Weird Gifts

Weird Gifts

Fidget Cube

Keep your hands busy and relieve stress with the Fidget Cube, offering a variety of tactile activities. Stay focused and calm during meetings or classes with this portable and addictive fidget toy.


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Pizza Towels

Add a slice of humor to your kitchen with Pizza Hand Towels, featuring mouth-watering designs that bring a touch of pizzazz to your decor. Keep your hands dry and your kitchen lively with these delightful hand towels.


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Ping Pong Gun

Serve up some fun with the Ping Pong Gun, perfect for friendly competitions and games. Take aim and unleash a volley of ping pong balls with this entertaining toy that guarantees hours of laughter.


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Inflatable Party Beer Barrel

Get the party started with Party Beer Barrels, adding a festive touch to your gatherings. Serve up your favorite brews in style with these mini beer barrels that add a playful flair to any event.


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Maze Puzzle Ball

Challenge yourself with the Maze Puzzle Ball, offering hours of entertainment and brain-teasing fun. Navigate through the twists and turns of this intricate puzzle ball to unlock its hidden secrets.


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Protect your personal information with the Demagnitizer, offering peace of mind against electronic theft. Safeguard your sensitive data and keep your cards safe with this essential security tool.


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Crab Phone Holder

Hold your phone in style with the Crab Phone Holder, showcasing a playful crustacean design. Keep your device secure and add a touch of seaside charm to your desk or nightstand.


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FedUp Cap

Express your mood with the Fed Up Cap, featuring a humorous design for those days when you've had enough. Make a statement and keep cool with this witty cap that adds a dose of attitude to your outfit.


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Airplane Push Pins

Take flight with Airplane Push Pins, adding a touch of aviation-inspired flair to your bulletin board. Secure your notes and memos in style with these charming push pins shaped like airplanes.


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