40 Gender Reveal Gifts for a Memorable Celebration

November 20, 2023 416 views
40 Gender Reveal Gifts for a Memorable Celebration

Boy or girl, it doesn’t really matter, as long as it’s healthy and is born with no complications. But there’s something special about gender reveal parties that awaken everybody’s emotions and tears of happiness. There are multiple ways to reveal the gender, and everybody does it differently. 

Today, I’m here to present you with gifts you can give at a gender reveal. Something cute and creative that would make the future parents’ hearts melt. The list is long, but I’ve tried to aim for multiple variations to satisfy anyone’s taste.

#1. New parents coin decision

We are all aware of how tired and exhausted new parents can be. And apart from the rest they need, they also need something to cheer them up in those tough times with a newborn. So, for that, I chose these funny coins to decide whose turn is to change a diaper or sing a lullaby or else.

These cute and interesting coins are printed on both sides with the texts “Mommy’s turn/Mommy changes my diaper” and “Daddy’s turn/ Daddy changes my diaper.” They are made of solid wood that won’t crack easily, and they will add a lot of fun to this new mommy/daddy chapter. 

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#2. Baby hand and footprint kit

A unique gift that would last a lifetime is something that will stay forever. Since babies grow so fast, this will always remind the new parents how tiny that little person has been. And how fast time flies by, so they need to cherish every moment spent with their little one. 

This baby kit is made of 100% baby-safe air-dry clay to help preserve the baby’s prints. It’s a perfect gift to transform the most beautiful moments into a gorgeous collection of love and memories.

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#3. New mom and dad set

New moms and dads also need something to spoil them before getting the most important roles in their lives. Especially with those sleepless nights, they’ll definitely need massive amounts of coffee to help them stay awake. 

This set is for the whole family: mommy, daddy and baby. It contains the cutest baby’s necessities, such as baby mittens, beanie hat onesies, bibs, and funny socks. As for the parents, they get “Daddy” and “Mommy” stainless steel coffee tumblers and decision coins. They’re all packed in a cute box, making them the perfect gift for a gender reveal party.

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#4. Baby sonogram picture frame

Mommy and daddy will get many sonogram pictures during the pregnancy journey. Some end up on the refrigerator under a magnet, and others are kept in the wallet. Either way, they are the cutest reminder of a person growing in mommy’s belly. 

Therefore, I think I have the most unimaginably emotional picture frame with countdown weeks. It could be the perfect décor in the nursery room later on when that little cutie is born. It can also be hung on the wall if preferred that way. It’s an art of love and unforgettable moments. 

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#5. Pregnant activities scratch-off cards

We should never forget moms during pregnancy and postpartum. They’re the ones creating lives, and for that, we all should bow before them for going through emotionally and physically hard times. Support and love are what they need the most.

Speaking of that, I chose this gift idea because it’s fun and challenging for the mommy-to-be and a constant reminder that she’s never forgotten. This kit includes 35 fun, exciting pregnancy activities, and 2 scratchers. All the future moms need to do is choose a card, scratch it off, and complete the activity.

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#6. Newborn baby necessities

When future parents are getting ready for their new adventurous story time, they must have the baby’s necessities ready beforehand. And for that, I might have the cutest set for newborn babies. Of course, it’s in neutral color since we still don’t know the baby’s gender. 

This baby gift basket includes a 100 % organic cotton swaddle, a pair of socks, a pacifier clip, and a drooling towel, all neatly wrapped in a beautiful gift box. It’s a perfect idea to help new parents with the preparations. 

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#7. New parents to be candle

You can never go wrong with candles as a gift for any occasion and celebration. And mommy and daddy-to-be need a good laugh during their new journey. Bonus: they’ll get a calming aromatherapy since this one Is scented; they’ll most definitely need that during that time. 

This fun candle can be lavender or sage-scented, depending on what you choose. It has a text that says, “Look at you becoming parents and s*it,” which I think is hilarious and will make future mommy and daddy laugh. 

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#8. Diaper caddy diaper organizer

Handy items are a key for new parents for easy organizing. Especially when they’re on the go with their latest addition to the family, diaper caddy organizers can be the most useful thing to make their adventures easier and less stressful. 

This luxury caddy diaper organizer comes in two sizes, and they have a 100% cotton exterior and polyester lining. They’re perfect for quickly accessing your newborn essentials, such as diapers, wipes, bibs, and other items that you’ll need daily. One big bonus is that it has a modern and sophisticated look that I like a lot. 

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#9. Bump boxes

As I mentioned before, usually gender reveals are held in the second trimester of pregnancy; therefore, the next gift idea would be the perfect one for the upcoming mommy. We all know that the third trimester can be very exhausting yet filled with excitement and uncertainty. So, this is something that would make the expecting mom stay relaxed and less stressed. 

This bump box contains a monthly milestone wooden disc, 6 months onesie for the baby, a mommy and baby on-the-go bags, a ceramic mug, and a foot soak for mom. Ideal to spoil the mom before giving birth. 

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#10. Auntie T-shirt

Auntie is like a second mom, and she’s gonna pamper the baby to the max. She doesn’t really care if it’s a boy or girl; she just wants to have that little best friend in her life. She’ll bring the world to that tiny little person’s palm if needed. That’s how vital an auntie’s role is. 

And for that, here’s an excellent gift from the new parents for auntie to wear at the gender reveal. This T-shirt comes in 5 different colors and sizes. The print on it says, “Pink or blue, auntie loves you,” which I think is so damn cute and lovely. I can assure you that she’ll wear it with pride. 

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#11. Dad to be bracelet

We don’t wanna forget about the proud daddies-to-be, of course, so why not splurge on them with a little something to show them that they are equally as important as moms? After all, it takes two to create something so special and loveable as a child. 

This beaded bracelet is made of matte onyx stone beads and the cutest baby footprint charm. It comes with a poem card with words that warm your heart. This will be the most positive surprise for any future dad, and he’ll never take it out of the hand. 

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#12. Gender reveal card

Celebration cards will always be a thing, whether for birthdays or events like gender reveal. It’s a great way to show your loved ones how much you care and bring a smile to their faces. 

This super cute gender reveal card has text printed on it that reads, “Happy gender reveal day, He or she?”. Also, you have enough space to write your personal wishes inside and colorful stickers to make it look prettier. 

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#13. Pregnancy pillow

As time passes by during those months of pregnancy, future moms can struggle a lot with sleeping positions. And for them to rest well, they need some kind of support. Therefore, a pregnancy pillow can be the most needed item. It means that you can always surprise the mommy with a pillow for a gender reveal party. 

This cozy pregnancy pillow has an ergonomic design and gives comfort to both sides. It’s made from quality materials that give the maximum flexibility for a comfortable rest. It has various colors to choose from, suitable for any taste. If you ask me, it’s a super useful gift for expecting mothers.

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#14. Muslin baby blanket

Baby blankets are something that any new parent needs, without a doubt. They come in different shapes and colors and usually are made from the highest quality materials to support the little one. They can be used for sleeping, swaddling, and playing to provide your little one with gentle comfort. 

This baby blanket is super cute and made from tender 100% cotton muslin material, giving the baby’s tiny body the gentlest support. It comes beautifully wrapped in a box, making it suitable for a gender reveal gift. The printed message is so inspirational anyone would love it. Sleep tight, little one.

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#15. Security blanket for babies

Babies are constantly in need of some kind of physical and emotional support. They usually attach to some kind of toy to snuggle or play with. And for that, I think I have a gift you can never go wrong with. Those cute tiny hands will surely become one with the support blankie.

This security blanket is made from ultra-soft fabric with bean dots that are super soft to the touch. It has various adorable animal designs that you can choose from. It’s very lightweight, breathable, and durable and can withstand a lot of cuddles with the baby.

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#16. Fingerprint tree sign

Decorations and souvenirs are a safe choice when you have no idea about a gift. They can last long and constantly remind you of the most beautiful memories in your life. You can even show it to your kid when they grow older. 

This fingerprint canvas can be used to set it on the gender reveal party so each guest can predict the baby’s gender. It comes with two inks of pink and blue color, a safari animal canvas, and a hanging hook. You can even use it to hang it on the wall in the nursery.

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#17. Gender reveal earrings

This is the perfect idea for the future mommy to have matching earrings like the party theme. She’ll definitely love them and immediately put them on to find the gender of her baby in style. Just make sure to give them to her before the party starts. 

These earrings are super lightweight and safe for sensitive ears. They are made of pink and blue acrylic; on one of them, it says “boy,” and on the other, “girl,” and they are attached to white sea bead tops. Girl or boy, mommy’s style is filled with joy. 

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#18. Mother and father to be keychain

This is another safe gift that anyone will always love and carry. We all like keychains since they are practical, decorative, and can hold and organize our keys. They can be found in various shapes, colors, sizes, and materials suitable for any taste. 

These keychains are for future parents. On one, the print says, “mommy est.2023,” on the other, “daddy est.2023,” and they are customizable, meaning you can change the year. This is a special way for both to celebrate their upcoming bundle of joy. 

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#19. Mommy and daddy ornament

Lovely, emotional, and inspiring words, all written on a heart-shaped ornament, are what every future parent needs. Happiness is an inevitable part when expecting a new member of the family. The excitement arises with each day passing by, and parents impatiently wait to meet the tiny little human. 

This gift would probably be the most emotional one because of the text that’s printed on it. It’s a message from the little baby to mommy and daddy with the cutest words. It can be hung on Christmas trees, vases, car mirrors, windows, etc.

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#20. 23 pieces of neutral baby clothes

Newborn clothes are necessary for babies since you need to change them constantly. That’s why you can never go wrong when buying them as a gift for the mom and dad-to-be. They’ll most definitely use all of them at least once. 

This set is in a neutral color, making it a super suitable gift for a gender reveal party. It has 4 short-sleeved and 3 long-sleeved baby bodysuits, 1 sleep sack, 5 beanies, 3 pairs of mittens, 3 burp cloths, and 4 blankets. They’re made of 100% cotton, which is a recommended material for a baby.

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#21. Daddy and mommy socks

Gender reveal parties can be very stressful for future parents. The excitement and anticipation of what the baby’s gender will be can make them feel a little bit of pressure. It’s all for a good cause, of course, but it would be better if the guests gave them something funny to make them smile and relax. 

These 2 pairs of socks are unique and interesting, with the text “Mommy est.2024” on the mom pair and “Daddy est.2024” on the dad pair. The words are embroidered, not printed, so they won’t fade or peel off. I guarantee you mommy and daddy will smile when they see them.

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#22. Keeper of the gender brooch

There is always a person or two who finds out about the gender ahead of time. That’s because that person needs to prepare the revelation for the parents. Usually, it’s a friend, cousin, brother, or sister, and it’s called “Keeper of the gender.” 

This brooch is the perfect gift from mommy and daddy to the “keeper” to show them how grateful they are for everything. It’s a brooch with “Keeper of the gender” text, with cute little baby feet and hearts. It’ll make the style of the “keeper” prettier for that day. 

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#23. Personalized baby onesie

Newborn babies spend most of their time in onesies since they are so comfy. These one-piece garments are a must-have in every baby’s wardrobe because of their convenience, usefulness, and comfort. 

This onesie is personalized, and if the upcoming baby already has cute “animal siblings,” this is the most adorable little thing you can give. It’s made from 100% super-quality cotton rib, and the print is obviously customizable, so you can choose your own design. Let everyone know that the baby has its own bodyguards even before being born.

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#24. Gender reveal matching T-shirts

It’s the perfect idea if you want to make your friend’s gender reveal party more interesting with matching shirts for everyone. Plus, you get to surprise the future mommy and daddy, which I’m absolutely sure they’ll love it. Especially since fall is around the corner, this would be the ideal theme matching t-shirts to wear. 

The matching shirt comes in multiple sizes and colors to choose from, all equally beautiful. The print says, “He or she, what will our little pumpkin be?” and there is a picture of a cute little pumpkin. That little pumpkin will be the happiest child with family and friends like you.

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#25. Hand-crocheted baby booties

Imagine those tiny little feet warmly clothed with the cutest hand-crocheted booties, oh so adorable. Perfect for the cold winter months to keep your baby’s tootsies warm and comfortable. Everything baby-related is cute, so here’s another great idea for a gender reveal party. 

These little booties are hand-crocheted of 100% baby cotton yarn, making them comfortable and soft to the touch. They’re in the shape of a llama and have a neutral color, perfect if you still don’t know the gender of the baby. So damn cute, I can’t even…

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#26. Gender reveal macarons

If you’re the keeper of the gender and like to add something sweet to the party, I’ve got you covered. I mean, who doesn’t love sugary treats at parties to munch on? I definitely do. Plus, if they are themed, they add a unique vibe to the celebration. 

The sweet little treats are French macaroons in the shape of clouds. Since you already know the gender, you can choose to have the cheesecake filling in blue or pink. Depending on the guests attending the party, you can order a box of 6, 12, or 24 macaroons. Of course, you’d wanna have treats for everyone.

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#27. Gender reveal pumpkin surprise ball

While we’re at the keeper of the gender, here’s another super cute and creative idea for a gender reveal. This can actually be the gender reveal ball that the future parents can use to reveal the gender of their little one by playing “passing the pumpkin” with friends and family. It’s pretty original and unique if you ask me. 

This is an adorable pumpkin ball that holds one big secret inside: the baby’s gender. It comes with a card wrapped around that reads, “A sweet little pumpkin is on the way. He or she? What will it be? Unravel the pumpkin to see”.

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#28. Mommy to Bee sweatshirt

For all the future mommies out there, we just wanna say that we appreciate everything you’re going through. You’re brave human beings, and you deserve to be respected. That’s why I have something sweet and comfy for maximum support during the pregnancy journey. 

This sweatshirt is made from 50% cotton and 50% polyester, and it’s a loose fit, which makes it perfect for the baby belly to fit in. It has a cute design with a honey bear and underneath a text that says, “Mommy to be.” Let everybody know about your future and most important role, mother.

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#29. Short sleeve onesie from aunty

We’ve already determined that onesies are the most useful clothing for babies. There are multiple variations available, both funny and cute. Of course, aunties are among the favorite people for babies apart from the parents. 

This onesie has a very funny and interesting message saying, “My aunt is definitely cooler than my dad,” and I think it would definitely make the future dad smile. It has three neutral color options to choose from, and multiple sizes are available. Aunties are babies’ best friends.

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#30. Baby blanket sleeping wrap

During the colder months, mommies are constantly worried if the babies are properly covered with a blanket during nighttime. That’s why there are options for blankets that can fold like sleeping wrap, and I think that’s really smart. Mom can sleep carefree, and baby can be warm all night, perfect. 

This blanket comes in 6 different color variations and is made of breathable, high-quality material that provides the baby with warmth and comfort during nighttime. But are there sleeping wraps for adults? I must find them. 

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#31. Baby spiral plush toys

Newborn babies need some time till their vision is fully developed. That’s why it’s important to have toys that can attract babies’ attention and help their visual and auditory development. That’s when spiral plush toys come in handy. 

This spiral toy is in black and white, which is the best choice of color for a baby’s vision progress. It has 3 hanging parts: a snail, a chicken, and a mirror. The chicken makes a sound when being touched, the mirror gets the baby’s attention, and the snail has a bell inside that rings when the baby shakes it.

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#32. Cozy nursing pillow

We’ve had a pregnancy pillow before on the list, but now I have to present you with the second most-used pillow for moms and babies. It helps with better posture during nursing and provides the moms with fewer shoulder and neck pains. It’s also cozy and soft for the baby too. 

This comfortable pillow comes in 6 different patterns, and the cover is removable, which makes it easier to wash and dry. It is designed with a security fence that keeps the baby in place during breastfeeding. This is a must-have for every mom; you just have to trust me on that, and you thank me later.

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#33. Orthodontic pacifiers

Pacifiers are rubber items used as a replacement for nipples to satisfy the sucking needs of the baby while not eating. They come in various shapes and colors, and some babies even sleep through the night sucking on them. 

These ones are comfortable and orthodontic, made from BPA-free silicone with a heart shape that fits perfectly under the baby’s nose so it can properly breathe. This is probably another ideal gift idea for a gender reveal that’ll surely be used constantly.

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#34. Bottle warmer

Bottle warmers are super helpful and ease the process of warming the baby formula or breastmilk to an accurate temperature. They also heat up the milk pretty quickly, so you can calm your crying baby in the middle of the night ASAP. 

This particular bottle warmer heats up the milk in 3 minutes at 98.6 Fahrenheit. It also has a keep warm function so the milk can be maintained at the right temperature before going to bed. When the baby Is happy, the mother is always happier. 

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#35. Baby care basics

While we’re talking about items that always come in handy for new parents, this is another one that’s a necessity for baby care. The 4 essentials that are probably much needed are a baby comb, nail clipper, hairbrush, and nasal aspirator to maintain your baby’s hygiene. 

This set of 4 care basics is made of high-quality materials with the most innovative design, and it’s super safe and durable. The brush is made with soft bristles, and the comb is fine and gentle. The nail clipper is super safe for the baby’s little fingers since it’s made for smaller nails, and the nasal aspirator helps you clean congestion in the most comfortable way.

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#36. Baby rattle socks

Nothing is more beautiful than a smiling baby; it just warms your heart. Those cute little humans like colorful and funny things to play with, and many toys also help improve their sensory explorations. 

These multicolored wrist and socks rattles have different patterns and designs, followed by an enchanted rattling sound that’ll help stimulate the baby’s vision and interaction. They come packed in an exclusive gift box, which makes them perfect as a gift for a gender reveal party. Babies will love them!

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#37. Soft winter jumpsuit

A baby winter jumpsuit is essential for keeping a baby warm and cozy during the winter months. The one-piece clothing will provide maximum protection for the little one and look super adorable, which is a bonus. 

This jumpsuit is made of high-quality materials to provide enough comfort for the little bundle of joy. It comes in 6 colors and has a bear-like design, making it even cuter. Surprise the future mommy and daddy with this loveable piece of warmness for their munchkin.

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#38. Baby picture frame

Picture frames can bring so many emotional, beautiful memories that’ll last a lifetime. If you ask me, this is probably a gift that will always bring tears of happiness with future parents. It’s a reminder that they grow so fast, and only the memories remain, but they’re so worth it. 

This baby picture frame has 12 blank slots for each month of the year, and it says “My first year” on the top of it. Once you place all the photos, you can place the frame somewhere where anyone can see your little joy’s growing adventure. As a parent, you can never have a bad day when taking a little sneak peek at it.

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#39. First-year guide book

Every parenting adventure is different, and for most future parents, it is unknown if they’re becoming parents for the first time. A guidebook is something quite useful, and you can learn a lot about how to care for your baby and avoid making mistakes. It’s an ideal gift for someone expecting their first cutie pie. 

This guidebook contains all the necessary information for proper childcare, written by the experts of the Mayo Clinic. It has 624 pages, which is more than enough to learn how to raise a healthy and happy child. 

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#40. Baby memory book

Memory books are the cutest gift for any parent-to-be. It records the baby’s growth and its journey, every achievement and milestone, as well as every happy smile. First tooth, first steps, first words, all wrapped up in a book that’ll bring the most beautiful memories of a lifetime. 

This memory book has 100 pages to fill from newborn to 5 years of age. It also has an ink stamp for a footprint and a slot for a baby’s picture on the cover. It’s the most beautiful gift any parent can get, so if you’re heading up to a gender reveal party, here’s the idea you’ve probably waited for.

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