Trader Joe’s Employee Discounts (Discounts, Benefits)

Grocery store employees are constantly facing all sorts of grocery goods during their work shifts. And when you think about it, wouldn’t it be great if they enjoyed discounts on these?

Trader Joe’s, a common grocery destination for customers, offers their grocery items at affordable prices and gives a light and friendly customer service. Fortunately, this grocery chain is giving its employees a discount on their products!

Trader Joe’s Employee Discounts in 2023

Trader Joe’s employees are eligible for up to a 20% discount. However, they can only take advantage of 20% off in buying a minimum grocery worth of $20.00. Purchasing less than this minimum amount will still grant the employees a discount, although only 10%.

Who Are Eligible For Trader Joe’s Employee Discounts? 

As Trader Joe’s official website mentions, all employees are eligible for their item discounts. This includes all their crew members working full-time or part-time. 

When Would The Trade Joe’s Employee Be Eligible In Receiving The Discounts And Other Benefits?

Employees are eligible to receive the discount and other benefits offered by Trader Joe’s after they have worked for at least three months. Aside from this, the employees must also have a minimum of 30 hours working weekly.

What Grocery Items Can The Trader Joe’s Employees Buy With Their Discount?

Employees can use their employee discount on all products from Trader Joe’s. Fortunately, this grocery store offers a wide range of items. 

Trader Joe’s offers a wide range of food products, including baked goods, cheese, dairy, meat, seafood, dressings, and snacks. They also offer beverages such as juices, water, coffee, teas, and alcoholic drinks. 

You would even see some bouquets, plants, and succulents ready to be sold on their store aisles. And, the grocery chain also has some other miscellaneous merchandise like household essentials and some treats for your pets.

Do Trader Joe’s Employees Get Other Benefits?

Woman in White Coat Holding Green Shopping Cart

Surprisingly, this retail grocery chain is capable of giving its employees benefits. And this is more than just giving them grocery items’ discounts!

Trader Joe’s employees are paid well, have excellent benefits, and are frequently promoted.

What Other Benefits Do Trader Joe’s Employees Get?

Aside from the employee discounts from Trader Joe’s, this grocery store’s official website also enumerated the following offers that they give their employees:

Competitive Pay

Trader Joe’s believes that providing competitive pay keeps their crew’s performance top-notch. The employee benefits from an average of 7% annual pay increase.

Trader Joe’s payment scheme, whether weekly or biweekly, is explained in one of the articles here.

Retirement Plant

Other than all the benefits in terms of wage and discounts, Trader Joe’s also ensures to help invest for their employees.

For current crew members of the grocery chain, you can be given an option to a 401(k)-retirement plan.

Health Plan

The health of Trader Joe’s employees is another aspect that the management does not overlook. Medical, dental, and vision health insurance coverage is provided to the crew with a monthly contribution of $25.

You can even enjoy having your time off and not worrying about your income loss. The paid-time-off offered by Trader Joe’s to its employees increases with tenure.

Job Promotions

Employees also have an enormous potential to grow in this industry based on their performance at work.

You might be interested in applying as a Trader Joe’s crew with all these perks. You can read more on our article about how old you should be to start having your first day on the job at Trader Joe’s.

What Modes Of Payment Are Accepted For Purchasing With The Employee Discount At Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s has several modes of payments, as specified on their website. Currently, the shop accepts both cash and cashless transactions. 

Given all the forms of payments accepted by Trader Joe’s, employees can choose any cash or cashless transactions if they would take advantage of their employee discounts. 

Are There Other Discount Offers Made By Trader Joe’s On Their Grocery Items?

Unfortunately, Trader Joe’s does not have any other discounts or sales to offer, especially for non-employees. 

Trader Joe’s is known to offer some of the fairest deals while not sacrificing the quality and freshness of its products. Hence, they essentially provide the lowest deals every day. 

And not just discounts, Trader Joe’s also does not give coupons, membership cards, or other price-cutting promotions to offer to their non-employees. 

Can Trader Joe’s Employees Stack Up Their Employee Discounts with Other Store Discounts To Save More?

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Since Trader Joe’s does not offer other discounts or coupons on their store items, Trader Joe’s employees cannot stack their employee discounts with other buck-saving options.

However, there are still some money-saving Trader Joe’s tips that can be followed. 

For example, you can bring your own bag to get a chance to win a gift card, minimize buying the prepackaged food items to save more, or buy bananas, frozen foods, and cheese at Trader Joe’s because these are significantly cheaper than other grocery store chains. 

Can Employees Still Take Advantage Of The Trader Joe’s Return Policy After They Bought From The Store With Their Discount?

Trader Joe’s has a return policy for all their customers who shopped at their grocery chain store. With this policy, all items can be brought back to the shop for a full refund.

The good thing to note here is that you can return your items with or without a receipt. Moreover, you can even have your opened food items returned and other non-food products, as long as they did not meet your expectations. 

Given these, even employees who purchased from the store are under this return policy. And, similar to other customers, these are given to all items in the store.


Trader Joe’s gives their employees a maximum of 20% discount on all their store items as part of the employee perks. However, this amount can only be taken in if you buy a sum of $20.00 worth of purchase. On the other hand, a 10% discount can be given.

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