Trader Joe’s Teas (Their Best Teas)

Trader Joe’s provides a never-ending supply of unusual and delectable teas. Almost all of them come separately wrapped in bags, making them ideal for a cup of tea. Trader Joe’s Green Tea appears to be the most popular of Trader Joe’s teas, but they also have a few herbal ones that you might enjoy.

You could pick up whatever Trader Joe’s tea you want, but if you want expert guidance on which one is ideal for your needs, you’ve come to the right place. This in-depth write-up contains the best-rated selections ideal for various usage, needs, and budget ranges.

Trader Joe’s Teas in 2023

Trader Joe’s teas are generally low-quality tea in flat teabags, but they also sell loose-leaf tea and higher-quality tea in pyramid sachets on occasion. The majority of their teas are flavored, although they also sell single-origin pure teas.

Some of Trader Joe’s teas are organic, and the company has gradually transitioned to more organic selections, abandoning some of their earlier, non-organic-certified options. Many of Trader Joe’s teas are limited edition and are only available for a limited time before being phased out. Other brands of tea are occasionally available at their stores, although they primarily offer their own.      

What Teas Are Available at Trader Joe’s?

Trader Joe’s offers more than 30 different teas, depending on the season. We’ve compiled a list of the best Trader Joe’s teas you should try on your next trip to the shop.

Organic Blood Orange Rooibos Herbal Tea Blend


Rooibos (pronounced ROY-boss) is a tea that is unlike any other. For starters, it’s not “tea” in the traditional sense. It’s a tisane produced from the leaves of a bush that only grows around the Cape of South Africa’s coastal shrublands.

In addition, it has a one-of-a-kind earthy, rich, and delicately scented profile – yet it’s naturally caffeine-free. Tisane’s originality shapes trader Joe’s Organic Blood Orange Rooibos Herbal Tea Blend. It plays to Rooibos’ natural strengths by adding a blend of dried hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, ad a little orange oil to give it a notably citric, tart, and refreshing flavor.

Since it contains no caffeine, this Trader Joe’s tea is suitable for drinking at any time of the day. It is gratifying in the evening because of its toasted orange peel edge. Similarly, its natural juiciness and smooth character can be served iced or even brewed cold.

Spiced Chai Black Tea Concentrate


Nothing beats a spiced chai latte for waking up in the morning or slowing down the pace of a hectic afternoon. However, the number of ingredients needed to make a cocktail from scratch can be intimidating.

Spiced Chai Black Tea Concentrate from Trader Joe’s is made with filtered water and steeped in tiny amounts to fully develop allspice flavors, black pepper, cardamom, clove, cinnamon, and ginger. They chose to highlight ginger in this concentrate because chai mixes might differ depending on who performs the blending.

Combining a robust list of aromatic spices with sugar creates the suitable base for a brilliantly scented, satisfyingly sweet, and overall tasty Spiced Chai latte.

Matcha Green Tea

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Matcha is trendy right now. This finely crushed powder, made from specially grown green tea leaves, is now seen in various foods, primarily sweets. While matcha makes a delectable ice cream flavor and is an attractive addition to cookies, sweets, and cupcakes, it is also great in its purest form – tea.

Trader Joe’s began stocking Matcha Green Tea in powder form, and they knew they wanted to provide it in a more convenient version as well. Trader Joe’s canned Matcha Green Tea is precisely that – matcha whenever, wherever.

Organic Earl Grey Tea

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Trader Joe’s Organic Earl Grey Tea is an organic combination of robust, full-bodied black tea from South India and energizing, floral black tea from Africa that is deceptively simple. The oil infusion from organic Italian Bergamot oranges gives the black teas a zesty, heady smell and enhances the flavor.

Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea

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Trader Joe’s Organic Moroccan Mint Green Tea simplifies a couple of the traditional brewing procedures while still delivering full taste in a teabag. Because mint tea isn’t complete without some of the best mint leaves around, their supplier first sources organic spearmint from the Pacific Northwest.

The fusion of ingredients inspired by traditional Maghrebi mint tea includes organic lemongrass, which provides a bit of zing, and organic green tea from South India.

Golden Oolong Tea

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Trader Joe’s Goldern Oolong Tea has a brilliant, golden flavor profile to match its bright, golden color. Its pleasantly flowery finish leaves the tongue with an almost sweet, slightly toasted taste. Oolong tea is noted for being very drinkable, being stronger than most green teas yet milder than black tea.

The way it’s processed contributes to its drinkability – oolong tea is created from tea leaves that have only been partially oxidized during processing. In contrast, black tea is made from leaves that have been entirely oxidized.

The result is so smooth that you should be able to finish the bottle in no time.

Organic Cold Brew Black Tea Concentrate

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Trader Joe’s Organic Cold Brew Black Tea Concentrate is produced with only the highest-quality black tea, filtered water, and a pinch of citric acid to keep it fresh. The flavor of the unsweetened concentrate holds up even after being reconstituted with cold water.

If iced beverages aren’t your style, try adding hot water instead; you’ll still get the smooth, subtle flavor that only cold brew can provide.

Organic Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea

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Since these steeping bags don’t include any tea leaves, this Ginger Turmeric Herbal Tea from Trader Joe’s isn’t technically tea. Their teabags generate a “tisane,” or “herbal infusion,” which most people term Herbal Tea when brewed with hot water.

Organic licorice root, orange peel, orange oil, and black pepper are all used in the recipe.

Winter Wake Up Tea

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Boost your energy with Trader Joe’s Winter Wake Up Tea, a spicy black tea mix with hints of winter spices. Sweet cinnamon, fragrant orange peel, and spicy ginger & cloves infuse the black tea in each tea bag, making it a proper winter warmer that tastes great with or without steamed milk and honey.

Which Trader Joe’s Teas Have Caffeine?

Original Irish Breakfast from Trader Joe’s is a caffeine-rich black tea with solely black tea as an ingredient. Trader Joe’s uses the finest flush Assam teas from the Assam valley, the world’s largest tea-growing area, tucked in the foothills of the Himalayan mountains.

What Does Trader Joe’s Detox Tea Do?

This Herbal Supplement Detox Cleansing combination is one of Trader Joe’s newest teas. This blend is a blanched, lightly flavored formula of selected roots, herbs, and spices that work together to improve the body’s inner equilibrium.

This caffeine-free addition to Trader Joe’s tea collection is ideal for unwinding in the evenings. You’ll appreciate the clove and cinnamon tones, which are both fragrant and potent.

Do Trader Joe’s Tea Bags Contain Plastic?

The sachets from Trader Joe’s Teas are usually plastic pyramid bags. Instead of using paper with a touch of plastic, the envelopes are made entirely of plastic. Tea bags’ usual paper-like outer sleeves can be recycled (the level of plastic in tea covers is acceptable in single-stream recycling).

Unless they’re excessively soiled or polluted, these plastic tea bag coverings go to a store’s plastic bag recycling station.


There is no way to tell the difference between the teas sold by Trader Joe’s and their name-brand counterparts at other supermarkets, such as Twinings or Bigelow. If there’s a local Trader Joe’s near you, their convenient range of teas just might be what you’re looking for.

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