30 Funny Gifts for Cousins That They’ll Love

November 20, 2023 417 views
30 Funny Gifts for Cousins That They’ll Love

When you think of your cousins, what images or memories come to mind? Childhood adventures, secret jokes, or perhaps the pranks you both played on your parents? Cousins are those family members that become our first friends, partners-in-crime, and the ones who understand our family’s unique craziness.

So, if you’re on the hunt for that perfect gift that captures the essence of this unique bond, you’re in for a treat! Dive into our curated list of cousin-centric gifts, where each present is a unique mix of humor, nostalgia, and that unmistakable cousin love. Get ready to find the perfect token of appreciation for the sidekick of your family adventures!

#1. “You’re My Favorite Cousin, Keep That Shit Up” Coffee Mug

We all have that favorite cousin who stands out from the crowd. Gifting them this coffee mug is like blending their morning brew with a spoonful of humor and pride. Every time they take a sip, they’re not just enjoying their coffee, but also soaking in the compliment you’ve lovingly thrown their way. 

If you’re scouting for a gift that’s both practical and radiates fun and affection, this mug is your perfect choice. It’s warmth, wit, and a whole lot of cousin love combined!

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#2. Best Cousin Ever Socks

While on the hunt for a fun gift that would give a shout-out to our quirky family ties, I came across these “Best Cousin Ever” socks. They’re the perfect fusion of foot comfort and humorous memories, especially with the option to customize them with a pic of your favorite cousin. Imagine the laughter when they pull on these socks and see their own face! 

For anyone looking to give a gift that’s both comfy and chuckle-worthy, these socks will have your cousin grinning from ear to ear each time they wear them.

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#3. Square Keepsake Box

Every family has its tales, jokes and unique bonds. This keepsake box serves as a perfect emblem of the special bond shared between cousins. Storing mementos in this box is like treasuring those shared memories with a touch of humor and nostalgia. 

When seeking a gift that’s equal parts sentimental and fun, this box is your ideal find. It’s memory, laughter, and that cousin connection beautifully embodied!

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#4. Gaming Snacks Jar

Is your cousin’s gaming session truly complete without a tasty stash of sweet and crunchy snacks by their side? I am convinced that this “Glass Jar with Gaming Snacks” is the perfect sidekick for those endless virtual battles and missions. Designed for those intense gaming moments, this jar ensures your cousin won’t need to hit pause when hunger strikes. And let’s be real, while their in-game character might be surviving on magic elixirs, your cousin still thrives on chips and candies. 

Let this gaming snack jar become an inseparable part of those fun gaming evenings and maybe you’ll be invited to share a quest and a cookie as well.

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#5. “Best Fucking Cousin Ever” Candle

Ever had one of those moments when words fall short to describe your cousin’s awesomeness? Well, this candle does the speaking for you. It brings warmth to the room, both literally and metaphorically. Lighting this candle will always be a reminder of the countless laughs, shared secrets, and unmatched bond you and your cousin cherish. 

Hand this over to your favorite cousin and let them know in no uncertain terms where they stand in your life. It’s warmth, wit, and a whole lot of cousin love in one neat package!

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#6. Family Sign gift

Seeking a home decor piece that packs both humor and heartfelt sentiment? Look no further than this hilarious sign. It’s a light-hearted take on the rollercoaster that is family life, emphasizing that love and laughter always find their way through. It’s more than just décor – it is a daily dose of humor for any room. 

Gift it to add a fun twist to your cousin’s space and watch it become the talk of every family gathering.

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#7. Tumbler Travel Mug Cup

The other day, while hunting for a perfect surprise, I stumbled upon this gift that’s tailor-made for those who adore a touch of humor with utility: the Insulated Travel Mug with a hint on your cousin’s awesomeness. This mug effortlessly combines style with inside jokes that we all share with our cousins. Each time your cousin takes a sip, they’ll be whisked back to those countless laugh-out-loud moments. 

Looking to gift a blend of warmth and a sprinkle of humor? This travel mug hits the mark brilliantly! It will be the show-stealer in any setting and a gentle nudge to everyone that cousins have an unparalleled bond and a flair for fun.

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#8. Fun Cutting Board

There’s something special about mixing daily chores with a splash of humor and family vibe. This hardwood cutting board does just that. It will become a helper in not just prepping a meal, but also in lifting up the spirits.

For those cousins who are culinary enthusiasts or simply enjoy a dash of fun in their kitchen, this board is a flawless pick. It’s durability, charm, and cousinhood encapsulated in every grain!

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#9. “Cousins cheaper than therapy” pillow

If you’re after a gift that combines comfort, humor, and a sprinkle of truth, this throw patchwork pillow is a find! With the phrase “Cousins cheaper than therapy”, it’s a delightful reminder of the unwavering (and cost-effective) emotional support cousins offer.

Besides looking cozy and cuddly this pillow will also spark giggles and fond stories. Perfect for any cousin who appreciates a fun spin on home decor.

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#10. Personalized family coasters

In the realm of unique home decor, I stumbled upon these Personalized Family Coasters, designed like interlocking puzzle pieces. Not only do they protect surfaces, but they also symbolize the interconnectedness of family in the most hilarious way. Each coaster can be merged with another and depicts a little picture and the name of your favorite family members. 

Pick up from the set of two, three or more coasters! So, if you want to make it just about you and your cousin (or your cousin and their dog) – that’ll work too. Perfect for the cousin who values family memories and loves adding a touch of humor to their living space. 

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#11. My Cousin “nutritional value” coffee mug

Just the other day, I discovered this delightful piece that’s just right for those who adore family with a twist of humor: the Cousin Coffee Mug, showcasing the “nutritional value” of a cousin. If your cousin is made of equal parts of fun, loyalty, intelligence and swearing, this cup is a perfect recipe. 

If you are looking forward to gifting your cousin a touch of warmth and a dose of giggles, then this mug does precisely that.

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#12. Cousin Explained T- shirt

Ever witnessed your cousin trying to explain your intricate family connections to someone and getting tangled in the web of “he’s my twice-removed uncle’s son’s half-brother”? Hand them the solution on a Tee, quite literally! This “Cousin Explained” T-shirt features a graphic representation of the family tree, making it a fun and educational fashion statement. Now your cousin can wear your family tree proudly and spare himself any confusion. 

Pick up from different color variations and present this genealogical fashion statement to your cousin. Excitement guaranteed!

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#13. Custom Text Ice Cube Mold

Remember those times when you and your cousin tried to one-up each other with the coolest party tricks? Time to hand them the crown with this unique ice cube mold. But wait, it’s not just any mold—it allows for custom text! Whether they want their name frozen in glory or a funny inside joke, this mold makes their wishes come true. 

I find this mold to be a great addition to any drink and even more than that – it is a frozen canvas for their coolest ideas. The next time they serve drinks, their guests will be literally sipping on their words!

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#14. 100 Cocktails Bucket List Scratch Poster

On one of my hunts for a fun gift, I stumbled upon this 100 Cocktails Bucket List scratch poster. Think of it as the ultimate bucket list for thrill-seekers of the cocktail world! As your cousin experiments with each drink, they’ll get the kick of scratching off a new accomplishment. Just picture them, joyfully revealing vibrant drinks beneath, turning the poster into a lively mosaic of their sipping journey. 

Hunting for a gift that stirs up some fun? Let’s just say, with this poster, their evenings will never be short of a spirit!

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#15. Birthday Card

We all have memories with our cousins—those shared secrets, moments of mischief, and unspoken promises to always have each other’s backs. This card captures the essence of that bond in the most humorously pointed way. Beyond the smiles it induces, it signifies those countless times when no words were needed, only action. 

Gifting this card is not just about sharing a joke, but it is a heartfelt reminder of the adventures you’ve shared, the mess you’ve gotten each other out of, and a promise of many more to come. It’s a reminder that when it comes to family, especially a cousin like yours, you’re there, shovel in hand and questions at bay!

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#16. Slingshot Bottle Opener

In my search for a gadget that combines playfulness with functionality, this Slingshot Bottle Opener truly stood out. It’s not just about popping open a cold one anymore, but about having lots of fun afterwards! For those cousins who appreciate adding a hint of playful fun to their daily routines, this bottle opener is the ultimate gift. 

Having a cold drink was just elevated to a whole new level of fun! It’s a gift that reimagines the ordinary act of opening a bottle into a fun game like in your childhood.

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#17. Not My Job stamp

If you’ve been seeking a special desk accessory that screams “personality”, look no further. The “Not My Job” stamp is a playful answer to those tasks we’d rather avoid. Perfect for the cousin who enjoys a dash of humor at work or for any home setting where playful banter is the norm. Gift this and be prepared for a couple of hilarious stories soon after they use it. 

A present that will have them stamping their appreciation for your unique gift choice!

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#18. Prank Gift boxes

Recently, I chanced upon this find that’s ideal for those who cherish a good laugh during gift-giving: the Fun Package Box. It expertly combines the anticipation of what’s inside with a delightful prank on the outside. If you want to make fun of your cousin AND surprise them too, then you are looking at a two-in-one opportunity.

Want to offer a dash of amusement to your cousin before the actual present is unveiled? This box is your winning ticket!

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#19. Rules for not giving a fuck

The other day, while searching for a gift perfect for our spirited cousins, I discovered this cool poster with the “Rules for not giving a fuck”. It beautifully combines bold humor with a hint of carelessness. Every time I look at it, I’m reminded of those unforgettable cousin moments filled with laughter and rebellion. 

I believe, that reminding your cousin that “not giving a fuck” is the perfect attitude in so many life situations, might be just the right thing to do. Well, with this poster they will be reminded of this life wisdom daily.

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#20. I Adulted! Stickers for Grown-Ups

If your cousin brags about the most mundane tasks, like making a homemade meal or even just getting out of bed, then here’s the ultimate gift: “I Adulted!” Stickers for Grown-Ups. Forget the kids, these stickers are for the adults who are just trying their best! Whether it’s celebrating the fact that they wore pants today or actually remembered to water the plants, these stickers have got them covered. 

Each sticker is like a mini trophy for adulting, even if it’s just basic. Because, let’s be honest, sometimes taking a shower IS an achievement!

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#21. What the fuck is my password: Internet Password Logbook

Has your cousin ever frantically called you, trying to recall the password for their third Netflix account or that weird site they once signed up for? Let’s face it, in this digital age, remembering passwords is like recalling what you had for lunch three weeks ago on a Tuesday. But here is the solution that I find not just practical but also hilarious: “What the fuck is my password: Internet Password Logbook.” 

This little book is designed for all those moments of password amnesia.. So next time your cousin’s caught in the great password recall debacle, they’ll have this trusty (and humorously titled) logbook to save the day!

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#22. Wine Condoms

Looking for a unique gift with a twist of humor and undeniable practicality for your cousin that also happens to be a wine connoisseur? Then I might have found just the right thing for you -Wine Condoms! Ideal for sealing that open wine bottle in the most amusing way possible. They really do preserve the wine’s flavor and freshness and…give a slight hint of excitement.

 For your cousin with an appreciation for wine, a good laugh and…excitement, this might become their favorite thing in the kitchen. Hand this over at the next family gathering, and watch as it becomes the talk of the evening.

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#23. Faking It: How to Seem Like a Better Person Without Actually Improving Yourself

We all have those moments when life demands the version of ourselves that, let’s be honest, we just aren’t. That’s why I find this “Faking It: How to Seem Like a Better Person Without Actually Improving Yourself” book not just hilarious but also useful. It is the ultimate cheat sheet for all of us who’ve ever wished for a manual on how to navigate life’s trickiest moments. 

Armed with this book, your cousin will not only be the center of the party but also the most mysteriously knowledgeable. Who says self-improvement can’t be sprinkled with a bit of fun and a dash of deceit? Dive in and embrace the art of expertly crafted pretense!

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#24. Personalized George Costanza Photoshop Beach Photo

Remember those hilarious Seinfeld episodes with George Costanza? If your cousin’s a fan or simply appreciates a good photo bomb, here’s a wild idea. Why not merge the classic TV show nostalgia with your family memories? If the answer is YES, then this is a great solution. Slip George into your cousin’s family photo, making it look like he’s been a part of those awkward family reunions all along. 

It’s the ideal way to add a bit of sitcom flare to those family moments. And let’s be real, who wouldn’t want George at their last summer barbecue?

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#25. Break in case of emergency – fun money holder gift

You know those times when your cousin is frantically searching the sofa cushions for some spare change? Or when they’re lamenting about that impromptu coffee date they can’t afford? Well, worry no more! I’ve found the perfect solution: The “Break in case of emergency” money holder! It’s designed just like those emergency kits but with a fun twist. Instead of a fire extinguisher, it’s their next caffeine fix, or maybe even a movie ticket! 

It’s the ideal funny gift to remind them that, sometimes, emergencies are just… wanting to treat themselves!

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#26. Cousin Chocolate Gift Box

When I was trying to expand my list of fun cousin gifts, I saw this delicious box. That’s when I realized that chocolate bars aren’t just delicious treats – in the right hands they can craft a sweet message! With this chocolate gift box, you’re not only gifting these delicious chocolates but also a creative message crafted using the names of those tasty bars.  

It’s a delightful blend of taste and humor, tailored just for your cousin’s sweet tooth and sense of fun.

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#27. Offensive Pens

Sometimes, regular pens just don’t capture the vibe of a Monday morning, right? Equip your cousin with the “Set of Offensive Pens” that really speak their mind. With messages like “That’s not my job” and other witty remarks, every note they write down becomes a statement piece. 

Perfect for that cousin with a bold personality (or for one that needs a dash of humor in mundane tasks), these pens ensure every note comes with a smirk.

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#28. Personalized Whiskey Glass

Recall those times when you and your cousin debated the “perfect pour” for a whiskey? Well, those days are now behind you. Introducing the whiskey glass that sets the record straight – with marks for single pour, double pour, and the legendary “Cousin’s” pour. The last one, of course, is the generous serving for those days when a regular pour just won’t cut it. 

This glass is not just a drinkware but a hilarious testament to your cousin’s unique drinking prowess. Gift this and watch their face change with every refill!

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#29. Personalized Tomato Ketchup Sauce Label

Ever noticed how your cousin’s fries always taste better with a bit of personal touch? Gift them the ultimate dining upgrade with this personalized vinyl label for their Heinz tomato ketchup. No longer will they grab a plain bottle because now every BBQ or family gathering becomes an event where their name (and an inside joke) takes center stage on that iconic red bottle. 

I find this sticker to be both a fun gesture and a way to make them feel like the royalty of the condiment world.

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#30. “My cousin and I talk shit about you” socks

If you and your cousin have that bond where you both enjoy playful banter, especially about each other’s quirks, these socks might just seal the deal. Presenting the “My cousin and I talk shit about you” socks – perfect for those shared inside jokes.

While they’re comfy enough for regular wear, the message on them might make you both think twice about where you flaunt them! Made for those fun lounging sessions or family gatherings where you both know exactly what’s going on. It’s the kind of gift that’s wrapped in humor, comfort, and a dash of mischief. Consider these for the next occasion and watch your cousin’s grin grow wide!

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