Top 35 Best Funny Gifts for Parents

November 20, 2023 1662 views
Top 35 Best Funny Gifts for Parents

Parents: our life-long supporters, secret-keepers, and occasionally the source of our most embarrassing moments. Their resilience, endless love, and yes, even their, often unintentional, sense of humor, have shaped us in ways we’re still discovering. As they’ve cheered us on in every step of our journey, it’s only fitting we find ways to bring some fun and laughter into theirs. And what better way than a perfectly chosen gift?

Dive into this list, where we’ve curated gifts that’ll make them laugh, reminisce, and realize just how incredibly awesome they truly are. Because let’s face it, every parent could use a dose of lightheartedness now and then!

#1. Dad’s Last Nerve Candle

Have you ever thought about what patience smells like? Well, this candle captures that essence, laced with a hint of humor. There’s something poetically funny about lighting the “Dad’s Last Nerve” candle right when the household chaos hits its peak. It subtly says “I might be on the edge, but I’ve still got my cool”. A flicker of this candle not only calms the room but also serves as a fun reminder of Dad’s ever-tested patience. 

This is the perfect blend of jest and attention, making it an amusing gift for those fatherly nerves of steel.

#2. Dad’s Ice Cream Spoon

Most spoons are just, well, spoons. But this? This one carries a message. A message that reminds everyone in the household that while dad is ok to share all other things in this house, this spoon is off limits… It is a hilarious statement of authority. Every time Dad digs into his frosty treat with this special spoon, it’s a sweet reminder of his exclusive dessert privileges. 

Gift it to your Dad and watch him dig with this spoon proudly into that double chocolate chunk.

#3. Funny card for mother

Ever had that moment when you’re trying to find the perfect words to convey the depth of your feelings? Well, this birthday card for your mom nails it with the perfect blend of sentiment and humor. This is for the mums who’ve seen it all – the messy rooms, the late-night heart-to-hearts, and everything in between. 

A card that captures the chaos, the love, and the unbreakable bond. Hand this to your mum, and watch her burst with joy and sentiment.

#4. Dad Jokes: Terribly Good Dad Jokes

I am sure, we’ve all been there – sitting at the dinner table when dad suddenly decides to drop one of his infamous “dad jokes”. The kind that’s so bad, it’s actually…good? “Terribly Good Dad Jokes” is the gem for fathers who pride themselves on their unique sense of humor. Ideal for the dad who believes his jokes are top-tier. 

Gift this to him, and not only will he have a new arsenal of jokes at his disposal, but you’ll also be saying “Hey, at least he’s reading them from a book now!”

#5. Custom Personalized Comic Book for Dad

Ever imagined your dad as a Superman, flying around the city saving people? Well, here’s a chance to bring those imaginations to life! This customized comic book is a tribute to all the heroic things your dad does, often without a cape. Every page is crafted with adventures that highlight his strength, wit, and unmatched dad skills. 

A perfect way to tell your dad, “In my world, you’re not just a father, you’re a superhero.” And trust me, seeing himself in those comic frames, he might just believe it too!

#6. Toilet timer for Dad

Let’s face it: the bathroom is Dad’s unofficial retreat. But every retreat needs its own fun set of rules. This timer is less about rushing and more about sweet (and maybe a bit annoying) habits that we all have. A playful manifestation of the age-old “How long can he possibly be in there?” conundrum, this gift is bound to bring a laugh before it ever serves its practical purpose. 

Hand this over and watch as every restroom break becomes a hilarious race against time.

#7. World’s Best Farter (Father) T-shirt

Ah, dads—they have this ability to light up a room, sometimes with their humor, and sometimes… well, in other ways. This T-shirt playfully pokes fun at those little occasional moments every family knows too well. Every time dad wears it, it’ll be an instant reminder to other family members that today there’s might be a higher risk of…those moments. 

This T-shirt is a testament to the jovial spirit and hilarious memories shared over the years. So, if you want to celebrate dad in all his glory, occasional toots and all, this shirt is a great way to do it!

#8. Indoor Golf Putting Vent Cup

This indoor golf vent cup is a great gift idea that merges leisurely outdoor pursuits with the comfort of the indoors. With this Golf Putting Vent Cup, your Dad can transform any room into a mini-golf haven. Whether he’s looking to sharpen his skills or simply take a playful swing between tasks, this fun gift is a hole-in-one for those dads with dreams of greens. 

Plus, it’s a subtle hint that while the weather outside might not always be perfect for golf, there’s no stopping his game!

#9. Porn for Women of a Certain Age

Ever wondered what pure unadulterated fantasy looks like for seasoned women? No, it’s not what you think it is – it’s something far more… domestic. This book is a fun celebration of the everyday heroes – men doing the dishes, cooking up a meal, or getting that grocery list just right. If your mom is capable of appreciating a good laugh, she will appreciate this particular outlook on the simpler pleasures in life.

Here’s to fantasies that are not just relatable but hilariously real!

#10. There Are Moms Way Worse Than You: Irrefutable Proof That You Are Indeed a Fantastic Parent

Before you question your parenting techniques the next time your toddler throws a tantrum in the supermarket aisle, remember: there’s a bird out there that pushes its sibling out of the nest. Yep, nature is wild! Dive into the world of bizarre parenting practices in the animal kingdom with this hilariously enlightening book. Each page serves as a gentle, humorous reminder: “Hey, you’re doing just fine!” 

Perfect gift for the mom who sometimes doubts her parenting skills. Let her discover that in the grand scheme of things, she’s acing the parenting game. Who knew reassurance could be packed with such side-splitting fun?

#11. Fun Book for Couples

When we think about presents for parents, it is usually something practical and rarely – fun or romantic. This book let that couple dive deep into the intriguing world of relationship! And no, I’m not talking about those teary-eyed confrontations over whose turn it is to do the dishes. This book is fun and playful, full of jokes and engaging activities.

Hand this over to your parents and watch them rediscover each other through laughter and “I had no idea!” moments. This book promises fun-filled evenings and a closer bond.

#12. Lobster Claw Oven Mitts

We’ve all witnessed that dramatic moment in the kitchen when a parent channels their inner chef and brings out a dish straight from the hot oven. Now, imagine them doing so with these lobster claw oven mitts! It’s as if they’ve dived into the culinary deep end, grappling with the seafood, and emerged victorious. 

A sure-fire way to add a splash of fun to any cooking endeavor, these mitts aren’t just for protection—they’re for those who like their kitchen adventures served with a side of humor!

#13. Passive Aggressive Note Pad

You know those classic parent moments when they want to convey their point but with a hint of humor and sarcasm? Well, these passive-aggressive note pads are just perfect for such instances. Whether it’s a playful reminder to keep the noise down or a nudge about cleaning one’s room, these pads have got it covered. Gift this to Mom or Dad and let them turn their frustration into fun. 

The next time you forget to do a chore, you might just find a humorous, “subtle” note waiting for you. 

#14. Sorry About Your Other Children Mug

Sibling rivalry, banter, and that need to be the favorite child – the age-old family dynamic. Every time your mum sips her morning tea or coffee, she’ll be greeted with this hilarious reminder of your uniqueness. Designed with humor that only a mother’s boundless love can appreciate, this mug is a reminder that family bonds can be fun too. 

So, the next time she’s reminiscing about each child’s “special moments”, she’ll have a cupful of chuckles thinking about this gift.

#15. Parent mug

The age-old game of parental ping pong, where a child’s question bounces from one parent to another. Now, let’s add a twist of humor to it! Picture your mom sipping her morning coffee with the “Ask your father” mug, and dad responding over his tea with the “Ask your mother” mug. Now they can answer your question through this amusing silent mug dialogue.

Perfect for parents with a shared sense of humor, these mugs are more than just drinkware—they’re a testament to the fun side of parenthood!

#16. Mom’s Peanut Butter spoon

I am a big fan of personalized presents. This spoon is made for two: your mom and peanut butter she loves. Every time she sneaks into the kitchen for a little midnight treat, she’ll find a spoon crafted especially for her delectable peanut butter indulgences.

This spoon is a testament to those little moments of guilty pleasures. Hand this over to your mom and every time she dips into her favorite jar, she’s reminded of your sweet gesture and her sweeter cravings.

#17. Cozy Nights In Coupon Book

Have you ever seen parents exchange that nostalgic look when they recall the simple yet cherished moments from their dating days? This Cozy Nights In Coupon Book is a delightful way to nudge them back into those moments! Envision a drizzly evening where they trade a night out for a unique indoor date adventure, plucked right from this book. 

Each page contains ideas for laughter-filled moments shared in the coziness of their home. And the ideas like “Paint each other” or “Date during power outage” are a guarantee for not only nostalgia but also lots of fun.

#18. Bamboo cutting board

We’ve all seen the usual uninspired kitchenware. But this cutting board is from another league. Channeling the inner thoughts of every chef who’s had to tackle an army of veggies, this cutting board brings humor right to the kitchen’s frontline. For the dad who’s a wizard with a knife or the mom with legendary culinary skills, this board offers more than a chopping surface. 

It turns every cooking session into an adventure, adding a dash of humor to the mix. A perfect gift that screams: “For those veggies that had it coming!”

#19. Boobies and Tits towels

When you look at those kitchen towels, first you want to ask “What the…?” and then burst into laughter. At first glance, it’s all about our feathery friends – the charming bird species known as Tits and Boobies. But then, the amusing double meaning hits you! Whether it’s for the mom who appreciates a naughty joke or the dad who enjoys his ornithology served with a side of humor, these towels are sure to spice up the kitchen atmosphere. 

A not-so-subtle nudge to the wild side of nature, these are for those moments when you want to say “Sometimes cooking can be spicy in a very unusual way!”

#20. Sugar High: A Cookbook for Cannabis Desserts

Baking has its delights, but if you sprinkle a bit of cannabis on top, then we are talking about culinary experience of a whole new level. “Sugar High” is a journey into the deliciously intoxicating world of edibles. When picturing a parent unwrapping this, I see them intrigued by the marriage of baking and a dive into cannabis. 

This cooking book is about experimenting with flavors, history, and perhaps a little self-discovery along the way. And the fun? Guaranteed afterwards!

#21. A Year of Dates Game

Let’s face it: even the most amazing couples can fall into the occasional relationship pit. But imagine handing your parents a box brimming with 52 golden tickets to rekindling romance and fun. Every date card inside this game offers the potential for laughter, rediscovery, and a sprinkle of romance. Picture your folks, week after week, pulling out a card and diving into an activity that might be heartwarming, hilarious, or boldly daring.

For parents who’ve given so much, it’s time they get a dose of fun and romance all year round!

#22. Beer Darts

Have you ever thought that by combining beer and darts you can bring these two things to a whole new level? A game of Beer Darts – where precision meets fun, and well, things can get a bit…leaky. This isn’t your standard dartboard game. This is for the daring, the adventurous, and frankly, for anyone up for some hilarious spills and thrills. Perfect gift for that dad who laments his college days or a fun-loving couple ready for a backyard challenge. And remember, while it’s a fun game, the stakes are high. Because finishing your drink first here means you’re on the losing side!

So, are you ready for a game that combines sharp skills and bubbly fun?

#23. Dad & Me Activity Bucket List

Parents often speak about quality time, but what about amplifying that quality with a sprinkle of creativity and fun? For all those times your Dad reminisced about “the good old days” or wished for more moments with you, this bucket list is an answer to both. Find out about 100 innovative ways to bond with your Dad through life, love and laughter.  

This gift is a roadmap to bonding, and endless adventures with the main man!

#24. “Fell Asleep Here” Magnetic Bookmark

We’ve all been there – engrossed in a favorite book, only to doze off amidst the drama. Imagine gifting your book-loving parent this magnetic bookmark that humorously captures that exact moment. When your Mom or Dad are about to pick up where they left off, this quirky bookmark will be saying “Hey, no judgment – we’ve all been here!”

This is one of those gifts that combines practicality with your caring attitude and makes that special book lover smile every times he or she opens up a books.

#25. NASA Beer Space Suit

I’ve always been a fan of space exploration and a cold drink, so why not mix the two? If you like staring at the vast expanse of the night sky but then realize that your beer got warm, this NASA Beer Spacesuit is a great find! This insulating beer-costume, designed to resemble a NASA spacesuit, ensures your 12-ounce drink stays chilled during all your terrestrial missions. 

I imagine handing this to Dad and seeing his face, thinking he’s Neil Armstrong, taking one small sip for man and one giant gulp for mankind!

#26. 19th Hole Cocktail Stirrers

Now, this is what I call a hole-in-one gift idea! Perfect for those parents who dream of the golf course while they mix a cocktail. These stirrers are the perfect blend of fun and functionality. The next time Mom or Dad wants to mix up a drink, they’ll have a little piece of their favorite hobby right there with them. 

Who said you couldn’t bring the greens to your drink scene? A delightful way to put a swing in your beverage!

#27. Debatable Party Game

When I first came across the “Prove Me Wrong” game, I couldn’t help but think: “Finally! A way to argue about the fun stuff!” With “Prove Me Wrong,” you can shelve those deep, intense debates about politics and religion for another day. Instead, dive headfirst into laugh-out-loud disputes. Simply gather your favorite people and draw from a deck brimming with over 200 light-hearted, hilariously divisive topics.

It’s a delightful twist to your regular game night and a testament to the fact that sometimes, the silliest debates are the ones most worth having! Perfect gift for parents and a reason to visit them more often for a good-natured argument.

#28. Corporate Nonsense Generator

You know those moments when corporate jargon just gets too much? All the talk of leveraging assets and optimizing synergy… Well, here’s a gift that nails that sentiment with a humorous twist! The Corporate Nonsense Generator is just the thing for business-savvy parents. Comprising adjustable wooden segments, this fun little device spins out the most hilarious combinations of corporate talk. 

So, the next time your parent mentions “stakeholders synergizing,” you’ll know they’re pulling your leg! A playful gift that bridges the gap between the boardroom and the living room.

#29. Party Freud: A Comical Group Therapy Game

Every family member has heir own little weird, sometime annoying, habits. Imagine amplifying that experience with the delightful chaos offered by the Party Freud game. This game is the comedic group therapy session you never knew you needed.

Designed for those who love a bit of banter and aren’t afraid to delve into the quirks and habits that make us all uniquely amusing. Gift this to your parents and let them bring out their inner Freud and fill an evening with insights, ridiculousness, and bonding.

#30. Badass woman bracelet

On the surface, it might seem like just another elegant piece of jewelry, but this bracelet is encoded in a discreet Morse code pattern, which spells out “Badass Woman”. 

Gift it to your Mon and every time she glances at her wrist, she will be reminded of her inner power, all while keeping it her little secret. The beauty of this bracelet lies not just in its design, but in its powerful and fun message and the understated way it delivers it.

#31. Funny Mr. Right and Mrs. Always Right Novelty Wine Glass and Beer Glass

Ah, the age-old dance of “Who’s right?” that parents have been always engaged. Imagine your parents unwrapping this gift. It would feel like celebrating the unique rhythm and humor that defines their relationship. And let’s face it, whether it’s over a cozy dinner or a family gathering, every time they take a sip, it’s going to be with a shared smile and a twinkle in their eyes.

So, for that parent duo who’ve always known how to mix love with a dash of playful rivalry, this glass set is the perfect way to raise a toast to their enduring bond.

#32. I am Not Old I am Classic Tumbler

This stainless-steel tumbler is meant to celebrate your dad’s playful tribute to his young spirit, insulated to keep his drinks as cool and refreshing as his classic tales from the “good ol’ days”.

Imagine the twinkles in his eyes, sipping his favorite beverage while sharing yet another classic tale from his memories. It’s a daily reminder that, just like a vintage car, he’s not old; he’s a classic, cruising through the times with style and grace! Cheers to the timeless joy he brings into your life!

#33. How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man

Ah, the age-old conundrum of growing older without becoming that grumbling figure wagging a finger at “today’s youth” This “How Not to Become a Crotchety Old Man” is a light-hearted manual, packed with witty wisdom for every dad who’s been on the verge of yelling “Get off my lawn!”

This tome offers a hilarious take on life’s little irritants, showing the path to grow old with humor instead of annoyance. If you’re seeking the ideal antidote to keep Dad’s spirit forever young, you’ve just found your book! After all, laughter is the best way to keep the crotchety vibes at bay!

#34. “In banana years – you are bread” candle

The moment I set my eyes on the “In banana years – you are bread” candle, I thought that it might be a great parent gift. It’s the kind of humor that’s both cheeky and charming, a little reminder of life’s fleeting moments and the joys of embracing them. Think about the ripe journey of a banana, from vibrant yellow to sweet, fragrant banana bread.

Gift it to one of your parents hitting a milestone. With each flicker, it’s sure to warm their heart and tickle their funny side. Aging might be inevitable, but with candles like these, it sure does smell sweet!

#35. Superhero Dad Gift

Every kid—no matter their age—knows that their dad has a hidden superpower. And what better way to celebrate those dad-level strengths than with a framed set of Lego superheroes? Dive into nostalgia and let these iconic figures, like Batman, Thor, Iron Man, or Hulk, stand as testaments to the everyday heroics of your very own superdad.

This gift is perfect for his office or that corner in the house he calls his “man cave”. It will be a daily reminder of how you see him: as a mix of all the best superheroes combined. So, this birthday or Father’s Day, let him know he’s not just any dad—he’s your superhero, bricks and all!

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