Top 30 Best Funny Gifts for Brothers

November 20, 2023 99 views
Top 30 Best Funny Gifts for Brothers

So I’ve got two older brothers, and every time the holidays come around, it’s always a pain searching for stuff to buy for them. I’ve covered all the practical gadgets – think wallet trackers and other tech stuff. But the list I have here today takes a bit of a different spin. 

Caution, some of these are a bit raunchy, but they’re sure to give your brothers a laugh. I also recently wrote an article on some funny gifts under $10, so if you’re on a budget take a look at that. 

Without further ado, here are my top 30 best funny gifts for brothers that are hard to buy gifts for.

#1. Blinker Fluid

The list starts off strong with something for the brother who drives a car. Ideally, he’d be a car enthusiast so that he can have a chuckle over this. The funny gift I have in mind is a bottle of blinker fluid because it’s important to top it off every now and then to ensure proper blinker operation.

It comes in an 8 oz bottle and is advertised as a max strength fluid capable of up to 6 thousand blinks. The bottle measures 4.5 x 2.9 x 1.5 inches but should be good for a few fill-ups. Now, for the real part, this is just a funny gift, meaning it’s an empty bottle.

#2. USA Ice Cubes

Is your brother a true patriot? I don’t think he is, at least not until he starts using USA ice cubes. Yes, that’s right, you can give your brother the gift of seeing a state melting in his drink. It can be his favorite or least favorite one.

Your brother can get the ice cubes thanks to this silicone mold. Unfortunately, a few states are missing, and he’ll only have 48 states to chill the drinks. As you can guess, Hawaii and Alaska aren’t a part of this mold. The dimensions measure 8 by 5 inches, so it’s not a massive one, meaning there’ll be a place in the freezer for it.

#3. Poo Timer

There is a trend among us men where we spend some time on the toilet. If you have a brother who does this, you should get him a poo-timer. That way, he’ll know when it’s time to wipe and stretch his legs.

The poo timer is technically an hourglass, and the time it takes for the sand to go from one compartment to the other is 5 minutes. It’s relatively small, measuring 3.25 inches in diameter, but despite the size, it should help remind your brother not to spend too much time on the toilet. To be fair, I think that this can turn into a competition to see if he can beat the timer.

#4. Whiskey Glass

If you have a brother who’s a whiskey lover, this next gift is the perfect option for him. Of course, I’m referring to a whiskey glass, but not any old one, because this one has a cute and funny message.

The glass reads, “Being my brother is really the only gift you need,” so you combine a funny message with your good relationship with your brother. Naturally, it’s made from durable glass, and the design is engraved, so it will stay there forever. As for the capacity, it’s 11 oz, which is the sweet spot. You can combine this with the USA ice cubes for an even greater gift.

#5. Wooden Heart

The little things in life can make your brother happy and bring a smile to his face. One such little token of appreciation is a wooden heart. It sounds cute until you read the message.

“Brother, sometimes you can be a real pain in the ass! But .. I still love you a lot”. To be fair, this is more of a gift that a sister would give her brother because two brothers have different ways of showing love toward each other. The heart is the size of a necklace pendant and comes with a string. Your brother can carry it on him or hang it somewhere he can see it.

#6. Wooden Sign

You can show your brother some love in many ways, so why not with a funny sign? If you like the idea, you should consider this an excellent choice as a funny gift option.

A wooden sign doesn’t seem funny until you see the message. “Congrats on being my brother, you lucky bastard” is what I was talking about in the previous gift idea. Now, this is a gift that one brother would give to another. As for the gift itself, you’re looking at a wooden slice with the message engraved into it that can roughly be around 3 inches in diameter. It comes with a string so your proud brother can hang it somewhere.

#7. Wall Hanging Sign

I’m on a roll with these hanging funny gifts for your brother, and this one is no different. We have a brother we love, but we may get on his nerves occasionally, so this sign may be a perfect option for people like us.

Like the previous gifts, this one comes with a message, and the first row will melt your heart until you see the second one. “I smile because you’re my brothers. I laugh because there’s nothing you can do about it” is a good way to announce that you’ll continue getting on his nerves. Believe me, he’ll find this funny in most cases. The dimensions are 6 by 3 inches, and it comes with a twine for your brother to hang it.

#8. Worst Brother Ever Mug

You’re probably confused about the title, but hear me out. A mug is a nice gift you can give to your brother, as long as it doesn’t say “worst brother ever.” This one does, but it’s not the only message there.

You’ll see this message if you read between the lines, but if you read all rows, you’ll find a sweet message. The best thing about it is that the bad message is with the larger letters, so most people will read that first and then see the full message, including your brother. Once he realizes what it says on the mug, this will make him laugh.

#9. Middle Child Trail Mix

I have the perfect funny gift if you have a brother and he’s the middle child. They say that the middle child gets ignored the most, and if your brother is the middle child, this trail mix is a good way to show them that they’re not.

This gourmet mix comes in a pouch with a zip lock on top to keep the treats fresh for longer. To be fair, it’s an 8.8 oz package, so it won’t be too long until they’re gone. You must be thinking, what’s funny about this gift? Well, once your brother sees messages like “hand-me-downs and invisibility,” I’m sure he’ll find it amusing while nibbling at the nut mix in the bag.

#10. Keychain

Keychains are nice, and most people have one from their car or a favorite character. If you have a brother, he may want to carry this one because it expresses your love for him in a funny way.

“I love my brother, say no one ever” is a roller coaster of emotions because the first half is actually cute. The second half is what makes this funny, so I believe it’s an excellent gift from one brother to another. Its rectangular shape measures 1.57 by 0.87 inches, making it large enough for the message to be clearly visible. It’s made from stainless steel, and my favorite, it’s black, unlike most keychains out there.

#11. Why You Suck at Golf

The target group for this gift is relatively smaller than the rest, but I’m sure there’s a brother out there who’s a golf fan. If yours falls in this category, you must get him this book. I must say, it’s also important for him to play golf to find this funny.

Regardless of how good he is at it, gifting your brother with a book written for people that really suck is something he’ll find amusing. The book consists of 52 chapters over 71 pages, covering common mistakes and ways to improve. To be fair, as funny as this seems, there is a good chance that your brother may get better at golf.

#12. New Driver’s Guide

Continuing the trend of books, I have another excellent option for a funny gift for your brother. This is a good option if he’s about to get his license or just got it. Despite the name, it won’t hurt to give him this book even if he has a license for a while. 

As soon as your brother sees the cover, he’ll know what’s up, and I’m sure he’ll have a laugh over it, just as most would. The book isn’t just funny on the outside. There are two portions of it, with the first covering basics like what a car is. The second one outlines things you shouldn’t crash into, covering what most of us would think, including some weird ones like garden gnomes.

#13. Custom Face Socks

Gifting your brother with a pair of socks is fine, but why go for such a boring option when you can take the fun route? Of course, I’m referring to a pair of socks with a custom print, which he’ll have to wear.Considering that we’re talking about a custom print on the socks, you can get him a pair with his face in a not-so-handsome pose. Or, you can go with your face so that he is constantly reminded of who got him the socks. There are 3 sizes to choose from, so they’ll be fine unless he has ridiculously small or large feet. You can also choose the base color from 10 colors, and the 11th is galaxy-themed.

#14. Candle

This list is about funny gift ideas for a brother, so a candle shouldn’t be on this list. You are correct, as long as we talk about a regular candle. The one I have chosen today has a message for your brother.

The moment when your brother is getting on your nerves is the main reason why you’d call him an asshole. On the other hand, your mother may have told you to get a gift for him, so why not combine both? The candle is the gift, but the message is the funny aspect of it. I’m sure your brother will be proud of this gift and will place it somewhere so that everyone can see it.

#15. Demotivational Pens

I can think of many situations where you may want to give someone a pen, but when it comes to your brother, you can make it a funny experience. In this regard, I’m talking about getting him a set of demotivational pens.

The star of the show with this funny gift isn’t the pens, it’s the messages on them. Each one has a different message aimed at demotivation, but the end goal is to get a laugh from your brother. As far as the pens, they aren’t something flashy, just regular pens. They come in different colors with letters in contrasting colors so that your brother can read them.

#16. Fart Extinguisher

The perfect present exists as long as it seems tailored to that person. If that special person is your brother and he’s one of those people that passes gas all too often, the fart extinguisher is the perfect gift for him.

Unlike some of the other funny gifts on this list, the fart extinguisher will be used well. The spray bottle is filled with fragrance, so whenever your brother farts, he can use it to suppress the smell. It’s a small bottle holding around 3.3 oz of liquid, meaning he’ll need to fill it up often if he’s gassy.

#17. Toilet Paper

You’d think that toilet paper doesn’t make for a funny gift, but you’d be wrong. It can be an excellent option if you’re looking for a funny gift idea for your brother. The plot twist here is that there is a message that will spark that laugh.

This gift is a single roll of toilet paper wrapped in cellophane with some ribbons, so it’s packed like a serious gift. The funny part is the message indicating that a fart isn’t always a fart. Keep in mind that this is printed only on the first sheet, so technically, it’s a usable roll of toilet paper.

#18. Flask in a Book

If you have a brother who likes to take a sip occasionally, it may mean it’s a mechanism for you to be more bearable to him. Regardless of the reason, a flask in a book can be a funny gift idea for him.

The flask isn’t the largest in the world, and with 4 oz of capacity, your brother may need to fill it up more often. It comes in a book-like casing, allowing you to write a message on the inside. As for the flask, it’s suitable for engraving, so you can make this funny gift even more personalized.

#19. Alcohol Dispenser

While I’m on the subject of alcohol, in a similar fashion to the flask, I have another idea for a funny and practical gift idea for your brother. It’s an alcohol dispenser, which may sound nice, but it’s not an ordinary one.

This is a bonny boy dispenser, and it looks like the boy is peeing in your brother’s glass, filling it up with his beverage of choice. The dispenser’s base is around 4 inches in width and length and measures over 13 inches tall. It holds up to 16 oz of liquid, and to operate it, you’ll need a pair of AA batteries. I think that this would be a great option if you want to combine it with the ice cubes or the whiskey glass from before.

#20. Toilet Golf

If your brother is a golfer, then he may want to use every spare time he has to practice his skills. Also, if he’s the type of person who spends a lot of time on the toilet, I have the perfect funny gift idea for him. It’s a potty putter golf game, and it’s exactly how it sounds. 

Going to the toilet is nature’s way of making you sit down for a while, so why not offer your brother something to do that doesn’t involve reading labels? The potty golf game is also a funny way of showing him that he spends a lot of time on the toilet. The package comes with the putting green, cup, pin flag, 2 golf balls, and a putter. As a bonus, there’s a DND sign that your brother can hang on the door handle.

#21. Trick Box

This next one isn’t a funny gift on its own, but you can combine it with something else from this list. Or, you can tell him there’s a treasure inside and fill it with confetti and nothing else. The gift I have in mind is a trick box.

As you can probably guess, it’s not a regular box your brother can open immediately. It’s a two-step process, meaning that he’ll need to find a hidden panel before he can open the box and find his surprise. The box is handmade, painted with water-based colors, and coated with high-quality lacquer. The dimensions are 4.4 by 3.2 by 2.8, meaning that it’s not overly large, making the process of opening a bit more tricky.

#22. Food Dice

We all have a person in our lives who cannot decide what to eat. This is especially problematic when we’re talking about takeout, so if this sounds like your brother, then a set of dice is an excellent gift.

These are no ordinary dice; they are food dice. Each side has a different type of food, so whenever your brother struggles to decide, he can roll the dice. You can get him a single one or a pack of two so that he can combine them. I have to be honest, this is more like a practical gift, but your brother will find it funny if he’s aware of his food-deciding problem.

#23. Jar of F-bombs

This next funny gift idea is for those brothers who don’t give a “you know what.” The jar of F-bombs is an excellent option because your brother will find it funny because there are many things in life that he just doesn’t care about.

The jar of F-bombs is a nice addition to your brother’s desk space, and I’m sure he’d love to showcase it around the office. It’s a glass jar with a red lid, and it comes with a pack of 7 F-bombs. This means that there are 7 of those to “give” throughout the day. Once they’re done, he’ll have no more Fs to give.

#24. Annoying Gift Box

I have something different from what I’ve been outlining so far. This isn’t a gift in itself. Instead, it’s a gift box, so you’ll need an additional gift. To be fair, considering what kind of a gift box it is, you may want to leave it empty.

You may be wondering what’s so funny about a gift box. Unlike most gift boxes, this one has 134 screws that your brother needs to undo before he can reach his present. The dismantling process comes in 4 stages, and it’s not the world’s quickest task. I can guarantee you that he’ll be annoyed, but he’ll also find this funny once he realizes the amount of effort.

#25. Tic Tac Gun

I doubt you’ll find a person on this planet who doesn’t love Tic Tac, so I’m assuming your brother does as well. If that’s the case, I have a very interesting gift idea for him, and it’s called a Tic Tac gun.

You’re probably wondering how these two things mix. It’s simple: You’re getting your brother a plastic gun and a few boxes of Tic Tacs that will be the ammo. The gun is spring-based with some improvements over some of the other options. As a result, it can cover a range of over 10 feet. You can get one for yourself and have duels with your brother. It doesn’t get any more entertaining than that.

#26. Bottle Opener

For most people, a bottle opener is an essential tool because how else are you going to open a bottle? I guess the same thing applies to your brother, so my next funny gift idea is a bottle opener.

The thing that distinguishes this bottle opener from most of the others is the message on it. Gifting your brother with this means you’re crowning him as the founding member of the grumpy old man club. This can be especially funny if it’s his birthday and you want a gift to make him laugh. The opener is around 2.8 by 1.5 inches, meaning it’s compact. There’s a hole in the bottom, so he can attach it to his keys.

#27. Support Group Reminder Card

Most of the funny gifts I mentioned so far have some practical use, so I’m moving in another direction for this one. To be precise, this is a micropenis support group reminder card, which is more of a practical joke than anything else. 

The postcard is sent anonymously, so you can sit back and watch your brother staring at the card with question marks hovering around him. It’s a 5 by 7-inch card, so it’s slightly larger than the standard postcard, meaning there’s no way it will be missed. All you need to do is enter the name and address during purchasing and wait for it to arrive.

#28. Notebook

A notebook is a handy gift for most people, especially those who don’t rely too much on technology for taking notes. Regardless, my recommendation for a funny gift for your brother is this one, which is a good option if you are his sister. 

The main reason is that the cover reads, “This is the shitty gift I got from my sister.” He’ll definitely crack a smile once he sees it, and he may even put it to good use. It’s a 6 by 9-inch notebook with 108 lined pages, and of course, they’re blank.

#29. Cooking Apron

For some people, cooking is a boring task, while it’s a pleasure for others. I know many brothers who enjoy this activity, and if your brother is one of those, then I have the perfect funny gift for him.

Emerging from the kitchen wearing an apron that says, “I’ll feed all you fu**ers,” is something that I can guarantee will bring out a smile on his face, along with everyone else. Made from heavy-duty cotton, this apron isn’t just for show. The best part is that it has 3 deep pockets, which are handy for when he’s in the kitchen and needs to have his “tools” at hand.

#30. Golf Tees

I keep going back to golf-related gifts in this list for multiple reasons. One is that I know a lot of people that like golf, and second, even if your brother doesn’t, this gift will make him take the golf course. The last funny gift for today is a set of golf tees.

Golf tees aren’t particularly funny, at least the traditional ones. These tees are shaped like naked ladies, so he’ll either get some eyebrows or a set of laughs on the golf course. The package comes with 25 tees made from plastic, and since they’re not just for show, your brother can really use them. Like most tees, these are suitable for multiple kinds of conditions, like indoor or outdoor courts.

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