Prank Gifts

Prank Gifts

Fake Snake

Infuse a touch of playful mischief into your surroundings with this lifelike coiled fake snake. Strategically place it anywhere for an amusing surprise that adds a hint of wild fun to your space.


2 saves    158

Fake Shocking Phone

Embrace the element of surprise with this lifelike imitation phone, designed to mimic reality and deliver a mild shock when the center button is pressed. Fool your friends with a shocking twist, turning everyday moments into amusing pranks.


2 saves    140

Squirt Camera

Capture fun moments in a splash with this water-filled squirt camera. Simply load water into the back and enjoy a playful way to shoot and share the joy of unexpected spritzes.


2 saves    183

Fake Potato Chip Can

Add an element of surprise to your pranks with this imitation potato chip can that bursts open for a delightful shock. Fool your friends and family with the unexpected pop, turning ordinary moments into laughter-filled memories.


2 saves    137

Meowing Cat Sound Device

Elevate your surroundings with a playful touch using this sound device that periodically emits the charming sound of a cat meowing. Bring a touch of feline delight to your space and surprise your senses with the whimsy of intermittent cat s...


1 save    153

Student Loan Toilet Paper

Wipe away financial stress with our unique toilet paper featuring faux student loans. Turn a mundane task into a lighthearted moment while playfully tackling the topic of student debt.


4 saves    225

Fake Donuts

Indulge in lifelike faux pastries with these imitation donuts, crafted to deceive the senses with their realistic appearance. Perfect for decoration or pranks, these non-edible treats add a touch of whimsy to any setting without the calories.


0 saves    153

Fake TNT

Discover explosive fun with our revolutionary imitation TNT – a safe and thrilling way to enjoy the excitement of detonation without any actual danger. Explore the world of imitation pyrotechnics that bring the thrill without the risk.


1 save    158

Fake Perfume

Unveil a deceptive twist with this faux perfume cleverly disguised in a conventional bottle, delivering an unexpected burst of unpleasant fragrance. Redefine your scent game with this surprising and mischievous stink spray in disguise.


3 saves    133