Where Is Tahini In Walmart? (Easiest Way To Find It!)

Walmart, the largest retail chain in the US, offers customers a wide range of products, including food, spices, home appliances, electronics, and more.

If you are looking for Tahini at Walmart, you’ve come to the right place. We’re not going to let you get lost in the middle of Walmart looking for Tahini, so we searched that for you.

Where Is Tahini In Walmart in 2023?

Tahini is available in Walmart’s spice section. It comes in various forms, including powder, granules, and butter. Naturally, they can be found at the spice market because they are – spices.

Other sauces, such as hummus, halva, and baba ghanoush, can be found adjacent to the tahini Walmart aisle and are of the same cuisine.

What Is Tahini?

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Tahini, often known as tahina, is a Middle Eastern sesame butter or paste made from ground sesame seeds. It appears in dips like hummus and baba ghanoush, is drizzled on falafel sandwiches, and is transformed into tarator. This tahini-lemon-garlic sauce goes well with fish, vegetables, and shawarma.

Tahini is also used in the cuisines of North African, Levantine, East Mediterranean countries, and the South Caucasus.

Tahini comprises three components – hulled sesame seeds, oil, and occasionally salt. Hulled sesame seeds are toasted, crushed, and emulsified with oil to make a smooth, creamy seed butter with a pourable consistency.

This spice lends itself to sweets and savory meals, particularly halva, a sesame-based dessert with a crumbly-meets-fudgy texture. Tahini is blended with carob molasses to form dibs bi tahini, a dessert popular in Lebanon.

Tahini is gaining popularity in the US as a baking ingredient, adding a creamy texture and subtle nutty taste to banana bread, cookies, and tarts, as well as an emulsifier for sauces and dips.

Which Brands Of Tahini Does Walmart Sell?

Tahini is available in a wide variety of brands at Walmart. Popular brands include Tahim, Roland, Haddar, and Baron’s Kosher, ranging in price from $9 to $15.

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If you prefer to buy in bulk, Walmart sells big 8 and 9 lbs tubs of roasted, unsweetened, and organic Tahini for $79 to $123. You can also get a 12-pack of smaller Tahim tubs for roughly $64 if you buy them in bulk.

Can I Use Walmart App To Find Tahini?

You can use the Walmart app to locate items in the store if you download and install it. In order to find your nearest store, you’ll need to enter your zip code. After that, you can visit your local Walmart and see if Tahini is in stock. The app will advise you where to find Tahini at that store.

You may also scan things in-store and check out without waiting for a cashier with the Walmart Plus app. This is a good option if you want to avoid the crown and long lines on your shopping day. It requires a paid membership but comes with a wide range of benefits.

Deals, promotions, and services unavailable on the regular Walmart app are among these benefits.

By visiting the Walmart website, you may also verify whether Tahini is in stock at your local Walmart. To get accurate results while searching, make sure you have the relevant retailer chosen. If you don’t want to go to the shop, you may order goods from Walmart and have them delivered using apps like Instacart.

Do Grocery Stores Other Than Walmart Sell Tahini?

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If your local Walmart does not carry Tahini, you may want to try other grocery stores to see if they have any. Even though different stores have varying layouts, most major chains keep their condiments in the same place.

Tahini can be found in the condiment section of most supermarkets. Check near the refrigerated products if you can’t find tahini in the condiment section. Tahini will be sold alongside hummus, baba ghanoush, and other Middle Eastern foods.

Kroger, Trader Joe’s Publix, Meijer, and Whole Foods are among the grocery stores that carry tahini in the condiment section. Tahini should be found in the condiments department of smaller grocery shops, although it may also be found in the refrigerated section.

Asking a store staff to steer you in the proper direction is always the quickest approach to finding what you’re searching for.

What Is Tahini Used In?

Tahini is used in a variety of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean recipes, including hummus and baba ghanoush, as well as sauces, spreads, dips, as well as various desserts.

Is it possible to eat Tahini on its own? Tahini is created from roasted sesame seeds and is similar to peanut butter and almond butter in that it may be eaten straight from the spoon.

How To Use Tahini In Salad Dressing?

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This easy Tahini dressing has only three ingredients: maple syrup, Tahini, and lemon juice. Add a pinch of salt to 1/3 cup of Tahini, three tablespoons lemon juice, and 1 ½ tablespoon maple syrup. Then add six tablespoons of water slowly to thin it out.

You may enjoy it by whisking it until it turns creamy and liquefied. It will keep for up to five days in the refrigerator.

Tahini can also be used as a dip for vegetables and pita chips or as a sauce for chicken and other meats. It is pretty adaptable and can be utilized for a variety of purposes. You may find hundreds of recipes by searching for them on Google or YouTube.


Tahini is an excellent condiment whether for creating a nice hummus or just want a pleasant cause for the shawarma you are making for supper. However, it can be aggravating if you don’t know where to look for it at Walmart or other food stores.

Fortunately, most supermarket chains keep their Tahini in the condiment section. However, some supermarkets keep their Tahini in the refrigerator with other items like hummus or baba ghanoush.

If you are really lost and don’t know where to look, it’s not a bad idea to ask staff for help. Moreover, you can feel free to ask any questions in the comments area below.

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