Where Does Ralphs Get Their Onions? (Ralphs Fresh Onions Source Revealed)

A small number of red and yellow onions sold at supermarket stores, including Ralphs, were recalled in 2020 due to a salmonella incident. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Salmonella Newport has sickened and sent numerous people to the hospital.

However, no one has died as a result of the outbreak.

“Where does Ralphs get their onions?” anyone who shops at Ralphs wonders. We looked into every onion source in the United States and found potential Ralphs sources to inform you.

Where Does Ralphs Get Their Onions in 2023?

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Ralphs sources their large selection of high-quality fruits and vegetables from thousands of local suppliers, including onions. Like most grocery chains, Ralphs keeps their sourcing a closely guarded secret.

As a result, we may not always know where it obtains its produce. And, Ralphs sources are likely to shift over time.

However, those onions found as carriers of Salmonella were identified to be part of the produce from Thomson International Inc., from Bakersfield, CA. Further investigation concluded that no other produce from this source had been recalled.

Does Ralphs Accept Local Suppliers?

Yes. Ralphs works with and accepts local suppliers.

Ralphs, The Kroger Co.’s largest subsidiary, is one of the leading grocery retailers in the United States. Their objective is to be a leader in food, pharmacy, health and personal care, seasonal merchandise, allied products, and services distribution.

Ralphs places a high value on developing excellent supplier relationships. Whether large or small, local or global, their suppliers are critical to their mission’s success.

How To Become A Ralphs Supplier?

The application process for Ralphs and any other supermarket chain under the Kroger umbrella of companies is simple. It only requires potential suppliers to complete an application you can access here.

supplier application

Ralphs provides many “help materials” to walk you through the application process if you have problems filling out the requested and required pieces of information. These documents can be found here.

If your product is approved for sale at Ralphs, Kroger, or any of their grocery store chains, your company will be required to use Kroger’s unified vendor management system, known as The Supplier Hub. Kroger’s vendors and suppliers use this hub to assess compliance and promote communication.

If your brand received an email invitation to sign up for the Supplier Hub with a user name and password, you can log in here.

Finally, merchants who are awarded contracts to sell with Ralphs must provide significant documentation and certification to ensure that their brand and product meet Kroger’s many standards. Some of the documentation includes:

  • DUNS# (Dun and Bradstreet number): You can search for this within the Supplier Hub website.
  • •   SVA(2017 version or later)
  • •   W8/W9
  • •   Certificate of Insurance, such as:
    • Professional Vendor
    • IT Service Providers
    • Dedicated 3rd Party Trucking
    • Dedicated Manufacturing 3rd Party
    • Non-Dedicated Common Carriers
    • Product & Other Vendors
    • Diversity

Does Ralphs Deliver Produce?

can I use my Ralphs card on Instacart

Due to COVID-19, grocery delivery is more critical than ever. It reduces trips to the grocery and promotes physical distancing. Having said that, yes – Ralphs delivers produce.

For grocery delivery, Kroger’s umbrella of companies which includes Ralphs, partners with Instacart. You may place your order straight through the Ralphs app, ensuring that you pay the same price as you would in the store for grocery pickup.

Ralphs also offers a ship-to-home service, which allows you to order non-perishable foods and household items online and have them delivered to your home for free if you spend $35 or more.

There does not appear to be a membership option for Ralphs deliveries ordered straight through Ralphs’ website or app.

Is There Still A Recall On Onions?

There has been no more onion recalls announced as of yet. Although federal officials are still looking into a Salmonella Oranienburg outbreak linked to whole, fresh onions from Mexico, the episode has been declared over, with over 1,000 people affected.

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The last reported recall on onions was announced in October of 2021 when red, yellow, and white onions were linked to the Salmonella outbreak.

If you believe you have acquired recalled products, the best course of action is to avoid eating them. Dispose of them as soon as possible. You can also take them back to the retailer for clarification and a complete refund. In addition, you can also email Progressive Produce at foodsafety@progresssiveproduce.com for further information. Consumers concerned about becoming unwell due to consuming the recalled products should seek medical advice.


Ralphs onions and their fruits and vegetables come from tens of thousands of local farmers and suppliers. To ensure their dedication to freshness, the company works with a group of select suppliers. This selection makes them delighted to serve only the freshest locally grown produce to their customers.

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