Walmart vs. Target (Which Is Better And Cheaper?)

Walmart is still the biggest and most popular big-box discount store because of its size. But, its biggest rival, Target, has been gaining market share with catchy ads and cool design partnerships. Both of their business models are different, which is another way in which they are poles apart.

Walmart likes to have the lowest prices, while Target cares more about making money and looking young.

Walmart vs. Target is a neverending discussion about which store is better. If you are looking for great deals, both stores have meager prices, fast shipping, and excellent customer service. Both of these biggest stores have a lot to offer, but which one is better and cheaper?

Walmart vs. Target – Which Is Better And Cheaper in 2023?

Personal preference is the best way to determine which store is the best. It depends on what you buy and how you do your shopping. Most of the time, Walmart is the best place to get the best deals and perks.

On the other hand, Target offers an improved shopping experience and high-quality, well-designed products that look and feel much more expensive than they are.


Shoppers know that Walmart will almost always have the lowest prices on big-name brands and household items. This is because Walmart and Target both match prices, but Walmart beats Target by offering rollbacks.

When prices on popular items like cheap shampoos and diapers are rolled back, shoppers can often save between five and ten percent compared to Target’s prices. This is enough to keep shoppers coming back to Walmart.

Most of the time, people don’t even have to go to the customer service desk at Walmart to ask for a price match. The store has a team that keeps an eye on the prices of its competitors and then changes its own costs to keep customers happy.

Walmart doesn’t have a very nice store, but what it lacks in style, it makes up for in price and ease of use with services like Walmart+. It’s a subscription service that competes with Amazon Prime and can deliver almost anything to your door the same or the next day sans additional charges. Members also get other benefits, like cheaper gas.

Even if you are not a Walmart+ member, most orders can still be delivered in two days or picked up for free at the curb. These curbside pickups happen quickly and make it easy for busy families to do their shopping.

Walmart is also upping its style game by offering exclusive brands and collaborations. There are affordable house brands like Pioneer Woman clothes and kitchenware, Equate, Mainstays, Scoop, Parent’s Choice, and more.

Even if you order the wrong size, you don’t have to worry because Walmart has one of the best return policies in the country. Shoppers have up to 90 days to return items, and it’s easy to do so online or through the store’s easy-to-use app.

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Target is miles ahead of Walmart regarding the shopping experience inside the store. But it costs money and isn’t as good as Walmart’s online shopping interface, which makes up for it. Target has more extensive aisles, less crowded shelves, merchandising like a department store, and excellent touches in the design. These details give it a bit more of a high-end feel than waltzing through Walmart.

Items like toilet paper, cleaning supplies, and bottled water may be the cheapest they can be. But the store’s fashion and cosmetics sections often have prices that are several percentage points higher than Walmart.

That’s not really a problem if you’re shipping for big national brands because Target’s Price Match Guarantee covers most competitors. But, if you want to buy a plain cotton t-shirt with Target’s label instead of Walmart, you can expect to pay more at Target.

Target also has several brands that it sells or owns exclusively. Good & Gather is the store’s own brand of grocery and household items like paper goods. With their Hearth & Hand with Magnolia line, well-known names like Chip and Joanna Gaines are all over the store.

Cat & Jack kids’ clothes and Smartly home essentials are other items that are only sold at Target. Each season, Target has hundreds of cheap new items to choose from.

Shoppers also like how easy it is to return items to Target. Target’s website says, “Most unopened items in new condition that are returned within 90 days will be refunded or exchanged.”

Target has a different return policy for some of the things it sells. This is written on the receipt, packing slip, Target policy board (refund exceptions),, or in the item description. Items that have been opened, are broken, or don’t have a receipt might not be refunded or exchanged.

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Walmart vs. Target – Which Is Cheaper?

Many people say that Walmart has much lower prices, but others say they don’t mind paying more for what they think is a better shopping experience.

We’ve gathered some information to see how the prices of famous name brand items at these two retail giants differ.

Walmart vs. Target Price Comparison Summary

Category Target Walmart Savings
Groceries $44.61 $44.28 0.70%
Health and Beauty $36.64 $36.10 1.50%
Electronics $289.95 $295.82 2%
Pet Care $53.55 $53.18 0.70%
Baby $70.26 $70.16 0.10%
Total Cart Price $495.01 $499.54 0.90%

The table shows that Target has a cheaper cart price, but only a tiny amount. This is mainly because the electronics category makes up a large part of the total cart price.

Target’s prices are lower than Walmart’s in only one category – electronics. In all other categories, Walmart is the winner.

So, if you want the lowest price, go to Walmart except when you’re shopping for electronics, in which case you should go to Target. Read on to find out how the costs of each category compare.

Walmart vs. Target: Groceries Price Comparison

Both Target and Walmart have grocery sections these days, making them great for one-stop shopping. Here’s a cart with common, well-known food brands. Let’s see which store is the best.

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Product Target Walmart Savings
Eggland’s Best Farm Fresh Eggs, 12 counts, Large $2.79 $2.67 4.40%
Prairie Farms 2% Milk, 1 gallon $4.19 $4.24 1.40%
Tyson Skinless Chicken Breast by the pound $4.29 $4.18 2.60%
Bananas, (price for each item) for 6 items $1.40 $1.56 10.80%
Cheerios, Family Size $3.79 $3.64 4.00%
Bush’s Original Baked Beans Seasoned with Bacon & Brown Sugar, Canned Beans, 28 oz $1.99 $1.98 0.50%
Coca-Cola 12 pack cans  $5.19 $5.18 0.20%
Pringles Potato Crisps, Sour Cream, and Onion, 5.5 oz $1.59 $1.48 7%
Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked 16 oz ice cream $4.39 $4.38 0.20%
Bounty Select-A-Size Paper Towels, White, 6 Triple Rolls $14.99 $14.97 0.10%
Total $44.61 $44.28 0.70%

When you look at all the bolded items, Walmart seems to be the clear winner. But don’t jump to conclusions just yet, because the difference is only a few pennies.

On the cart chosen at random, the prices were different by less than 1%. This will come down to your personal preference and how much other things you need to buy that day cost at the store.

Walmart vs. Target: Health and Beauty Price Comparison

Untitled design 2022 06 25T143952.688
Product Target Walmart Savings
Q-Tips Original Cotton Swaps 500 $3.29 $3.23 1.80%
Vicks Nyquil Cold & Flu, Cherry, 12 fl oz $8.59 $8.44 1.80%
Charmin Ultra Soft Toilet Paper 6 mega rolls $6.99 $6.97 0.30%
Tampax Tampons 54 count $6.99 $6.97 0.30%
Maybelline Great Lash Mascara 0.43 fl oz $4.79 $4.77 0.40%
Colgate MaxFresh Whitening Toothpaste 3 pack $5.99 $5.72 4.60%
Total $36.64 $36.10 1.50%

Again, Walmart has lower prices than Target almost all the time, but only by a small amount. You’ll save an average of 1.5% on health and beauty items. But now is a good time to mention that Target’s loyalty program members get a lot of rewards and coupons for beauty products.

Walmart vs. Target: Electronics Price Comparison

Untitled design 2022 06 25T144106.199
Product Target Walmart Savings
VIZIO 32″ Class HD Smart TV D-Series D32h-G9 $139.99 $137 2.20%
Hamilton Beach Wave-Action Blender $29.99 $29.96 0.10%
Animal Crossing: New Horizons, Nintendo, Nintendo Switch $59.99 $49.94 18.20%
Roku Express | HD Streaming Media Player with High-Speed HDMI Cable and Simple Remote $24.99 $29.00 14.90%
BLACK+DECKER 12-Cup Thermal Programmable Coffeemaker CM2046S, Silver/Black $34.99 $49.92 35%
Total $289.95 $295.82 2%

Finally, this is one area where Target is the best. Again, the difference is slight—only 2 percent on average. In this category, there were a few items with more significant price differences, and you could tell that one store or the other was trying to be the cheapest for those items.

Walmart vs. Target: Pet Care Price Comparison

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Pets are a big part of the lives of many people. They are the nicest people in our families and our best friends. Economists’ prediction that people will spend $99 billion on pet care in 2021 makes sense. A lot of that money will be paid at Walmart and Target, so let’s compare how much things cost there.

Product Target Walmart Savings
Purina ONE Natural Dry Dog Food, SmartBlend Chicken & Rice Formula, 8 lb bag $12.39 $12.36 0.20%
IAMS PROACTIVE HEALTH Adult Indoor Weight Control & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food 7 lbs $13.49 $13.44 0.40%
ALPO Variety Snaps Little Bites With Beef Bacon Cheese & Peanut Butter Flavors Dog Treats – 32 oz. Box $2.69 $2.66 1.10%
Arm & Hammer SLIDE Easy Clean-Up Litter, Multi-Cat, 28lb $16.99 $16.94 0.20%
GREENIES PILL POCKETS Capsule Size Natural Dog Treats Chicken Flavor, 7.9 oz. Pack (30 Treats) $7.99 $7.78 2.70%
Total $53.55 $53.18 0.70%

Walmart is always slightly less expensive than Target, but not by much. You can save a few cents in the pet section by shopping at Walmart. Their choices were mostly the same, with similar brands and options.

Walmart vs. Target: Baby Items Price Comparison

Babies are as cute as they are expensive. Parents who just had a baby feel like they spend all of their money on diapers, formula, and other baby necessities. Let’s compare how well Target and Walmart do in the baby aisle.

Product Target Walmart Savings
Pampers Baby-Dry Extra Protection Diapers, Size 4, 92 Count $24.99 $24.94 0.20%
Similac Pro-Advance Non-GMO Infant Formula with Iron Powder – 30.8oz $36.99 $36.96 0.10%
(2 Pack) Gerber Natural Stage 2, Banana Plum Grape Baby Food, 1 Tub $1.29 $1.28 0.70%
Boudreaux’s Butt Paste Maximum Strength Diaper Rash Ointment, 4 oz Tube $6.99 $6.98 0.10%
Total $70.26 $70.16 0.10%

In our last category, the price difference is again slightly in Walmart’s favor. The price difference is minimal—sometimes as little as one cent. Many of the name-brand items in the two stories were the same.

Walmart vs. Target: Services and Perceptions Comparison

Even though the two stores are similar in many ways, including price, their services are very different in some critical ways. How shoppers feel about the two stores is another factor in why they choose to shop there.

Service  Target Walmart
ShippingWhen you use your RedCard, you get free two-day shipping on orders of $35 or more.Free 2-day shipping on orders over $35 and free shipping on all orders for Walmart+ members.
CurbsideOrders can be picked up the same day.Available, some locations can’t do same-day.
Delivery Ship Offers Same-Day DeliverySome places offer next-day delivery, but not everywhere.
Return Policy On items made by Target, you can return them for free in-store or online for up to a year. For all other items, you have 90 days. If you use your RedCard, you’ll get 30 more days.Most products can be returned for up to 90 days.
Loyalty Program Target’s free loyalty program, Circle, offers various advantages, such as cashback, numerous coupon coupons, and daily promotions. Target’s RedCard credit card offers 5% cash back and free online shipping.Walmart+ is not a free loyalty program. It is a premium membership that costs $98/year. Free shipping online, free store delivery, fuel savings, and coupon offers are a few advantages.

Pop culture has created the misconception that Walmart offers lower costs and lesser-quality products. Target is regarded as the more upscale option for one-stop shopping. The stores are often cleaner, more organized, and brighter.

They further cater to the upper-middle class by carrying higher quality clothing and frequently having Starbucks kiosks inside.

On the other hand, Walmart is known for its “everything goes” clothing policy and laid-back attitude. However, if that impression is based on price, it could not be further from the truth. In many ways, the two stores’ prices are pretty similar.

Why Is Walmart so Popular?

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Walmart is the ideal illustration of a business that had a clear competitive strategy and turned it into competitive advantages. Due to its aggressive marketing tactics, it has grown to be the biggest and most powerful store on the planet.

Walmart’s strategic planning has been critical to its domestic and international success. Through its successful techniques, Walmart has taken advantage of all opportunities and even flexibility thanks to the “directed opportunism” strategy.

One might mention several factors while discussing Walmart’s competitive advantages, including:

  • Low prices
  • Supply chain management
  • Market expansion strategies
  • Workplace culture

Why Is Target So Popular?

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It’s a rather typical occurrence, and it’s become known online as the “Target Effect.” But it goes beyond merely being a well-liked meme. It seems that Target has a few strategies for getting you to want to remove everything from the shelves.

You’ve probably observed that it’s challenging to enter Target, buy a single item, and then leave. The layout of the store is where the real genius lies. A Starbucks is probably close to the door when you first enter. The atmosphere created by the coffee shop encourages customers to hang out there.

After passing Starbucks, the store flows seamlessly from one area to the next, causing you to browse practically every aisle. You can discover hair supplies just next to the makeup. Toiletries are located next to hair items. Cleaning materials and other items are located close by.

Consider that you only want to visit to buy something from the seasonal aisle, such as Halloween costumes or school supplies in October. You’ll need to go to the store’s back for those.


Walmart and Target are market leaders in the retail sector, and the future seems promising for their operations. Both businesses have done an excellent job of building their niches and brand identities, despite their competition for cheap buyers’ wallets.

Walmart offers consistently low prices, frequently disorganized or chaotic retail environments, and straightforward return policies. Although the ambiance is higher-class and more organized at Target, the foodstuff selection is far from comprehensive.

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