accommodate.

But, what exactly is Ralphs Fresh Fare, and how is it different from Ralphs? Ralphs Fresh Fare vs. Ralphs will be compared in this post to help you understand the key differences.

Ralphs Fresh Fare vs. Ralphs – What You Need to Know in 2023?

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Ralphs Fresh Fare has a more extensive selection of organic vegetables than Ralphs. Its deli department sells goods that aren’t available at other Ralphs locations, such as chicken Florentine and beef Wellington and desserts like white chocolate truffles.

Plus, Ralphs Fresh Fare has a steward staffed by the wine section to field questions.

Ralphs Fresh Fare is distinguished from Ralphs by adding gourmet items and home-meal replacement varieties in all perishables categories and nutrition centers and a more extensive selection of specialty non-food items.

In addition, about 25% of the stores’ 45,000 stock-keeping units are unique to the format.

Ralphs Fresh Fare has several distinguishing features, including:

  • In the service deli are Madrage hams from France, Columbus Renaissance processed meats from San Francisco, and 80 SKUs of cheese
  • In the hot deli section, a changing selection of new-to-Ralphs HMR delicacies
  • In the service bakery, there are new varieties of cookies, dough items, muffins, and Danish
  • Over 400 produce SKUs and floral department with single-stem flowers and the chain’s standard assortment, as well as home floral delivery
  • A service fish counter with a 25% increase in variety, including Scottish salmon
  • Ralphs’ Chef to Go HMR product line, as well as a service meat counter and a self-service meat section containing solely Choice Beef
  • In the liquor, alcove are over 200 SKUs of wine, as well as enhanced selections of spirits and micro-handcrafted beers

What Do Consumers Think About Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs?

One user commented in one of the forums about Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs, “Fresh Fare exists because if you remember, it was supposed to be a response to Whole Foods.”

Customers always found it intriguing that Ralphs Fresh Fare was always found in smaller locations. However, it appeared that they had a better deli, vegetables, meat, and, to a lesser extent, bakery products.

The hot carved beef and pork were always available in the Deli, as was Boar’s Head, which was less prevalent at Ralphs. Produce always had fresh-cut fruit in the store, which was less prevalent in Ralphs.

The meat looked to have a broader range of higher-cost cuts, which could be due to the neighborhoods rather than the format.

Is There A Difference in Price Between Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs?

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Even if the striking new look of Ralphs Fresh Fare would lead you to believe otherwise, there isn’t much of a pricing change. Ralphs Fresh Fare is a smaller, more intimate version of a megastore that caters to shoppers looking for freshness, variety, and quick meal solutions at moderate costs.

The store is a little smaller than a typical Ralphs, but that’s because the focus is different. For instance, it contains fewer greeting cards but is more organic.

The integration of organic and natural foods is one of the features you’ll appreciate the most. Because, they are right next to the non-organic, you will have an easier time finding them.

Not only that, but it also allows individuals who are new to organic goods to compare pricing simply. They might actually try some organic if they don’t go to the specialized department otherwise.

Where Are Ralphs Fresh Fare Located?

Currently, there are seven Ralphs Fresh Fare in California. They are in the cities of:

  • Irvine
    • Woodbury Town Center – 6200-6460 Irvine Blvd, Irvine, CA 92620
  • Manhattan Beach
    • Manhattan Village – 3200 Sepulveda Ave., Manhattan Beach, CA 90266
  • Marina del Ray
    • Waterside – 4700 Admiralty Way, Marina del Ray, CA 90292
  • New Port Beach
    • Westcliff Plaza Shopping Center – 1000-1150 Irvine Ave., Newport Beach, CA 92660
    • Eastbluff Village Center – 2400-2555 Eastbluff Dr., Newport Beach, CA 92660
  • Riverside
    • Canyon Crest Towne – 5225 Canyon Crest Dr., Riverside, CA 92507
  • San Diego
    • Del Mar Highlands – 12925 El Camino Real, San Diego, CA 92130

Do Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs Deliver?

Yes, Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs online ordering options include delivery. You can get the things you need online and deliver them to your house the same day. Are you making preparations in advance? You can also schedule an appointment for the following day or later.

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Here’s how to do it – place your order online, and Ralphs Fresh Fare or Ralphs will take care of it. When you are ready to check out, go to your cart first. This is where you will type in your address and select a delivery date.

After that, you will be able to enter your payment details. At this time, Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs can only accept credit or debit cards; cash, checks, gift cards, and government benefits, such as WIC and SNAP, are not accepted.

 You will see an anticipated total at checkout, but you won’t be charged until your product is delivered. Coupons, replacements, taxes (where applicable), and weighted products may affect the final pricing. Your groceries will then be delivered to your door by a delivery driver.

There is a service cost, which varies depending on your region. This delivery cost can range from $9.95 to $11.95. It is added to your order when you place it.

Who Owns Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs?

Ralphs Fresh Fare and Ralphs Grocery Co. are both under the Kroger Umbrella of Companies. Ralphs Fresh Fare is simply a different format for Ralphs. With its Food 4 Less locations, Ralphs caters to the budget-conscious consumer, while the standard Ralphs concept caters to the medium market.

Fresh Fare is for consumers who are into the line of healthy offerings supposedly free from 101 artificial ingredients.


Ralphs Fresh Fare market idea is aimed against Whole Foods. It is essential a Ralphs that has been built to resemble a Whole Foods Market, with more food prepared in-store and more organic options.

Ralphs Fresh Fare is part of Ralphs commitment to providing the best possible service to its customers. Ralphs offers Fresh Fare, a service that brings the best of the world to their clients.

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