What Is The Walmart Rewards Program? (Everything You Need To Know)

Stores use reward programs as one way to keep customers coming back and make them loyal to the store. The stores decide how the program works based on who they want to reach. It can be seasonal or run all year, be for a specific product or all products, or be based on a particular purchase or the total purchase.

If you shop at Walmart often, you might be curious about whether or not they have a rewards program, too. Lucky for you, as they are one of the biggest retailers in the country, they do. Find out what is Walmart Reward program and more in this article.

What Is The Walmart Rewards Program in 2023?

The Walmart system contains two cards, which makes understanding the Walmart Rewards Program the simplest possible. You can utilize it in addition to making purchases in Walmart. Your rewards for any purchase are stored on your card(s), so you can use them in the future.

The Walmart Rewards Card and the Capital One Walmart Rewards Card are the two reward cards that Walmart is required to provide. While both cards let you accumulate cash back points that never expire after the transaction, there are distinctions in how you can utilize each card.

How Does Walmart Rewards Program Work?

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You can earn 5% cash back at Walmart online and 2% on in-store transactions when the Walmart Rewards Program is used, offered at checkout. You need either the Capital One Walmart Rewards Mastercard or the Walmart Rewards Card to use the Walmart Rewards Program.

You will also benefit from 5% cash back for 12 months after your payment has been made if you also intend to use the Walmart app and the payment method (known as Walmart Pay). That’s what the Walmart Rewards Program is all about.

Best of all, you don’t have to pay anything to use the cards, but Walmart will charge you up to $39 if your bill is late.

How Do You Redeem Walmart Rewards?

How does Walmart Rewards work, then? Here are a few ways you can use your Capital One Walmart MasterCard to redeem your Walmart rewards.

  • Get a check sent to you for the amount
  • Get your bill right on your credit card
  • Get a gift card with a value equal to the amount of the cashback
  • Even though the typical Walmart Rewards Card only gives you the last two benefits, it can still help you and your money in the long run

You will seldom run out of things to buy with your Walmart Rewards points because the supermarket chain has every good you can think of in-stock and under its roof. It doesn’t steer you toward one product line since the market’s range is meant to make shopping easier for their customers.

Most people choose this card because they like the idea of using their Walmart MasterCard anytime and anywhere that accepts MasterCard. To take advantage of all the ways to redeem Walmart Rewards, they can swipe their everyday payments to get cash back.

How Do You Use Walmart Rewards?

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By joining the Walmart Rewards Program, two to five percent of your total will be given back to you in different ways, such as online Walmart Gift Cards that can be used to reduce the cost of your next Walmart.com purchase.

You don’t have to worry about questions like “What are Walmart Rewards points?” because Walmart does the math for you.

The Capital One MasterCard Rewards Card goes even further by putting rewards on your bills for online and offline shopping. This is a benefit that most Walmart customers like.

When Do Walmart Rewards Expire?

Walmart Rewards do not expire. Your cashback rewards will never expire if you are still in Walmart’s database.

Unlike rewards from other chain stores, Walmarts Rewards never go away, no matter how long you leave them in your account. As long as you use the cards that Walmart gives you, you can use all your rewards on your purchases and bills at any time.

It is quite a gesture for the supermarket chain, especially since the time left on rewards at other stores is constantly getting shorter.

How To Get Points From Walmart Rewards Card?

The points you earn can be used to buy things like gift cards, travel, food, discounted airfare, donations to charity, and other online shopping. You can use the coupon on any purchase at a Walmart store or on the Walmart website.

How many points you get from your Walmart card depends on how much you spend and where you spend it.

In the table below, you can see how Capital One Walmart Rewards points are earned based on your spending profile (per month):

Redeen Options Low Spender Moderate Spender High Spender
Eating Out $75 $250 $500
Air Travel $100 $200 $500
Groceries (at Walmart) $200 $400 $815
Online Shopping (at Walmart.com) $100 $250 $500
Points Accrued by End of Year 15,000 points 35,500 points 74,000 points

You can use these rewards as a credit on your bill. You can also use rewards to pay for things you’ve already bought.

What Are Walmart Rewards Program Benefits and Perks?

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  • Generous welcome offer. The first year you have this card is the best time to use it in stores. When you use this card with Walmart Pay, you’ll get 5% back on purchases made in Walmart stores for the first year.
  • Valuable cash back. Cardholders can get 5% cash back on Walmart.com and the Walmart app and 2% cash back in Walmart stores and at gas stations owned by Walmart and Murphy USA.
  • No caps. With your Walmart credit card, you can earn as many rewards as possible. There are no limits on how much can be spent.
  • No expiration. The Capital One Walmart Rewards Card also has rewards that never go away. As long as your account is open, you can use them.
  • No annual fee. There is no annual fee for the Walmart Rewards Card, so you don’t have to worry about an extra cost.

What Are The Drawbacks With Walmart Rewards Card?

  • Limited use. Since the Walmart Rewards Card is a store credit card, you can only use it at stores that are part of the Walmart family of brands.
  • No intro APR. Many credit cards have an introductory APR of 0% for a certain amount of time on purchases or balance transfers. After that, the regular APR starts. But the Walmart Rewards Card is not a credit card with 0% APR, so it doesn’t offer this perk.
  • No balance transfers or cash advances. Not only does this card not have an introductory APR, but it also doesn’t let you transfer balances. Cardholders can’t also get cash advances, which aren’t usually a good idea because they can come with high-interest rates and fees.

Who Should Get The Walmart Rewards Card?

The Walmart Rewards Card is made for people who shop at Walmart often. It’s a store credit card that can only be used at Walmart.

On the plus side, that does include online purchases made on Walmart.com and through the app (even if you plan to use Grocery Pickup or Delivery), as well as in-store purchases made at Sam’s Club and Sam’s Club-branded gas stations.

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If the idea of getting cash back at Walmart is appealing, you should give this new store credit card a better look. Most store cards don’t require good credit, which could be helpful if you don’t have much or any credit history or if your credit is terrible.

In addition, if you use it wisely, a store card could help your credit score rise over time.

The Walmart Rewards Card was made in collaboration with Capital One, and it gives you access to some of the bank’s features, like its mobile app. If you like Capital One or already have an account with them, this card might also make sense for you.

If you want a credit card that lets you earn travel rewards, this isn’t the right one for you. Only statement credits, Walmart purchases, and Walmart gift cards can be redeemed with Walmart Rewards Program.

Is Walmart Rewards Card Different From Walmart MasterCard?

The Walmart MasterCard can be used for purchases anywhere that accept MasterCard, but the Walmart Rewards Card can only be used in-store. So, it’s safe to say that people who use Walmart MasterCards can get rewards much more quickly and in more ways than people who use Walmart Rewards Cards.

The MasterCard is also more flexible in other ways, like letting you make reservations at restaurants or buy tickets to events early. On the other hand, the Walmart Rewards card doesn’t help you do any of these things, and it also has fewer security features.

The last difference between the two cards has to do with who can use each of them. Since the Mastercard is essentially a credit card, it will be easier to get if you have good credit. Because of this, people with fewer credits tend to use the Walmart Rewards Card instead.

The policy ensures that the person who owns the MasterCard is less likely to max it out if they have a history of making payments on time and getting a good return on their debt.


Customers who shop at Walmart often can benefit from the Walmart Rewards program, which lets them choose between the Walmart Mastercard and the Walmart Rewards card.

Both cards give cash back on purchases at Walmart and Walmart.com, but the Mastercard also gives cash back on groceries, restaurants, and travel.

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