Top 30 Best Funny Gifts for Boss

November 20, 2023 211 views
Top 30 Best Funny Gifts for Boss

In the corporate world, finding a good gift for your boss can be pretty daunting. But what if I told you that the secret to celebrating your boss lies in humor? No need to pull out the traditional office supplies and coffee mugs as gifts. 

In this article, I’ve compiled some of my favorite gifts for bosses that won’t break the bank. Read on to check them out!

#1. Stress Relief Desktop Punching Bag

There are some stressful job positions, and the one your boss carries can sometimes be stressful. One option is to take it out on something hard in his office, or you can use my idea for a funny gift. I present to you the desk punching bag.

This punching bag is one of those funny gifts that your stressed boss will find useful. It comes with a powerful suction cup which, combined with the clam, will hold it in place regardless of how much you pissed him off. The spring is quite stiff, so the punching bag will rebound quickly. The only thing your boss will need to do is to inflate it using the included pump and start punching it.

#2. Dumpling Stress Ball

Continuing the trend of stress-relieving funny gifts, I have another one that your boss may confuse with food. It will be funny if he tries to take a bite out of it. Of course, I’m talking about the squishy dumpling that’s, in fact, a stress ball. 

The dumpling stress ball is made from high-quality TPR material, and thanks to its soft nature, you’ll hardly see your boss leaving it alone. Your boss can squish it every time you or some other employee gets on his nerves or use it to help with his focus. It comes in a cute steamer for storage. Just make sure to mention that it’s not edible. You don’t want to piss off your boss without him having something to relieve his stress.

#3. Cheese Candle

Getting someone a candle is a thoughtful gift, which doesn’t fall exactly under the funny category. With that said, getting someone a cheese candle is thoughtful and funny at the same time, and I think your boss will love it.

The cheese candle looks like a piece of Swiss cheese, and you’d think that’s all there is to it. A big surprise lies for your boss once he lights it and gets a whiff of the smell. Yes, you guessed it, the candle not only looks like Swiss cheese but also smells like it. It can burn for around 6 hours, and as long as your boss is a cheese lover, he’ll love this gift.

#4. Brick Coffee Mug

No matter how old you get, the chances of not loving Lego-related gifts are pretty slim. Since you’re reading this, I assume your boss is a fun guy, so I’m recommending the Lego-style coffee mug.

The mug looks cool, and despite it looking like a toy, your boss can actually use it. It’s made from durable plastic that can withstand up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit, and it has a capacity of 12 oz. Since we’re talking about a Lego-style gift, the mug comes in a package containing 3 additional figures that your boss can put on the side of the mug. As a bonus, you can get additional figurines so he has more to play with.

#5. Mini Boxing Gloves

Going back to the stress-related products, I have a little something that can bring a smile to your boss’s face and turn into a fun game after those boring meetings. That little something is called mini boxing gloves.

This funny gift is the same as the regular boxing gloves, but since they’re tiny, your boss will be putting them on the fingers. Like all boxing gloves, even the real ones, they come in a pair, and you have multiple color options to choose from. I mentioned the game aspect of this. You can get yourself a pair for yourself and have a mini-boxing match with your boss.

#6. Best Boss Award

It’s perfectly normal to like your boss, especially if he deserves it. If that’s the case with your superior, then a good option is to give him a Best Boss award card. It doesn’t seem funny, but this one has a twist.

“I think having me for an employee is gift enough, but I got you this card anyway” is a good way to get your boss to laugh. The card comes in an envelope and is blank inside, so there’s an option to continue the witty gift. It measures 4.25 by 5.5 inches, meaning it’s big enough for your boss to showcase it on his desk.

#7. Cartoon Boss Picture

When it comes to personalized gifts for your boss, getting a portrait is a nice touch to liven up the office. With that said, no one would expect the portrait to be a cartoon, so it’s a nice way to bring out a smile.

Unlike the rest of the gifts so far, this is a digital one, meaning that you need to send the image and receive a digital cartoon portrait. The file you’ll receive will represent A3 paper size, and you only need to print it and put it in a frame. A slight alternative to this would be to get your boss a portrait of you, which may be even funnier.

#8. Toilet Paper

You must think I’ve lost my mind, but hear me out. Bosses put up a lot with coworkers and clients, ensuring everything runs as smoothly as possible. If that’s the case with your boss, why not show some appreciation with a toilet paper roll?

Putting up with you know what is part of the job description, which is where this toilet paper comes into play. It’s monogrammed on the first sheet, showing gratitude for what the boss is doing in the company. You can get it in two variants, both of which are wrapped in a cellophane with black and red ribbons. The second variant has an additional sublimation ribbon.

#9. Desk Plate

Bosses have many responsibilities, and managing how things are progressing is one of them. Some use fancy tools, while others are a bit old-school and rely on spreadsheets. This is the perfect funny gift idea if your boss falls in the second category.

“Ohhh … This needs a spreadsheet” is the message your boss will get on the desk plate, which is a funny way of showing love for the tables. The plate measures 2 by 8 inches and is made from plastic with the message engraved on it. To hold it upright, it comes with an aluminum desk holder. Some bosses want their name on the desk, but this is an excellent gift if yours is one of the fun ones.

#10. World’s Best Boss

I can’t think of too many people who aren’t fans of The Office or have at least seen it. I’m going to assume that one of these two applies to your boss, which is why I’m including this funny gift idea.

The main thing about this gift is that it features the stars of the popular TV show as a printed bouquet. It’s printed on cardboard with a base featuring a printed coffee mug that says “world’s best boss” and the bouquet sitting in it. On the back, it has the Dunder Mifflin logo printed, which real fans will know what it is. As for the size, it’s 20 inches tall and 14 inches wide, so it’s hard to miss it sitting on a desk.

#11. Bobble Head

Bobble heads are fun, and we usually get ones with our favorite characters. For some people, their favorite person may be the boss, so you may like this gift idea. It’s the boss bobble head, which is as unique as it gets.

Unlike the traditional bobble heads you’ll find everywhere, this one is custom. You’ll need to send out a photo of your boss and choose what size you want it to be. There are also two options for the head – one is the static one, or you can go with the wobbly one, which I believe is better.

#12. Necktie

In many situations, you’ll hear people talking about neckties as a boring gift option, which I may agree with, especially since I’m not a fan of neckties. That said, a customized one can be a funny gift for your boss.

The idea with the custom necktie is that it has your boss’ face on it multiple times. Right next to that is a white mug that says “world’s best boss,” similar to the one in the idea with The Office gift. There is an option to choose how many different faces you want on the design. Plus, there’s also the option to get a bundle with a pair of socks.

#13. Corporate Nonsense Generator

The corporate world is filled with unique jargon that people often use for specific situations. Most people despise it because it’s a bunch of words that make no sense, which is where this gift idea comes into play.

Regardless of whether your boss hates corporate talk or uses it all too frequently, a corporate nonsense generator is a funny gift option. This fidget device features 3 segments your boss will need to turn to get the perfect combination of nonsense. Each segment has 6 sides, so there’s a potential for a lot of combinations. Next time you receive an email with some corporate talk, there’s a high probability that your boss used this gift for inspiration.

#14. Ashes of Problem Employees

An office environment is a place where productivity should be at a peak level. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case, and you’ll notice a drop in productivity when the boss gets mad. With this in mind, a jar with the ashes of problematic employees is a great gift.

This ceramic jar is 5 inches in diameter and 6 inches tall, so there’s enough space to hold the ashes of a couple of employees. With the funny message on the jar aside, your boss will have some practical use for it, and there are tons of options. They range from office candy, the free ones, to spare change, or keeping all pens and pencils in one place.

#15. Ashes of Problem Clients

Regarding the funny aspect, this boss gift is very similar to the previous one. With that said, if you are willing to gift this one to your boss, ensure his clients have a sense of humor.

Like before, you have a jar that can be used for candy, spare change, or as a pencil holder. It’s a ceramic jar, meaning that it’s durable, and the print on it won’t fade away. It measures 6 inches tall and 5 inches in diameter. It has a slightly different shape from the previous gift, but it’s equally witty, especially when you consider that it revolves around clients.

#16. WTF Notes

To err is human is a motto we should accept as a probability, not live our lives based on it. We all make mistakes, even in the office. With that said, some mistakes can get your boss fuming, which is where these notes come into play.

A small mistake isn’t something tragic, but a bigger one may need to be asked with the WTF question. A set of these kinds of notes are a funny gift you can give to your boss. They have a few tick boxes and a place to write the source of bewilderment. The sheet size is A8, and there are 5 notes in a pack. Depending on how many mistakes you and your colleagues make, I’m sure you’ll start to see these popping out around the office.

#17. Boss Lady Candle

This isn’t the first candle on this list, so you can assume it’s not traditional. Well, technically, it is, and it’s not one of those funny-smelling one. The difference here is that this candle is a good choice if your boss is a woman.

The candle comes in a glass jar with a metal lid measuring 3.5 inches in height and 3 inches in diameter. “Boss Lady infused with hustle & caffeine” is a good way to show your boss you appreciate all her hard work humorously. Your boss will get about 40 to 50 hours of burn time, and the best part is that the jar is reusable, so she can repurpose it so that it remains on her desk.

#18. Butt Tape Dispenser

When you’re working in an office, the use of tape increases exponentially. Having tape is crucial, whether it’s used as a temporary fix for a broken pen or to stick notes on the desk. Even more crucial is having a good dispenser, which is why I’m including this on the list.

The butt tape dispenser is a funny desk gadget for your boss. It’s a man sitting on the toilet and holding the tape with the razor on the bottom for easy cut. That’s not all this gift has to offer. There’s also a pen and notes holder, so it’s a multi-practical gift. Finally, if you pick up the man, you’ll find paper clips in the toilet. It comes in a variety of colors, so you can color-match it to your boss’s office.

#19. Necklace

I know you’re a bit confused about seeing a necklace here and wondering what’s the catch. There isn’t one, and this really is a necklace. This is a thoughtful gift for your boss as a token of appreciation.

Yes, of course, I’m kidding, but only half-kidding. The necklace is real and comes in a variety of 4 pendants, depending on what you think your boss likes. As for the funny part of this gift, it’s the message card that’s the star of the show. It starts off cute but ends with your boss having a laugh. Despite being a real necklace, I believe that this is better suited to be presented on a desk.

#20. Gourmet Trail Mix

Giving your boss thoughtful gifts is a nice touch, and if I were a boss, I know I’d appreciate those. Also, I would like for my colleagues to take that a step further and give me a thoughtful and funny gift, like the one I have now.

It’s a gourmet trail mix consisting of a 9 oz mix of multiple types of nuts, which are naturally edible; I’m not trying to get you to prank your boss. This is the thoughtful part. As for the funny part, it’s all in the message on the packaging. The appreciation part is that you’re thankful to your boss for not firing you .. yet.

#21. Tumbler Travel Cup

Getting your boss something usable is always appreciated. Sure, some of the gifts I mentioned so far are just funny, but this one has a real use-case scenario behind it. Oh, and there’s a clever joke on it.

The tumbler cup is made from a stainless steel double-wall vacuum, which can hold a drink cold or warm for longer. It also means there won’t be any condensation, so the important documents on your boss’ desk will remain dry. It comes in 20 and 30 oz sizes and multiple color options. The print on it says “Nacho average boss” which sounds like “not your average boss” if you read it faster, which is very clever.

#22. Wall Definition

You probably used the dictionary at least once, so you know how the words are outlined and explained there. Combine that layout with a funny definition of your boss, and you have a recipe for a laugh, as long as your boss isn’t the type of person to hold a grudge.

Giving your boss a wall art piece that defines bosshole, which you can guess what it means, is a sure way to get some laughs out of it. It’s a digital option, so you’ll need to download the file and have it printed and framed. The available sizes are A4, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14, and 16×20, so there is a variety to choose from. I would advise you to think really hard about this gift, especially if your boss is one of those people who hold a grudge.

#23. Boss Clock

I’ve heard the expression “time is money,” and I’m starting to understand it at that point in my life. This becomes especially true for a boss, which is where this next gift idea comes into play.

A clock is a good way to tell the time, so any kind of clock would be fine for your boss, but this isn’t one of those. We are talking about funny gift ideas, and this wooden clock works as a regular one, but instead of the standard numbers, your boss will see dollars. Each number is replaced with a respectable monetary amount, with 1 o’clock being dinner. There are multiple color options to choose from, each in 3 sizes.

#24. Darth Vader Pen Holder

There are Star Wars fans all around us, myself included. As such, we’ll cherish any kind of SW-related gift regardless of what it is. If this sounds like your boss, then my gift recommendation is a pen holder in the form of Darth Vader.

A pen holder is a necessity in any office, so I’m sure your boss will appreciate this, especially if she or he doesn’t have one. What’s interesting about this one is that it looks like Darth Vader is holding the pen, so I’m sure your boss will love it. Image this: a Sith lord kneeling before your boss while holding a pen. Now that’s a powerful boss.

#25. Boss Joke T-Shirt

All of us have worked for someone who wants to make jokes every now and then. Some bosses have an excellent sense of humor, and their jokes work. For others, it can be a struggle. Regardless of what kind you have, this T-shirt is an excellent funny gift idea.

If your boss shows up in the office wearing a T-shirt that says “boss joke leading …. “you’ll know what’s about to go down. The T-shirt comes in several color options, with the lettering remaining white for all of them. There are 7 size options to choose from, ranging from S to 4XL, so I’m sure it will fit your boss. Getting this for your boss can lead to two things: better jokes or more bad jokes.

#26. Wine Label

A wine is considered a pretty universal gift, especially when you’re unsure what to get, and it’s the same for your boss. A bottle of wine is a nice gift, but adding a personalized label on it can make it nice and funny at the same time. 

The label can be customized to be from you or your team, with the option to choose the size depending on the bottle you plan to get. You being the reason why your boss is drinking and giving him a bottle of wine is a funny way of showing appreciation for your boss putting up with you. Even if that’s not the case, I still think this is a funny gift.

#27. Ways to Tell Employees They’re Stupid

Telling someone they’re stupid is a good way to end up talking with HR. Even if your boss does that, he or she will meet the same fate, which is where this next gift comes into play.

Ways to tell employees they’re Stupid is a book containing a 52-week planner with each week containing a funny phrase. The best part about this book is that it’s HR-approved, so your boss won’t get in any trouble for calling someone stupid. In reality, this is a notebook/planner with 105 pages for each of the 52 weeks in a year. It’s a funny and useful gift at the same time.

#28. Whiskey Glass

Whiskey is a popular drink with many people, and we see a lot of bosses in movies reaching for that crystal bottle. In reality, many people really do like whiskey, so if your boss likes it too, then you should get him a whiskey glass.

Unlike most of the glasses you’ll find in most stores, this one is a bit different. There is a funny message engraved on it, which will remind him of how hard-working you are and your sense of humor. It’s an 11 oz crystal glass with the message permanently engraved, so it will stay the same forever. It has a chip-resistant rim and thick bottom, making it durable and sleek whiskey glass.

#29. Keychain

There are many small gifts that can make someone happy. That happy can be pleased, or it can be happy in terms of laughter. This next potential gift for your boss falls in the second category, and it’s a keychain.

Getting a keychain for your boss may seem silly, but there is a message on it that elevates the gifting experience. It reads, “You are the reason I don’t punch people at work” which can have two meanings. The first one is that your boss wouldn’t allow it, and the second one is that your boss makes your colleagues tolerable. No matter which is the reason, I’m sure your boss will chuckle over this.

#30. Answer Sign

The boss is the highest-ranking person in the office and is in charge of everything running smoothly. That means that part of the job is to answer questions, some of which may be one of those that can raise an eyebrow. This gives me an idea for my last entry on today’s list.

The answer desk is a wall-mounted sign that can sit behind your boss’ desk so anyone with a stupid question can read it. It comes in multiple sizes, and for each one, the mounting holes come pre-drilled. It’s printed from a high-definition image, so the letters are sharp, and the glossy finish will pop them so no one can miss what it says.

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