What Gift Cards Does Ralphs Sell? (All Stores Included)

Knowing where to buy a gift card relies on the type of gift card you want to present and how quickly you need it, especially with many options. It’s even better if the supermarket where you shop regularly sells the gift card you’re looking for.

If you shop at Ralphs frequently, you may be wondering if they sell gift cards. Continue reading as we examine gift cards and the various types available at Ralphs.

What Gift Cards Does Ralphs Sell in 2023?

Ralphs and the Kroger Co. Family of Stores have the most extensive assortment of gift cards from some of the most well-known companies in the world, including restaurants, movie theaters, shopping, entertainment, music, technology, and more.

Over 90 gift cards are sold at Ralphs. Some of the most well-known are:

  • Target $15-$500 Gift Card
  • Netflix $20-$200 Gift Card
  • Starbucks $15-$500 Gift Card
  • Brinker $15-$100 Gift Card
  • Disney $15-$500 Gift Card
  • Amazon $25-$500 Gift Card
  • Roblox $10-$100 Gift Card
  • In-N-Out Burger $15 Gift Card

Ralphs gift cards can be purchased in whatever way is most convenient for you. You can buy them in quantity for business or promotional purposes, add them to your pickup order, give eGift cards to friends and family, or buy them in-store.

Does Ralphs Sell Target Gift Cards?

Yes. Ralphs sell Target gift cards that come in different values and type of activation. These are:

  • Target $15-$500 Gift Card – Activate and add value after Pickup
  • Target $15-$500 Gift Card
  • Target $25 Gift Card

Target gift cards are one of the most popular gift cards in Ralphs. So much that Ralphs has to set a limit of 10 gift cards per purchase.

Can You Buy Gift Cards At Self Checkout Ralphs?

Yes. If you’re purchasing a prepaid gift card with a predetermined value, simply scan the card and place it in your shopping bag with the rest of your purchases.

Does Ralphs Have Their Own Gift Card?

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Yes. A Ralphs free or paid gift card can save you money when shopping for groceries, toiletries, or other household essentials.

Kroger is the firm that issues both physical and digital Ralphs gift cards, and they must be used according to their terms and restrictions.

Here are some essential details to keep in mind:

  • You can choose a gift card with a custom denomination ranging from $10 to $250 or pre-load it with one of the following denominations:
    • $25
    • $50
    • $75
    • $100
  • This payment option can’t be used to make purchases for:
    • Other gift cards
    • Lottery tickets
    • Money orders
  • The company won’t replace a lost, stolen, or damaged gift card. This results in the remaining balance on the card getting forfeited.
  • There are no expiration dates on Ralphs gift cards
  • Ralphs does not charge you any additional costs for inactivity or card maintenance
  • Unless the local gift card law allows it, you can’t return or exchange the card for cash. Only 11 states in the US and Puerto Rico have this option

Can You Buy Gift Cards With a Credit Card at Ralphs?

Except for those affiliated with Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express, debit or check cards are not accepted. Payments made with a credit or debit card will not be charged until the card and account linked with it have been confirmed.

What Is The Safest Way To Buy Gift Cards?

Gift cards are a simple way to give a gift. But be careful – cybercriminals are keeping an eye on them as well. After a prominent retailer stated it uncovered gift cards that had been tampered with at a store in the city, the NYPD issued a warning.

The money loaded on the altered cards would have been lost if consumers had purchased them.

Here are some tips for keeping buying gift cards and avoiding scams:


Buy Gift Cards Online

You can get them directly from merchants, chain restaurants, and other issuers. Those cards are not easily accessible to criminals. If you’re buying a high-value gift card, this is very critical.

Don’t Buy In-Store Cards with Easily Ready Numbers and PINS

If you’ve left it till the last minute and need to buy a gift card in a store, seek for those kept behind the counter or in tightly sealed packaging. Browse through a large selection and inspect the bar codes if the cards are on a rack. This helps determine any duplicates or if the packaging has been tampered with.

Get your cards somewhere else if they aren’t visible to surveillance cameras or store staff.

Change The Security Code As Soon As Possible

After getting a gift card, register the card, update the PIN, and use the money right away when you return home. The longer a card is left unattended, the more likely it is that a cybercriminal will steal the balance.

Attempt To Reclaim Stolen Funds

Some card issuers employ cybersecurity protection systems, which may be able to discern between legitimate and fraudulent gift card transactions. So, if your card has been depleted, contact the issuer and request a refund.

Keeping Your Home Computer Safe

Hacking your computer can also give criminals access to your gift card details and PINs. Make sure your security software is up to date, generate and use strong passwords or a password generator, and enable multifactor authentication on every site where it’s possible to help prevent this.


A gift card is a type of payment that can be used at retail stores, gas stations, restaurants, and other establishments. You put money onto the card, which you or the gift card recipient can then use at any location that accepts it. Ralphs must have been compelled to offer a wide range of gift card options to its loyal clients due to this ease.

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