Top 30 Best Unique Gift Websites

November 20, 2023 1201 views
Top 30 Best Unique Gift Websites

In the past, I’ve always been the one to scour Amazon or my local Target for some interesting gift ideas. But over the years, I’ve pretty much limited myself to online retailers, and there are some really good unknown websites for all sorts of gifts – funny, practical, personalized, and sometimes just downright weird (link to one of my shorts on some weird Amazon gift ideas). 

I’ve compiled them all right here (as well as some of the more popular ones), so read on to find the perfect unique gift website for your friends and family.

#1. Knack

The first entry on this list is a little website called Knack. I’m not sure where the name comes from, but the site has been around since 2015, and I believe it’s an excellent option for a unique gifting opportunity.

On one hand, you have plenty of gifts, nicely spread out over multiple categories, which means it’s easy to find the perfect gift based on what you’re looking for. On the other hand, you can build a gift yourself. You can personalize the gift to the letter through the easy-to-use website builder, which is the part I like the most.

#2. Mark & Graham

Mark & Graham is an excellent place to look if you’re looking for slightly fancier gift options. The company has been around since 2012 and aims to offer a place to get uniquely crafted products with beautiful designs and an option for a monogram. 

Many of the products are bags or wallets, meaning you can get anything from a handbag to a travel one. In addition to that, the site also has a few other categories that aren’t related to that. You have tech products, glassware, and jewelry, and there’s even a separate category for wedding gifts.

#3. Virgin Experience Gifts

Moving away from the physical gifts, we come to a site from which I would like to get a gift. Virgin Experience Gifts is a company that has been offering its products for over 15 years, and as you can guess, it gives you the option to gift someone with a certain kind of experience.

Virgin Experience Gifts allows you to choose anything from a relaxing weekend to an adrenaline-filled day in the mountains. There are tons of categories to choose from, ranging from individual gifts to the ones for couples. The best part is that you can search by location and even pay for the gift now and book later.

#4. Anthropologie

This next gift website is one that’s been around for a lot longer than some of the others. Anthropologie has existed for over 30 years, and with over 200 stores worldwide, along with the website, you can guess that it’s offering a lot.

As for the gifts you can get there, you’re only limited by your imagination. Anthropologie offers anything from clothes and shoes to home decorations, wedding gifts, and much more. The site has everything laid out nicely in categories, and if you have a certain budget, you can also search for gifts up to a certain price.

#5. Hammacher Schlemmer

You may have heard of America’s longest-running catalog, Hammacher Schlemmer. With 175 years of existence, you probably wonder what a hardware store is doing on this list. The company was in that business, but recently, it gave us a gifting site.

With Hammacher Schlemmer, you have a wide range of gift options like apparel, electronics, toys, and so much more. It also covers a few experience gift options similar to the previous entry on this list. You can find anything here, from small gifts for a few dollars to gadgets that cost several thousand.

#6. Urban Outfitters

Another relatively old company that I’ve chosen for today is Urban Outfitters. The company has been around since 1970 and offers various gift options for all ages.

The categories are relatively simple, but once you dive into them, you’ll find a lot more to it. There are multiple options for him and her, as well as beauty, home, and lifestyle products. Apart from the unique gift options, there are also products here from reputable brands.

#7. Etsy

No gifting list would be complete without Etsy. With almost 20 years of experience under its belt, this is one of the most popular platforms on the internet for creative goods and, most importantly, creative and unique gifts.

If you can’t find a gift on Etsy, you probably won’t find it elsewhere. The site offers all kinds of gifting options, including vintage or handmade gifts. Depending on the seller, you may be able to have some personalization options for extra uniqueness.

#8. Uncommon Goods

In many ways, the roots of Etsy’s idea are from Uncommon Goods. The company has been around since 1999, and it’s an excellent platform to connect makers and shoppers, meaning that if you’re after a unique gift, this is the place to go. 

Similar to most of the websites on this list, there’s a little bit of everything for everyone. Uncommon Goods is an excellent place to get jewelry, home, and all kinds of other gifts. There are also some exciting experience gifts, like beer tasting, tarot reading, etc. If my wife is reading, I’d like the beer-tasting experience. Thanks, honey.

#9. Not on The High Street

We have the first non-US website for gifts, but since there’s an option for international shipping, I’m including it on this list. Not On The High Street is well over 15 years in the industry and offers everyone a little bit of everything.

I really like how the site has all the gift categories, making it easier to find the perfect one. You can sort by occasion or check out some of the jewelry and home gifts. Again, You can get tons of different gift cards depending on the occasion. Not On The High Street has you covered, regardless if you need a gift for a newborn or an elderly person.

#10. Odd Gifts

So far, most of the sites I mentioned were normal sites with interesting gifts, but what if you want something different? This is where Odd Gifts come into play. You can probably guess that you won’t find many “normal” gift options.

Most of the gift options on Odd Gifts are just what you think: odd. There are all kinds of gifts here, like weird gadgets, pet accessories, home décor, and a lot more. With that said, I have to admit that you’ll find some very nice and unique options on this site.

#11. Pawfect House

This entry gives off a different kind of vibe based on the name. When you see Pawfect House, you probably think this is a gifting website for pet lovers. You are correct about it, but only half correct.

Pawfect House is a gifting website where you can find plenty of gifts for pet owners. For the most part, it’s for cats and gods, so there’s not a lot to choose for other types of pets. What I like about this site is that offers more than that. There are gifts for different occasions or recipients, or you can even get a gift for yourself, like décor, drinkware, or apparel.

#12. Zazzle

I doubt there are many people that haven’t heard of Zazzle. With 17 years in the gifting business, one of the main reasons I like this site is the ability to customize the gifts.

Whether we’re talking about a keychan, t-shirt or bag, Zazzle’s advantage over some competitors is that you can create a custom gift. Apart from that, you also have premade gifts you can sort through based on who it is for. The categories include men, women, parents, grandparents, kids, and teens. Like with most of the options on this list, there is a little bit of everything for everyone.

#13. YStudio

We all have that one person in our lives who enjoys writing, which is where YStudio comes into play. Unlike the sites I covered so far, with this one, the gift options are limited to the little writing weapons.

YStudio doesn’t have hundreds of products, but the ones it has are very classy looking, making them an excellent gift for the writer in your life. There are multiple types of pens to choose from, and along with that, there are a handful of accessories for them. You can combine gift sets with some of the products on the site to make the gift even more visually appealing.

#14. Greetabl

Going back to the sites with various types of gifts, we come to Greetabl, a name which I have no idea what it means. I know this is an excellent website if you want to create a unique gift package for your loved ones.

There are 3 steps to creating your unique gift package. The first one is to choose the box design, and there are plenty of those to choose from, depending on who it is for and the occasion. Next up, you have the gift, which ranges from funny little things like egg magnets to necklaces or candles. The last step is to add a gift card, which is optional, and you’re done – the gift is ready.

#15. Gold Belly

This next website is the perfect option for you if you have a food lover in your life. Gold Belly is a company that looks at food as the language of love. The best part is that it has gift packages for your loved ones.

Even though the gift section is only a portion of the site, there’s still a lot to choose from. You can purchase food gift packages, gift cards, or some of the website’s merchandise products. There are multiple options here, and you can even choose gifts specific to certain cities. Finally, Gold Belly also has subscription gifts for items the recipient will receive on a monthly basis.

#16. Harry & David

In many ways, Harry & David is another unique gift website that’s similar to the previous one. It’s aimed at the food lovers in your life, and the company has been around for almost a century, so if you want to send a gift basket, this is the site to visit. 

The star of the show here are the gift boxes and baskets, offering all kinds of combinations, including meat products, gifts with wine, fruit baskets, and a lot more. On top of that, you can also go to the other sections where you can order a package and pack it in a gift box yourself. As a bonus, there is a fruit of the month option, so you can surprise your loved ones with a package of carefully selected products. Spoiler alert: It’s not just fruits.

#17. Shutterfly

Going back to the websites that have all kinds of gift options, we have Shutterfly. The website started off in 1999 with slightly different ideas in mind, but today, it’s one of the favorable e-commerce options for personalized gifts.

You have all kinds of gifts to choose from, like bar accessories, toys, tech, and so much more. For all of those Christmas lovers out there, there is a special category for those kinds of gifts. The best part about the site is that it has everything categorized based on who the gift is for. Alternatively, you can search using the standard categories most of us would use anyway.

#18. Minted

Minted reminds me of Etsy in many ways due to how the site works. Founded in 2007, this website provides a platform for creative minds to express their ideas. The bonus of this is that you can use it for a unique gift.

For the most part, this website is a solid option if you’re looking for home décor, bags, or art, so there are no odd kinds of gifts here. Like most other options on this list, you can categorize the gifts by the recipient. It includes the traditional categories but also covers teachers, weddings, new parents, and a few other categories I haven’t seen on many other websites.

#19. Goody

Most of you who will be going through this list are probably employed, so you may have some colleagues who deserve gifts. With this in mind, I present to you Goody, a website made for employee or client gifts.

The list of gifts on Goody varies, so it’s not like you’ll see coffee mugs and pencil holders. You can get food, beverages, bags, and many more things your colleague or boss may need. The site aims to offer a wide range of gift categories, so you can gift a coworker something that they need, which doesn’t need to be office-related.

#20. Tinggly

The motto of this next gift website is “Giving stories, not stuff,” so it’s similar to Virgin Experience Gifts. This company has been around since 2014, and it has over 10 thousand experience gifts on its website, so there’s something for everyone.

With that many experiences, things need to be categorized, and Tinggly nailed that. You can sort through the categories in multiple ways, ranging from type of experience to occasion and a few others. You can also choose some of the collections which are premade. As for location, you can sort through them based on which state you’re interested in. The best part is that there are international experiences.

#21. Novica

Unfortunately, this is a lesser-known website, which is a shame because it’s very similar to Etsy and a few others on this list. As a community-based gift site, you’ll be looking at other people’s work and getting them as gifts.

On the website, it says that there are over 76 thousand products live at the time of writing. This means it would take you a long time to go through all of them. Lucky for you, they are categorized based on their type, meaning you have fashion, jewelry, art, home décor, and others. The most unique thing about this is that you can get gifts from certain regions, which I haven’t seen on many other websites.

#22. Firebox

Launched in 1998, this website went under a different name, but it was similar to another website that had THAT kind of content. After the rebrand, Firebox became a popular gifting website known for making the mystery box a thing.

Like most of the websites on this list, there are several categories to choose from, along with the option to sort gifts based on the occasion. With some of them, you have the option to personalize them, meaning that you’ll be gifting someone something unique-ish. I mentioned the mystery box, so if you and your close one are fans of suspense and surprise, this is a solid gift option.

#23. Man Crates

I talked about many websites that cover a lot of gifts for women, but as I am in favor of gender equality, here’s a website strictly for men’s gifts. With over a decade of experience in the field, Man Crates knows what kind of gifts to offer.

Considering that we’re talking about man gifts, don’t expect to find any jewelry here. There are all kinds of gifts that man would appreciate, like gadgets, whisky packages, BBQ cases, and a lot more. The best part about it is that some of these come packed in a wooden crate, which makes the experience all that more manly.

#24. Prezzybox

Returning to the websites covering both genders, we have a fairly pinky website. Even though Prezzybox looks like it would be filled with Barbie Girl presents, you’ll also find some gifts for men.

With the color themes aside, Prezzybox is a website where you can find many gifts. The two main categories are for her and him, or you can choose based on who is the recipient. If that doesn’t work well for you, there are gifts for multiple occasions like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and more. Here, you can also find food and drinks, which aren’t too common on these kinds of websites.

#25. Cratejoy

The name may seem a bit misleading because I already talked about Man Crates. Cratejoy isn’t that kind of a gifting site. Instead, you have most of the types of gifts you’ll find on other websites, with a few additional categories.

For the standard options, Cratejoy offers gifts for men, women, and kids, which are the 3 main categories. On top of that, you can browse using other categories like entertainment, bath &beauty, food & drink, and a few more. Another thing this site offers over others is the spiritual & new age category, covering gifts like tarot, crystal balls, and much more.

#26. TeePublic

You’ll hardly find a person who doesn’t appreciate a cool T-shirt. If you have that kind of person in your life, you should check out TeePublic. This website is similar to some of the other e-commerce ones I mentioned, where you purchase directly from the artist.

Considering that TeePublic is a website for T-shirts, don’t expect to find other types of gifts here. The good thing is that it’s not just your traditional T-shirts here. You can also get long-sleeved shirts, tank tops, hoodies, and a few other types. All of the designs are nicely categorized based on the print, so it won’t be difficult to find the perfect gift for your loved one.

#27. Redbubble

You’ve probably seen this website and many comparisons with TeePublic. I have to say that it’s unfair to compare them because Redbubble offers a lot more different types of gifts when compared to the previous one. 

The two most common reasons people purchase from Redbubble are clothing and wall art. I’ve gotten a few gifts from there, and I can say that they’re excellent. On top of that, the site has plenty of artists that do phone cases as well. As for the rest of the gift options, you have accessories, office gifts, a little bit of something for pet lovers, as well as home decorations.

#28. Society6

I mentioned wall art as a potential gift idea with Redbubble and remembered that it’s not the only site offering those gifts. Society6 is a platform where artists can sell their products, and you can use that as a gift option.

Apart from the wall art options you have with Society6, there are a few other home improvement gifts. You can look at decors, bedding, shower curtains, as well as T-shirts and hoodies. From the biggest stuff, you can look at some of the furniture or tabletop gifts, which are naturally more expensive. As a bonus, this site also offers tech products, which are excellent for your geeky loved ones.

#29. Mini Museum

There are many science and history lovers out there, and if you have a close one that fits this description, Mini Museum is the site to visit. With a plethora of products, I can guarantee that you’ll find a suitable gift.

Mini Museum is an online shop with a separate gift section. There are 4 categories of gifts: dinosaur, paleontologist, space, and astronaut, plus the standard, him, her, mom, and dad categories. These cover a lot, but if you want to expand, you can check out the other products this site offers, as long as you’re willing to pack the gift yourself.

#30. Food52

The list ends with another gift website for those who are into food. Food52 is a website that sells a lot of products, but it has a gift section. It’s similar to the previous one in many ways, but it’s for the food lovers in your life.

Under the gift section, you have multiple categories to choose from depending on the price or the type of person you want to send the gift to. The part I like the most is the unique finds, which contain some interesting options I would like to get as a gift. Like the Mini Museum, you can expand your search to the other products the site has, and believe me, there are many of those to choose from.

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