Kitchen Gifts

Kitchen Gifts

Knife and Table Combo

Simplify small vegetable cutting with a 2-in-1 knife and table, designed for one-handed use to make your kitchen tasks more convenient.


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4 Hole Egg Frying Pan

Cook multiple eggs simultaneously with a 4-hole frying pan, maximizing efficiency in the kitchen for those delightful breakfasts or meals.


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Rice Washing Filter Basket

Streamline your rice washing routine with a filter basket that comes equipped with small holes on the side, providing an effortless way to wash your rice.


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Food Preservation Tray

Keep your food fresh with a food preservation tray featuring an elastic film on top, ensuring that your food is shielded from exposure to air.


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Electric Chopper

Revolutionize your kitchen tasks with an electric chopper designed for easy ingredient addition through the top. Experience efficient chopping, especially ideal for herbs and tomatoes, making your food preparation seamless and quick.


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Scissors and Peeler Combo

Elevate your kitchen efficiency with a versatile 2-in-1 scissors and peeler tool, perfect for both peeling and cutting your favorite fruits. Simplify your food preparation process with this handy tool that combines functionality and conveni...


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Oven Guards

Ensure kitchen safety with an oven guard designed to wrap around the front of your oven rack, providing a protective barrier against burns. Prioritize safety in your cooking space with this practical and easy-to-use oven accessory.


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Electric Measuring Spoons

Step up your precision in the kitchen with a digital measuring spoon offering various measurement options for exact culinary accuracy. Simplify your cooking process with this efficient and practical tool, ensuring precise measurements every...


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Popcorn Lid

Upgrade your popcorn game with a specially designed popcorn lid featuring five sections on top for adding butter, ensuring a delicious and evenly melted treat. Elevate your movie nights with this functional and user-friendly addition to you...


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