What States Have Trader Joe’s? (Is Your State Gifted With One?)

It wasn’t long ago that having a Trader Joe’s within driving distance was considered a rare occurrence. This supermarket business, which has a cult-like loyalty among many, is cautious about where it opens new stores and does extensive market research before committing to a new location.

Trader Joe’s is constantly building new stores to make the national grocery store brand more accessible to everyone, with several openings planned for 2022. Can you guess what states have Trader Joe’s? Find out in this article.

What States Have Trader Joe’s in 2023?

what states have Trader Joe's

Trader Joe’s now has 556 stores in the United States as of April 18, 2022, with more opening all the time. The following states have Trader Joe’s locations:

 Alabama  Iowa  Nevada  Rhode Island  
Arizona  Kansas  New Hampshire  South Carolina  
California  Kentucky  New Jersey  Tennessee  
Colorado  Louisiana  New Mexico  Texas  
Connecticut  Maine  New York  Utah  
Delaware  Maryland  North Carolina  Vermont  
Florida  Massachusetts  North Dakota  Virginia  
Georgia  Michigan  Ohio  Washington
 Idaho  Minnesota  Oklahoma  Wisconsin  
Illinois  Missouri  Oregon    Indiana  
Nebraska  Pennsylvania  

There are only eight states that do not have Trader Joe’s:

Alaska Montana
ArkansasSouth Dakota
Hawaii West Virginia
Mississippi Wyoming

California has the most Trader Joe’s locations in the United States, with 192 locations, accounting for 34% of all Trader Joe’s areas in the country.

Why Is There No Trader Joe’s Where I Live?

Unfortunately, there is no formula or demographic criteria for where Trader Joe’s opens new stores. However, according to the Freakonomics podcast, AggData showed that Trader Joe’s outlets are concentrated in countries where the median household income is about $10,000 greater than the national median income.

Trader Joe’s prioritizes frugality. Hence its stores are typically found in less expensive regions of more expensive areas.

If you’re particularly upset about the lack of a Trader Joe’s in your area, you may fill out a “Request a Trader Joe’s in my city” form on the store’s website. The form indicates that there is no assurance that they would establish one, but requests are one factor they examine when looking for new locations.

What Are The Most Popular Trader Joe’s Item In Each State?

Trader Joe’s is a favorite of almost everyone. However, not everyone enjoys the same Trader Joe’s things, and as you might think, where you reside has something to do with which items individuals prefer.

However, as these maps of the most popular Trader Joe’s items in each state demonstrate, certain regions share a lot of similar tastes and dislikes, whether it’s dipping sauces or sweets.

Untitled design 2022 05 02T172148.933
 Alabama Sweet Chili SauceMontanaMacarons Variés
Alaska Macarons VariésNebraskaSweet Chili Sauce
Arizona Everything but the Bagel SeasoningNevadaMacarons Variés
Arkansas Macarons VariésNew HampshireSpanakopita
California Unexpected CheddarNew JerseyEverything but the Bagel Seasoning
Colorado Vegan Banana BreadNew MexicoKung Pao Chicken
Connecticut Turkey Meatballs  New York Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups  
Delaware Kung Pao Chicken  North Carolina Sweet Chili Sauce  
Florida Key Lime Pie  North Dakota Key Lime Pie  
Georgia Sweet Chili Sauce  Ohio Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  
Hawaii Macarons Variés  Oklahoma Sweet Chili Sauce  
Idaho Macarons Variés  Oregon Vegan Banana Bread  
Illinois Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  Pennsylvania Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  
Indiana Sweet Chili Sauce  Rhode Island Spanakopita  
Iowa Sweet Chili Sauce  South Carolina Key Lime Pie  
Kansas Sweet Chili Sauce  South Dakota Macarons Variés  
Kentucky Sweet Chili Sauce  Tennessee Sweet Chili Sauce  
Louisiana Sweet Chili Sauce  Texas Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  
Maine Turkey Meatballs  Utah Macarons Variés  
Maryland Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  Vermont Spanakopita  
Massachusetts Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  Virginia Sweet Chili Sauce  
Michigan Everything but the Bagel Seasoning  Washington Macarons Variés  
Minnesota Chocolate Lava Cake  West Virginia Kung Pao Chicken  
Mississippi Key Lime Pie  Wisconsin Danish Kringle  
Missouri Sweet Chili Sauce  Wyoming Macarons Variés

Where Are The New Trader Joe’s Locations Opening in 2023?

Santa Monica, California

In 2022, this coastal city west of Los Angeles will have its third Trader Joe’s location. The new store will be on Broadway, close to the well-known Santa Monica Pier.

Eagan, Minnesota

The first Trader Joe’s will open in 2022 in this Minnesota town just south of Saint Paul. The North Star State will have ten Trader Joe’s stores after this site opens.

Bethesda, Maryland

Trader Joe’s opened its first site in Bethesda a few years ago, and the famous Maryland city will get a second Trader Joe’s location in 2022. While the first Bethesda site is in a more central location, the new facility will be in downtown Bethesda.

Miami, Florida

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Trader Joe’s already operates a store in Miami, and there are more in adjacent Miami Beach and Coral Gables. A second Trader Joe’s store is set to open in midtown Miami in 2022, and it will sell beer and wine and other Trader Joe’s favorites.

Mentor, Ohio

On an undetermined date in 2022, residents of Mentor, Ohio, on the shores of Lake Eerie, will say hello to their first Trader Joe’s. Trader Joe’s already operates six locations in Ohio, including one in adjacent Woodmere.

Camp Hill, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania now has eight Trader Joe’s locations, with at least one more set to open in 2022. Though there is no set date for the Camp Hill outpost to launch, it is expected to do so shortly. When it opens, this site will also be a part of Trader Joe’s Neighborhood Shares Program.

The idea entails retailers donating 100 percent of unsold products that are still edible. These supplies are delivered to local food recovery organizations seven days a week.


Trader Joe’s is noted for its excellent customer service, for making grocery shopping a relaxing, stress-free experience, its unique and delectable grocery items, and its unbeatably low costs. It’s no surprise that everyone wants a Trader Joe’s in their neighborhood.

If you believe your town would be an ideal location for a Trader Joe’s, you may always submit your request to their website to make your case. But keep in mind that they are pretty fussy.

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